Kane Session 28

Player: Kane
Current World: Iron Kingdoms
Date: 15/05/17
Session Number: 28

NPC’s Met:

  • Victoria Haley

Significant Interaction(s):

Significant Event(s):

  • Developed my feat
  • Didn’t die
  • Defended Llael

Training Acquired:

  • Arcane Bold
  • Arcane Shield
  • Time Magic: Acceleration & Deceleration
  • My Feat (Super Shieldwall)
  • Victoria Haley’s MK1 Feat

Best IC Moment of the Session:

  • Not developing nukes

Worst IC moment of the Session:

  • Almost developing nukes

Worst IC injury of the Session:

  • Taking the injuries of my army

Biggest IC ‘Sin’ committed for the Session:

  • Rekt the world

Other notes you might wish to take:

Kane Session 28

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