So you want to be a Mary-Sue

Mary-Sue Session 18

Session 18
Date & Time: 12/12/2016 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane

Retreat and plan

Realising that they’re now in a bad position to do anything, even after having touched the ORB, the group decides to retreat from Ivan Zord.
They grab the remains of Jim and head back to the nearby Fire Station they were using as an impromptu base of operations.

They spend a while throwing ideas around, including a potential nuclear option, but realise all of them are so far bad ideas.
They ask Ian about any other giant robots that might potentially help, but he said all of them would have their power centres or shrines quickly attacked by Ivan, rendering them useless.

By this point Jim has healed enough to return to life, and joins in on the discussion.
Ben is a bit put out by this, but is glad to see Jim is recovering.
After some more debates on what their options are, they start getting side tracked with lots of silly ideas that aren’t going anywhere.
It’s then when Ian suddenly has an epiphany and realised he has a plan.

He says he thinks Rita and Lord Zed could grow the 4 of them to monster size, so that they could attempt to fight Ivan Zord themselves.
The others agree this is a good idea, so they have Ben teleport out to Titanus, and get it to teleport him up to the moon.

He enters the Moon Palace and while heading for the Throne Room encounters Goulda.
After an awkward exchange where it looks like Goulda is keeping his options open for whatever side wins, Ben heads on.
Here he finds Rita and Lord Zed are quickly packing things up, and are preparing to flee the system.

Ben tells them the idea.
They say that it might work, but that they just don’t have the energy to grow anyone else now, their reserves are too depleted.
Lord Zed says however that he knows of a power source under the Moon Palace, but it’ll require someone Heroic to get past its defences.
Ben says he could get it, but Lord Zed and Rita laugh at him, telling him that he’s not heroic enough.
Ben suggest they teleport Kane up then, they think about it, and eventually do.

Kane had been about to sneak back into their apartment to get more allomantic metals he had prepared when he suddenly finds himself in the Moon Palace.
Ben brings him up to speed while Lord Zed seems to be intently looking him over.
Kane agrees to get the power source, but Lord Zed responds that Kane is not heroic enough and would fail to get past the defences.
Kane looks a bit defeated by this, but accepts that, and then suggests they get Ian up there.
Lord Zed agrees, but says it’s the last person he’s teleporting anywhere for them.

Ian is teleported up and the situation is explained to him.
Ian is a bit confused about what power source they could be talking about, but agrees in principle.
Lord Zed says he’s heroic enough, and leads him to the Palace’s basement.
On the way he explains that the Moon Palace is built over the cave complex containing the Zeo Crytal.
Ian says he kind of remembers the Zeo Crystal, and agrees to get it for Lord Zed to use.
Ian is easily able to get past the force field under the Palace, and returns with the Zeo Crystal.

Ian hands over the Zeo Crystal to Lord Zed with no qualms.
Lord Zed is incredibly pleased, and upon grabbing the Crystal is surrounded by a soft golden glow.
He stomps his staff and suddenly Jim is teleported up to the moon.
Before anyone can react the four of them are teleported outside the Moon Palace.
Just as the effects of the lack of an atmosphere begin to kick in they find themselves enlarged to monstrous size.
In this size they find that they can breath like normal on the moon, and even communicate with each other.

Jim explains that just before he was teleported up he saw Ivan Zord starting to fly up towards the moon.
The four of them decide to wait for him to arrive, and fight him there.
They shout down to the Moon Palace asking for weapons.
Soon they find monster sized weapons being teleported into their hands.
Jim is given a large meteor on a polearm.
Ian is given a large length of thick chain.
Kane is given a trident.
Ben is given a rope dart.

Fight to the Death?

Ivan Zord eventually arrives and announces this by firing missiles at the four of them from a distance.
Between their ability to leap aside on the low gravity moon, and some alomantic nudges, they’re easily able to avoid the missiles.

Ivan then comes in for a closer ranged attack.
Everyone but Kane leaps to avoid being hit, while Kane tries to impale Ivan on the Trident.
Ivan is able to avoid most of the Trident, only getting slightly scrapped, but he’s able to badly cut Jim with his Drill Tail.

Ben and Ian attempt to lock down Ivan’s limbs with their rope and chain respectively.
Jim leaps in to attack with his large hammer, while Kane attempts to stab down and pin Ivan’s tale.
Ivan is wrapped up for a short time, and his tail is pinned.
However he then turns his tail to ooze for a few seconds to escape the pinning.
Then using his large size and superior strength he spins around quickly attempting to use Ben and Ian as battering rams.
Ian is able to disengage, but Ben is flung around and collides with Kane and Jim.

Ben quickly flings himself to his feet and dives on top of Ivan.
Unfortunately he hadn’t told the others he was going to do this so when they all swing their weapons down Ivan is able to use Ben’s body to absorb most of the attacks.
Ben is badly beaten up, before Ivan then throws him Jim again.

They all then spread out and attempt to trip up Ivan and close in on him.
Ivan is tripped, with them all standing close by, so he responds by firing his missiles at close range.
Unable to dodge the explosions they’re all send flying and get burnt.

Ivan climbs to his feet and lashes out at Ian who’s the closest.
Ian is hit, and the others use the chance to close in.

Kane attempts to drive his Trident into Ivan and hold him in place.
Ivan takes the blow, and breaths a large blast of fire into Kane’s face, badly injuring him.
Jim uses the chance of Ivan being still to badly smash up one of his hands, while Ian and Ben grab onto his tail.

Realising that he’s not going to win the fight Ivan abandons the Dragon Zord, and flees into the Moon Palace.
Ben annoyed at this, grabs the Dragon Zord’s now dead body and slams it into the Moon Palace attempting to crush it.
The reactor in the Dragon Zord goes critical and explodes in his face.
This sends Ben flying backwards.

The four of them then see an enormous black dragon zord flying off away from the Moon and Earth.
Ian says he things Rita and Lord Zed are fleeing Earth, and using the Zeo Crystal to power their mega-zord.
They decide to let them go, and instead focus on finding out if Ivan Ooze is dead.

Kane shrinks himself and starts to explore the Ruins.
He notices that the atmosphere is thinning quickly now that whatever was keeping it around the Palace has been destroyed.
Jim joins him, but turns into a Pony in an attempt to use the flight to help explore the ruins faster.
They eventually do see a puddle of Ooze reform into Ivan, but before they can get to him he teleports off in the direction of the stars.
Ian shrinks to join them, just as the last of the atmosphere is being drained away.
Realising they’re now trapped on the moon they quickly come up with a plan.
They climb up on Ben’s hands and get him to throw them as hard as he can towards the Earth.
Ben then takes a moment to admire the view, before taking a running leap, assisted by Allomancy, to clear the moon’s gravity and get caught in the Earth’s gravity well instead.

It’s a painful journey for all of them, dying and healing a few times during their trip through space.
Ben is able to use his teleporting trick to bypass re-entry, but the rest of them find themselves burning to death on the way in.
Ben crashes off the coast of California, hitting hard enough to kill him for a short time.
Ian crashes into Washington DC, where he reforms from his burnt up skeleton.
Jim reforms into his Pony from, but up in Canada, while Kane reforms over in Russia.

All of them take some time to figure out their location, and then start heading towards the Power Centre.
Ian changes himself into a Pony and flies there. Given his previous flying experience, especially compared to Jim, he’s the first to arrive.
Changing back to human he find the place undergoing repairs, with both Alpha 5 and Zordon happy to see him.
With their help they’re able to track and locate both Kane and Jim, getting them teleported there.
Jim changes back to human and joins them all inside.
Ben arrives soon afterwards in his giant form.

They’re all very happy to hear that the Earth is going to be safe for a while, and decide to take the chance to relax.
Ben helps around the town for a while, before returning to his smaller size.

Life post Ivan Ooze

The four of them continue their lives in the universe.
The plot of the Power Rangers continues as well.
Zordon leaves to help his home planet, and Ben learns from his replacement for a time being.

Eventually Zordon returns, but is eventually kidnapped.
Kane and Ian help out the new Power Rangers in Space on occasion, but otherwise continue their lives.

Ian focusing heavily on his studies under Ninjor, with a heavy focus on Architecture, Geology, Geomancy, and stone crafting.

After his getting his degree as a lawyer Kane decides to actually start practising the law as a way to make sure he puts the skills to good use.

Ben comes up with the crazy idea that Jim should try to become president of the USA, aiming to win the 2004 election.
It takes a bit of convincing, but Jim eventually decides to go for it, and starts campaigning in 1999.
While he’s doing this Jim continues to grow his coffee business, and using his knowledge of how things should go he ends up taking the place the Starbucks should have taken.
He hires Kane on to act as a corporate lawyer, and gets Ben to help with the IT side, as Ben continues to develop a few applications.

All of them continue to invest heavily in various businesses, especially in Silicon Valley, and get quite massive profits from places like Microsoft and Apple at the right times.
Things are a big different in this reality though, and Earth has some weird technology at times, including launching their own colony vessel in 1999.

Eventually the Power Rangers locate where Zordon is and are preparing to launch an attack.
Kane, Ben, and Ian all join in to help out, and end up helping the Rangers along the way.

Ian knows that this is the final battle where Zordon dies, but decides it’s what needs to happen.
He tries to hold back, but the other pick up on Ian’s frustrations in how he launches himself into attacks in an all-out way.
Eventually they get him to explain to them that he knows Zordon is about to die, and it needs to happen.
They convince him to be there at the end and say his goodbyes.
When the Red Ranger calls in that he’s found Zordon, Ian and the others get their quickly.

In a very emotional scene Ian says his goodbye to Zordon, and thanks him for being such an inspiring figure to him as he grew up.
Then Zordon’s prison is broken, and his wave of good is released.
As it crossed the galaxy it destroys all evil.
Beings of evil, especially monsters, are turn into fun loving human beings.
Weapons are turned into tools.

This waves crosses over the planet Earth, and for the first time ever the planet comes to know peace.
People are friendly and wanting to help each other.
Over time they slowly start to revert back to their old personalities, but it’s something that takes a long time to happen.

Meanwhile however Jim, Ben, Kane, and Ian revert back to who they were in an hour.
Using the advantage of being the only ones who aren’t entirely selfless they’re easily able to get ahead.
This is especially useful for Jim making major advancements in his political career, resulting in him winning the 2004 election.
At which point he hands over the business to Kane to run while he’s president.

Jim uses the start of his term while people are still leaning more towards selflessness than not to get through a few changes.
The biggest being term limits on congress, restrictions on lobby groups, gun control, and making gay and poly marriage legal.
As people return more and more to who they were these start to become opposed, but he’s able to get enough laws in place to make the changes very hard to remove after he’s no longer president.

For Kane, Ian, and Jim their 100th birthday comes around.
There’s a bit of a celebration, but at the same time it seems to upset them a bit.
Especially Jim who misses his wife Emma.

Ian uses the vast amount of funds he’s built up from his investments to construct a large temple off in the mountains near Angel Grove.
He builds it to be a replacement of the Power Centre, and for its energies to protect the planet now that Zordon isn’t doing so.
In the middle of the temple he places the ORB, in the hopes it might help him tap into the energy the temple outputs later on.

The 4 of them also start finding that Earth starts to become a refuge for Aliens who lost their home planet in the war against Evil.
Especially when Lord Zed got involved with his powered up Zord which became capable of destroying planets thanks to the power of the Zeo Crystal.
Jim is quick to make sure the Aliens are legally supported by the USA, and welcomed to Earth.
This leads to more arriving, and Earth soon becomes quite the universal centre.

After the completion of his temple Ian starts using Bendalloy to try and squeeze in as much learning time as possible before they leave the place.
With is money he’s able to get enough of it to spend ages inside the bubbles flaring it for even more available time.
This is helped further by the compounding he’s able to do to give him access to more physical and mental speed.
However at only the 17.5 year mark he suddenly disappears, as he had reached 20 years in that universe from his own personal perspective.

Jim quickly realises this, and decides to try and mimic Ian’s plan to get back to his universe quickly.
Loading up on food, books, and videogames he attempts flared bubbles to speed up his time, doing it more often than even Ian did.
However it does’t work, and the others decide it mustn’t work if you’re purposely trying to skip a Universe, only when you’re honestly trying to stay there longer.

Eventually 20 years pass for the rest of them, and they end up leaving that universe.

Consoling Ben

They all wake up in the real world.
Then they’re hit with their memories again.
First Hunter, then Mistborn, then My Little Pony, followed by Power Rangers, and finally their Real Life up to this point.
Every single memory playing out in their minds out in less than a second each, but in complete and absolute detail, back as far as they can remember.

Ben of course only gets Power Rangers and his Real Life, but its his first time, and the mental shock of it ends up causing him to shake and throw up.
His boyfriend Adam looks after him, and insists he stays home from work.
Ben doesn’t tell him what happened, and just sits in shock trying to process it.

Meanwhile Jim and Ian drag themselves to work, while Kane decides to call up work and tells them that he quits.
Ian then adds Ben to their Facebook groupchat, and sends a message about how weird that night was.
Ben looks on in horror as he starts to realise it could actually all be real, especially as he reads the previous history of messages in the group chat.

Ben asks them all how they can deal with this, and realising what Ben could be going through both Ian and Jim quickly get out of work.
They head over and look after Ben, and eventually Kane joins them.

Ben again asks them how they handle it, and they all give him this blank look before saying they just kind of have to.
Jim explains he now sees it as a kind of job, 20 years in before he gets to escape for a bit of a normal life.
Kane kind of agrees with him, but also says he’s using it as a chance to learn.
Ben says he definitely learned, bringing up his Diploma in European History he now has, but technically doesn’t.
Kane says he’s in the same boat, but Ben points out that he can just pass the bar and he’ll be fine, which Kane starts to consider.

Eventually they’re able to calm Ben down, and they agree that they’ll continue to face things together, acting as a support group.
Ben says he’s not going to tell Adam about it for now, despite things going well for Jim with Emma for now.

Eventually they break up the gathering, and do some gaming to help distract Ben.
They later swap plans on what they’ll be bringing along that night.

Kane goes out and buys a bunch of camping gear, especially some Multi-tools, in preparation.
He sleeps with his new pack.


That evening Ian, Kane, and Jim go to bed at a reasonable time.
Ben attempts to stay up late playing with Adam, but passes out at Midnight onto his keyboard.

They four of them wake up in the white void, with Ben cursing a bit.
Kane quickly touches the ORB to bring in Darth Robe.

They ask Darth Robe how he thinks they went.
He says he finds it interesting that they continue to get involved in things on global scale when they can, and is curious to see how things continue to progress.

Before they can ask further questions he informs them that they have finally started to attune themselves properly to magic, and can start developing abilities of their own that are not granted by the ORB.
They ask what this means, and Darth Robe explains that if they have an idea of something they would like to be able to do, he will help guide them in developing their new attunement to allow such a power.
When they ask him to provide examples, he explains that at the moment it is minor things. Either a minor trick, or modification of a power they have picked up via the ORB. Perhaps a removal of a limitation a power has that they have.

Jim asks if he might have a talent tree he might have a look at, like in an RPG, but Darth Robe says that he will have to come up with ideas.

They throw out a few ideas, some which Darth Robe says is possible, some which isn’t.
Any question asking for modifications to the abilities granted by the ORB are answered with a Negative, especially in regards to the removal of the 5 year limitation, or an increase in the healing ability.

Darth Robe also explains that the Attunement is fluid, and that while within Darth Robes realm he’ll be able to help them possibly change it later. Though some choices might end up being permanent.

Eventually Kane asks if he could gain the ability to communicate in any language.
Darth Robe says that at the moment his attunement would only be powerful enough to cover spoken language, which Kane agrees to.

Ben asks for a perfect memory, but Darth Robe warns him that way can lie madness to those unprepared for it.
Eventually they agree on the ability to perfectly recall something Ben focuses on remembering.

Ian asks for quite a number of things, including tapping into the Morphing Field of the Power Rangers universe.
Darth Robe informs him that he is far from powerful enough to tap into another Universe, however he could be given access to a more stable personal Morphing Field.
Ian agrees to this.

It takes Jim a while, but eventually he asks for super empathy.
Darth Robe again points out that always knowing what those around you are thinking can be bad for your mental health.
Jim pushes for it, and eventually they agree on an ability similar to Ben’s.
Jim will gain super empathy, but it’ll only work if he’s actively deciding to use it towards someone.

Darth Robe then takes them off one by one and teaches them how to use their growing attunement to whatever it is that magic really is.
He makes them really focus on what they’ve asked for, how the universe should work that way and why, until such a thing becomes a reality for them.

Then he returns them to the ORB, but doesn’t return himself.
Instead of using the chance to practice with any of their powers, they decide to touch the ORB.

That’s how we get Ants

The four of them find themselves in a completely dark room at first.
After a few moments as their eyes begin to adjust, they notice 3 small green lights set high on one of the walls.
They can also hear the soft sound of an electric buzz and some mechanical sounds, sort of like a computer, but slightly off.

Jim pulls out his phone, and uses the light on that to get a better idea of where they are.
They find the light switch and turn it on.
The 3 lights turn out to be part of a bank of old school computer servers that take up most of two of the walls.
There’s two metal doors, both with keypads next to them, one sharing a wall with some of the computer banks, another with a wall to itself.

On the remaining wall there’s a large old school monitor, and a smaller terminal in front of it.
Still confused about where there are, and being put off by the stuffy smell of the place, Ben walks over and presses a key on the keyboard.
The monitor comes to life announcing it’s the ISIS Mainframe.
It takes them a few seconds, but they all quickly realise they’re in the Archer Universe, and that this idea came from Jim’s subconscious.

Kane is incredibly happy with this, and gives Jim a high-five. Ian and Ben decided to give him one as well.
Ian pops down in front of the terminal and asks if anyone can remember what the password was.
Jim tells him to enter GUEST.
Ian does so and it gets him in, they are all happy with this.

End of Session.


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