Helena Svenson

Tech working for the TFV in Chicago


Helena is a technician working for TFV in Chicago. She’s often got the duty of reviewing the footage and recordings of the PC’s for any interesting bits of information.
She doesn’t particularly enjoy that work compared to her normal work, as after watching them for months now she doesn’t believe they’re a threat. She thinks they’re confused people who have been thrown into a situation above their heads, likely by having weird ideas and knowledge planted in their heads.
She is also disturbed about what they get up to privately at times.

She has sat in on both operations that the PC’s have conducted for TFV.
In the neonate coterie assault mission she kept mundane authorities away from the conflict sight, despite all of the gunfire. She was a bit worried when Kane and then David’s signals went dead, but was even more concerned when they just started up again.
After listening in on their mission to deal with the Changeling Privateer she is worried about how vulnerable they still are to outside influence, and thinks that this is proof that they’re still being influenced by something. So even if they are helpless plebs of something bigger, it might be worth seeing them put out of their misery.

Helena Svenson

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