Colwyn Bartalotti

Drill Sergeant working for the TFV


Colwyn is in his early 30’s and is usually working 2nd in command to whomever is running boot camp for the lastest batch of hunters being recruited into TFV. While not all of their roles are combat ones, it’s believed that everyone should at least have a basic physical level to handle any threats that might arise.

Colwyn himself is quite a big believer in human potential, knowing that no matter how powerful an EDA might be, that a well organised team can usually take it down with enough preparation and the right equipment.

Being given the PC’s to train went against everything he believed given their EDA status. However he followed orders and did so, while making sure his reports were sent to more than just Director Annabella.
It was his reports about how quickly the PC’s built up physical capability during the second batch of training that lead to some Directors getting worried, and Agent Kruger being sent to stop the PC’s from being allowed out for their send weekend off base.

Colwyn Bartalotti

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