So you want to be a Mary-Sue

Mary-Sue Session 14

My Little Angel's Fall

Session 14
Date & Time: 17/10/2016 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, David, Kane

Esquestria Girls

Kane decides he needs a proper alcoholic drink, and wonders off in search of a bar.
Ian and David decide to let him while they have a look around themselves.
After a solid search, and just finding the place to look like a more mundane, cartoony, and friendly version of Earth, they decide to go back through the portal.

The three of them discussed with Princess Celestria for a while about why they decided to stay on this side of the Portal, rather than having human forms.
Jim says that because it’s not the real Earth, he might as well stay in a place that is treating him nicely, and where he can continue to learn.
Ian and David agree with Jim, but also add in that the other world looked a lot more boring.

They decide Kane might not come back, but Princess Celestia agrees to post a guard while the portal is open just in case he does.

Princess Celestia then asks then what they’ll do now, and Ian expresses his interest in continuing to learn and grow his powers.
He asks again about Discord, and Princess Celestia takes the time to explain that he’s trapped in a statue.
That he’s in that statue because he’s just too powerful out of it, and they only defeated him the last two times because of the Elements of Harmony.
That unless she felt there was someone reliable who could stop Discord, she would not release him.

Ian proceeds to ask about the Elements of Harmony, and Princess Celestia explains who holds them now, and what they are.
That unless they learn to embody those elements, they wouldn’t be able to control the Elements and use their power.
She explains that she doesn’t mind them knowing who has the elements, because if they were to learn how to wield them, then it would mean they were of right temperament for her to trust them anyway.

They agree to speak to the main MLP cast about it at some point, and in the meantime just focus on their studies for now.

Dinner Discussions

As they start to branch out with their studies and spend less time with each other, they start up the weekly dinners again to make sure they remain in contact.

At the first one they end up having a long discussion about Darth Robe, and what the motives might be of the being who made him.
One of the first theories to pop up is that maybe whomever it is wants them to take over places, and perhaps they should avoid gaining more power.
Jim especially wants to just take things slowly and calmly.

After much back and forth, they decide that until they know more it’s just too hard to guess the motives right now.
That and given the powers that already seem to be available to such a being that in the meantime gaining a bit more pony magic isn’t going to make too much of a difference.

Study, study, and more study

Ian really buckles down on his theatre magic for a while, and out of everyone spends the most time studying and applying himself.
He starts taking up flying lessons with Rainbow Dash on his time off, and leans from her more about how to control the weather through the clouds and wind.
He gets quite excited when he finds out how to compress several clouds together to form a storm cloud, and use that to strike at others with lightning bolts.

David starts to focus on his Investigation magic, and does learn a decent amount.
However he soon realises that while the Ponies of Canterlot are quite stuck up at times, it’s actually really relaxing in this Universe.
He decides to start treating it as a staycation, and outside of helping the odd Pony on occasion, he spends most of his time relaxing.

Jim continues with his focus on cooking, and even gets to the point of opening up his own small restaurant in Canterlot.
The ideas he brings from the human world help him get an edge by being a bit exotic, and he gets a bit of practice at running his own small business.
Jim takes a break for a while from this and goes to visit the Crystal Ponies now that they’re free. From them he learns some of their tricks and powers, and makes a few good friends.
When he returns he also starts up his own small farm to help grow things for his restaurant, and gets taught how to better use his Earth Pony magic to help the plants grow.

Kane meanwhile remains in the human world. He gets a job as a bartender to pass the time, and spends most of his wages trying to get drunk.
It however still being a cartoon based world means that while the drinks taste the right way, they don’t get him drunk in the slightest.
He returns after another few years to ask if the ORB has returned yet, and upon finding out it hadn’t landed just yet, he decides to return to the cartoon human world.

There be Dragons in those mountains

Eventually 5 years pass and the ORB arrives.
It crashes into a mountain range which is known to house the largest Dragon in Equestria.
Upon being informed of this, David mutters “sounds about right”.

The three of them in Equestria decide they have no choice but to try and retrieve the ORB.
They stack up on supplies, and head off into the mountains.
Thanks to all of them being able to fly it doesn’t take them long to arrive, and they scout out the largest cave they can find.

They sneak into the cave, and quickly see the enormous dragon asleep atop an even large pile of gold and gems.
In its clawed right hand is the ORB, resting in one of the crevices of the palm.

Jim decides to carefully sneak up to the dragon, using his flight to slightly help him move silently up the pile without causing a landslide.
He gets up and manages to grab the ORB, but of course forgot that upon touching it, the ORB lets off loud cracks.
So when the ORB starts letting off its loud cracking sounds, it immediately wakes up the Dragon.

To stop the Dragon seeing what is happening Ian immediately casts his Stage Lights spell to blind the Dragon, by having the lights appear pointing directly at its eyes from just in front and above him.
Just as he’s casting this Jim throws the ORB at Ian, but the lights going on blind him and his throw goes wild. Ian dives at it, but has to pull up to avoid the Dragon’s fiery breath, resulting in the ORB sailing out the Cave entrance and going down the side of the mountain.
David meanwhile has dived behind a rock and hides himself quite effectively.

While David continues to hide, Jim tries to get away from the Dragon, but gets stepped on due to its massive size and is crushed a bit.
Ian goes after the ORB, and just manages to avoid some more of the Dragons fire, however his tail catches alight.

The Dragon lunges after Ian, but Ian drives down towards a nearby stream as fast as he can.
Jim pulls himself up and charges the Dragon, kicking it as hard as he can, however it barely notices him.
David continues to hide.

Ian gets out of the water and sees he beat the ORB on the way down, he flies up to catch it, but is so focused on the ORB he doesn’t notice the Dragon swoop in.
It eats Ian whole, and its wing knocks the ORB which sends it flying into the distance.
Jim decides to fly off after the ORB.
David casts his spell to reveal hidden things, but upon not finding anything attempts to leave the cave.
He runs into the Dragon on the way out and is also swallowed whole.

Ian had been trying, without success, to climb back up the Dragon’s throat, but gets hit by David on the way down.
They both land down in the stomach upon a large floating skull of some forgotten creature.
Working together they’re able to slowly make it back up the Dragon’s throat and kick sensitive areas until it throws them up.
While the Dragon is still recovering they dive down into the water and remain hidden.
When the Dragon has given up on searching for them they sneak off into the distance.

They soon catch up with Jim who had managed to find the ORB by that point and had been heading back to them.
Ian touches the ORB as well, but David refuses to as he wants to see what happens.
Jim decides to return to his human form, and spend his remaining time in Equestria being human.

Peaceful days

The next year Kane returns long enough to catch up with the group quickly, and touch the ORB.
He turns back into his human shape and immanently lets off a string of profanity.
To David and Ian, who are still in pony form, it just sounds like a string of nonsense.

They ask Kane if he’s going to stick around, but he says “Fuck no”, and goes back through the portal.
The others debate going after him, but in the end decide they might as well let him be, and they decide to remain in Equestria.

Kane dealt with a lot of people being shocked at what he looked like now back in the human world, as his colour was off.
However they’re very accepting over there, and so let him have his peace.
He continued to work bar, read and write, and try as hard as he could to get drunk.
However the drinks continued to have no alcoholic affect upon him in this world.

Jim spent a short time remaining as human, but quickly found that he wanted to practice the magic again while he was here.
Plus assisting in running a restaurant was a lot harder as a human without access to the magic.
So with an act of will he forced himself to change back, and started up his magic lessons again.
He starts following David’s advice though and treating it more like a staycation, and soon closes his restaurant.
Instead he just tries to enjoy himself between lessons, and relax before who knows what world he’ll be in next time.

David does his best to try and avoid touching the ORB for a year.
However on the day where a year would have passed since it landed he trips over it on his way out of his room and accidentally sets it off.
Investigating the matter he finds out that the side of the locked box at Jim’s place had rotted through, and it must have rolled or been kicked onto the street by accident.
How it then ended up in front of his bedroom’s door is anyone’s guess.
He continues focusing on his staycation, and ends up getting a house more on the outskirts of Canterlot where things are a lot calmer.
He still takes up Investigation jobs however to help pay his way.

Ian is the only one to truly embrace what is possible in the world, and after getting the ORB he continues to push himself.
His theatre troop starts to pick up more and more, which takes away from his other lessons, but means his theatre spells get a lot of use and improvement because of this.
He still manages to get time in to practice with Rainbow Dash however, and while never matching her ability in the air, does become quite the decent flyer.
He also becomes an expert and building up a storm cloud and zapping people, even if it never does more than give them a nasty shock.

End of an Era, start of the next

At this point we’re going to go a bit OOC.
David has been a fantastic player the entire time, and while has enjoyed elements of the game, has found it just wasn’t working for him long term.
After trying it for 6 months, he decided it was time for him to leave the game.

Ben has agreed to take his place in the game, and will become the new 4th member of the Mary-Sue gang.

Back to IC.

So after the next 15 years the original 4 wake up.

David at this point has a one on one scene with the creator of Darth Robe, and tells him off for what he’s doing, while demanding an explanation.
Only part of one is given.
The full details of what transpired will not be written here as it would be spoilers for the other players.
At the end of this scene however David agrees to give up his conscious memories of everything that happened.

The other 3 wake up and go about their morning business.

Kane decides he’s going to take a 3rd day off, and get drunk for real after the experience of My Little Pony.

Jim and Ian head into work.
Though not before Jim tries to get close to Emma, and she waves him off as she’s still worn out from his previous nights efforts.

During the day Jim runs into David and makes a joke about Ponies, that goes right over David’s head.
Jim starts dropping more and more clues, and David’s more confused reaction lets him figure out that David doesn’t remember any of it.
Jim quickly then contacts Ian and Kane to find out if they remember everything, and when they do he relaxes a bit.

At least at first. Jim then gets really pissed off that David was allowed to escape whatever this is, but that he’s stuck continuing having to visit these various worlds.
Kane calms him down a bit, and then contacts David with another pony joke.
David is even more confused, and asks if there’s some sort of in-joke he should be aware of, or did they all just decide to troll him.
He gets even more annoyed when Ian also contacts him about ponies.
David gives up on the 3 of them and goes for a smoke break.

The rest of the day passed with the 3 of them chatting about what’s going on, and whether they can expect tonight to be any different.
They agree to prepare anyway just in case.

Jim gets quite distracted however, and ends up showering quite late.
When he gets out he’s got just enough time to get to bed before passing out at midnight, but he’s butt naked.
Unlike Ian and Kane who went to bed quite prepared.

When they wake up, Ben is there waking up with them.
Jim lets out a loud yell of frustration, and when Ben asks what’s going on and why is Jim naked, Jim yells out about how Ben’s there to just replace David and that this isn’t fair.

Training in the Void

As Ian calms Jim down, and Kane lends Jim his overshirt they take some time to explain things to Ben a bit.
Ben’s confused, but seems to be more confused and curious about what’s going on rather than being upset about it.

Before they can touch the ORB this time Darth Robe appears.
Jim demands to know what happened to David.
Darth Robe explains that David’s mind had completely rejected the situation, and for his own mental health had been removed from the situation.
Before Jim can protest Darth Robe explains that parts of their mind are still happy to be here and continue, and that they have no-one else but themselves to blame.
Kane points out that consulting the sub-conscious mind is a horrible idea for most of life’s decisions, but Darth Robe refuses to let them go.

Darth Robe then explains that they will be given a year to train Ben before moving onto the next world.
All facilities and necessities will be provided, as well as the metals for Allomancy and Feruchemy.
A large house then appears filled with food and cloths, followed soon by a large training facility similar to what the others trained at back in the Hunter Universe.
The others accept this, as they agree it will be good to make sure Ben is prepared for the sort of things that tend to happen.

Before they can begin training Ben, Darth Robe then says there is one other thing first.
The others pause in dread, but relax when Darth Robe explains that he’s been given permission to confirm or deny theories about the truth of the situation.
However they can’t just guess a simple broad explanation, they also have to provide some reasoning behind any theory they have.
This excites Kane, Ian, and Jim quite a bit, and they spend the next 30 minutes throwing all of their ideas at Darth Robe and their reasoning behind said theories.
Darth Robe confirms none of their theories are true.

These theories were things like being trained to be solider’s in a war because Darth Robe’s creator is fighting against a powerful opponent with his own army.
That they are instead exploring and connecting to various universes through the ORB to let Darth Robe’s creator tap the power there, to make himself more powerful until none can stand against him.
That they are being trained so that one of them may eventually replace Darth Robes creator as a god like figure.
And quite a number of other theories along similar lines.

Eventually they gave up on trying to guess theories, and went into the house to get dressed and explain some more of the situation to Ben.
After dressing they headed over to the training facility and found its very impressive arsenal available.

Jim started explaining the healing factor they had all been given while prepping and loading a hand gun.
As he finished explaining it he was waving around the gun a bit while Ben looked on concern.
Jim finished with “anyway, Darth Robe was right, sometimes it’s best you see things for yourself”.
Then before anyone could react, Jim raised the gun, and shot himself in the head right in front of Ben.
Blood splattered out and hits Ben in the face.

Ben has a minor freak out while Kane and Ian try to explain it’s going to be alright, that Jim will get up soon.
Ben proceeds to the toilet where he throws up a few times.
Then after cleaning himself up a bit and a new change of clothes, he comes out to watch as Jim’s head starts healing itself at incredible speeds.
About 45 minutes in Jim’s brain has healed enough that he wakes up from death, and sits up with a massive headache.
Ian comes over and bandages up the rest of his head to make sure it isn’t damaged further until the healing finishes.

Ben then calls Jim out on his actions, and the fact that Jim didn’t give Ben any sort of warning.
Jim realises what he did, and apologises a lot to Ben.
He realises he was just eager to show off a cool trick, and it wasn’t worth causing emotional trauma.
He swears to the others that he won’t do that sort of thing in the future without consulting each other first.
Then for Ben’s benefit he gets all of them to agree to a similar promise, and that wherever they end up that they’ll consult each other before running off and doing something.
He looks pointedly at Kane at this moment quickly, but Kane misses it.

Once Jim has finished healing he explains some of the other powers to Ben that he’ll be sharing.
Then to prove how weird things are, he turns into an Alicorn in front of Ben, before turning back.
Ben is quite shocked by everything going on, but does see the benefit to all of the powers, and his curiosity is definitely getting the better of him.

By this time Jim is about to enter his invulnerable period of healing, and encourages Ian and Kane to load up on heavy weapons and open fire on him to show Ben what it’s like.
Ben watches on as Ian and Kane shoot Jim from a distance with Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers.
Jim is thrown around a bit, and the impacts hurt a little bit, but he comes out of it none the worse.
Just needing a new set of clothes, and his watch being totally smashed up.

So over the course of the next year they train him up a bit in every area they’ve had training in.
While there’s far from enough time for Ben to reach their skill level, the seeds of the skills are given, and will allow Ben to continue to develop them when he’s got the time available.

At one point during the training they reach the point where they need the various metals required for Allomancy and Feruchemy.
Darth Robe appears, and with a wave of his hand summons chests of all 19 known metals, including chests full of the God metals.
Ian is more than a little gob smacked at this point.

Soon afterwards they start teaching Ben how to combine Allomancy with the Monster Hunting they know.
This ends up in teaching him Combat Driving by having him drive while Kane uses Steel to keep ahead of the car.
They try to encourage Ben to shoot at Kane at the same time, but he refuses.
Darth Robe appears floating alongside the car, easily keeping up, and forces a shotgun with beanbag shots upon Ben.
His social pressure convinces Ben to open fire and Kane, and he starts to enjoy himself.
However after several hours of this he only manages to hit Kane a couple of times.

The Unicorn magic takes longer to do, and only the real basics of it are taught in time.
However Jim joins in to learn from Ian about how to fly better, and how to control the weather through clouds.

After the full year parts of the facility start to vanish.
They’re encouraged to dress up, and meet near the ORB.
They all touch it.

Adult sized teenagers

The four of them found themselves standing in a semi-large hall.
To one side is a bunch of crash mats with some people practising karate on it.
To the other side is a juice bar, with a large sign saying “Angle Grove Youth Juice Bar”.

At this point Ian flips out in excitement as he realised he’s in the Power Rangers universe.
Looking around he’s very quickly able to identify the original Power Rangers, and sees that they have the large watches on.
He guesses that it’s sometime in the first or second season.
Before the others can react he heads over to the crash mats, where Jason is leading the Karate class.
He asks about joining in, Jason takes a moment to explain that they are towards the end of a class and now is not the best of times.
However Jason says if he’s willing to wait around, then he’ll speak to him later about joining in for the next lesson.
Ian thanks him and heads back to the others.

The four of them decide to hang around and wait near the Juice Bar.
Bulk & Skull enter and try to intimidate a few people, but aren’t too successful.
They then spot the 4 of them hanging around and walk over.
On their way over Ian whispers to the others that they’re about to be harassed by the school bullies, but he’ll handle it.

Bulk demands that they get away from his table.
Looking around the group notice that they’re a free table a couple of metres away with an almost empty cup of juice on it.
Jim tries to explain that they’re not at a table, but Bulk continues to get up in Ian’s face as Ian had stepped forward.
Bulk then tries to grab Ian by the front of his shirt, but Ian slaps Bulk’s hands away, before quickly countering with his own push.
Caught off balance Bulk stumbles back into the free table, knocking over the drink left behind, which results in Bulk slipping on the spilled drink and face planting.
Everyone else in the hall, besides the Juice Bar manager, seems to find this quite funny to see.

The four of them decide to go wait outside instead.
Ian then proceeds to geek out, majorly, in trying to explain the Power Rangers universe to the other 3 of them.
They look on with more confusion, but then burst into laughter when they hear about Rita on the moon.
The idea of the moon witch that was released from a dumpster becomes quite funny to them, as they can’t take the place seriously.
Ian convinces them that the Universe will be worthwhile however.

They wait outside for about 20 minutes while they debate whether they should get involved in this universe or not.
Ian is keen to get involved, but the others aren’t as entirely sure.
Eventually they decide that waiting around isn’t going to lead to anything and Kane suggest action.
Ian says that while they might be able to find the Power Centre, they’d never get inside without a power coin.
Jim asks whether knocking would work, and once Ian recovers from his shock at such a simple idea, he says he can’t see why it wouldn’t.
So they head off to find the place.

It’s a 3 hour walk out into the desert, but eventually they get to the right region.
Ian is having trouble finding the place however, and eventually Kane spots it.
They walk over, but run into a Force Field.

Ian starts yelling out, and is answered by Alpha 5, who asks them to go away.
Ian starts explaining a lot about what he knows, and that he’s from another universe where they’ve seen some of what is to come.
Eventually he manages to convince Alpha 5 to let them through the force field and up to the door.

Here they knock, and Zordon’s voice greets them.
Ian explains his position again, and says he’d really like to learn from Zordon to help him out.
Zorden says that he’s wary of teaching those who might corrupt the power, and Ian tries to convince him that he won’t.
Zorden then asks them to answer a question first, and then he’ll let them in to speak more.
“Why do I choose teenagers to gift such great power to?”

They take while to think it over.
Eventually Kane responds by suggesting that Zordon chooses Teenagers because they’re young, not jaded, and can still be taught how to use the power responsibly.
Zorden says that is correct, and that he also chooses them because they can be taught to give up the power when it’s appropriate.
All four of them agree there is some truth to this, but it’s clear that everyone but Ian doesn’t quite agree with Zorden’s philosophy.

End of session.


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