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Mary-Sue Session 3

Session 3
Date & Time: 02/05/2016 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Die
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Kane, David, Ian

Ian called in results of their fight to the other teams, and informed them that while David and Kane were down they were going to go hole up.
With Ian covering him, Jim dragged first David, and then Kane up the stairs and through the hole in the wall created earlier.
Jim started getting quite upset at the fact that the both of them might not be healing, and so dragged David to the apartment bathroom and stripped him down.
While cleaning up his wound he could see that it was slowly starting to close up.

After about 20 minutes the wounds had healed enough that David and Kane started to come back to life, albeit in a lot of pain still.
Kane was unable to talk due to his throat still be slit around the wind pipes, but by holding his hand there he was at least able to breath.
Kane then pulled out some Adrenaline from his pack and injected himself to help fight the pain, and then searched through the bathroom, eventually finding 10 year old Asprin which he down a handful of tablets from.

While all of this was going on the other team had slowly been cleaning the building floor by floor.
Floor two and three were cleared easily, while they reported floor four as quite disturbing.
The final team entered at this point and checked out the basement, reporting that the floor had been dug up exposing bare dirt. They decide not to disturb it at this time.
The other team clears floor five and six.

Once David and Kane have healed enough they decide to clear the floor they’re on, and slowly go through floor seven.
They find more ritual implements, an esky with a pig corpse, and esky with blood, a room full of fresh dirt, a room full of bloody dirt, pot plants growing some sort of small tree, and gardening tools.
They’re joined by the other team and clear floor 8.

Ian comes up with the idea that the last Vampire could be the Meket and using Obfuscate, suggesting that the four of them could have become immune to its powers after an hour and they should spread out.
While they’re doing that the other team plants charges in the basement soil and pulls back to the landing overseeing it.
They set off the charges, and a moment later report making contact.
The PC’s start charging downstairs to join them, but only a few moments later they hear from the team downstairs that the contact has been eliminated.

The four of them are taken out of there, and chat in the van on the way back.
Everyone but Kane is a bit shaken about what happened.
Kane notices that the way his healing forced the gargoyle claws out of his leg was the most efficient way to do so, and suggests some sort of guiding intelligence to it.

When they get back they are forced to hand back all of their gear, shower, and given their clothes back to change into.
They’re then taken off for individual debriefs. All of them go off on tangents and derail the conversations in their debriefs.
Councilling sessions are offered to them all. Only David turns it down.
They manage to find out that it’s now July the 1st.

The next day at breakfast there’s a bit of tension and insults to each other. Both light hearted, but with some undertones conveying the stress they’re under.
Just after lunch they meet up with Annabella who lets them know that their results were promising, but it has brought them to the attention of even more Valkryie Directors, all of whom have an opinion on what to do with the four of them.
She lets them know that the Directors are arguing about whether to try locking them up, using them, experimenting on them, or just trying to see if there was a way to kill them. She then explains that she would just like to have their assistance with the Vigil, and using any data gathered on them as the experimental data.
After discussing it in private they agree that they’d like to continue helping with the Vigil, but will only do so if there are moral clauses in their agreement. They will not hunt beings that have not been proven killers.
After some thinking about it Annabella agrees, and asks them to think about any training they would like to request to make them more successful at the Vigil. She recommends more focus on teamwork and firing lines, and not so subtly singles out Ian’s behaviour in the last encounter. Ian is not happy with this.

Over dinner they discuss what sort of training they would like, and there’s a few thoughts about Wilderness training, but otherwise many ideas are thrown out.
Eventually Jim asks Officer Karl, one of the guards on duty at the time, who he recommends.
Karl agrees that Wilderness training would be best, and tells them that he would like to see them used to help fight a pack of Warewolves that live just outside of Chicargo that have been causing a lot of trouble and are likely responsible for a few deaths in the area. The four of them agree that would be a good thing to do.

They are then debriefed as a group to go over their reports and pick up any missed details. This annoys the lot of them, but they go through with it.
Afterwards they are all given forms to request their training.
All of them as a group request Wilderness Training, Specialised First Aid Training, and Specialised Fire Team Training.
Ian requests personal training in Ti Chi Kan, and Pistol Marksmanship
David requests personal training in Boxing, and with Swords. Either Kendo or a more Western art.
Jim requests personal training in Rifles, and some Knife fighting.
Kane requests training in how to fight with Axes and Staves, some more advanced medical training, how to pilot aircraft and helicopters, Defensive driving, and Explosives.

The next day they are finally allowed a weekend out on the town.
Assigned to watch them is Agent Benjamin, Agent Noel, Officer Dakota, and Officer Yanni.
When Agent Benjamin asks them where they’d like to go they spend a while discussing it, but eventually decide upon visiting the Natural Museum first, just so they can see Sue the T-Rex in honour of Dresden Files.
After spending a few hours there they then go go-karting, followed by taking up Dakota’s suggestion of a batting cage.
That night is spent drinking at a pub and lots of talking. David usually just mentioning his desire for sleep.
The next day is spent seeing nerdy sights, and going on a shopping trip. Both for clothing, but also for games and such.

After they get back they are told that they’re being sent off for a proper Military Bootcamp training, to really get their skills up to scratch when it comes to fighting and using weapons.
They spend the day playing games, and eating nice things before they’re loaded into the back of a Van and driven to another facility.

At this facility they spend 6 weeks undergoing intense training with personal instructors.
The Instructors very quickly notice that the four of them heal from any injury, including that done by exercise.
Pushing the four of them they very quickly start to build up muscle mass, as what would normally take days or weeks to heal instead always heals in an hours time.
After just two weeks the four of them have reached a level of physical achievement that normally takes months of dedicated work.

They then begin focus on the combat training, learning more about handling weapons, equipment, fighting together, and everything else taught in modern military training.
The trainers ask if they’re willing to have live weapons used against them in training since they heal up, and the four of them agree.
It’s quite painful, especially being stabbed, shot, or having bones broken, but it acts as excellent encouragement for them learning how to better fight against such things.

By the end of the six weeks the four of them are very capable fighters, and thanks to the weird way skills work in the World of Darkness, they are able to use almost any weaponry in a skilled manner.
The date by this stage is the 17th of August.

End Session

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