Dakota Nigel

Soldier working for the TFV in Chicago


Dakota came to the attention of TFV when during a overseas deployment he encountered a Vampire prowling and managed to take it down. It might have been half luck, but TFV decided to recruit him anyway and train him up.
Finding out monsters existed didn’t really surprise Dakota, in fact it relieved him a bit in explaining why the world was such a horrible place, and he was only more than willing to commit to finding and killings the bastards.

He occasionally gets assigned to watch the PC’s when the others need a break. He doesn’t particularly enjoy it, but that’s more because he sees them as boring nerds than anything else. He figures they might become threats one day if they are immortal, but at the moment they’re pretty harmless. He’s not sure what to make of their claims about his existence being an RPG, and figures it’s best to just not think about it.

His first weekend out with the PC’s annoyed the hell out of him due to how nerdy it was, but he was happy they at least listened to his suggestion on going to a batting cage. He figured he was assigned to watch them because he was the one least concerned with shooting them without strongly desiring to do so. It might not kill them, but at least he could drag their dead bodies back to HQ.
He was a lot happier with the second weekend out with them as he was allowed to visit a strip joint as part of work. Despite very much enjoying himself in there, he made sure to keep an eye on the four PC’s so that his report in the morning wouldn’t show he was lacking in anyway.

He’s not sure about the PC’s being trained more so they can be used to hunt down other monsters. He figures it’s likely better than just having them take up space doing nothing, but he’s concerned that one day it’s just going to mean they kill more innocents before being put down themselves.

Dakota Nigel

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