Colm Boveri

Tech working for the TFV in Chicago


Colm is the youngest technician working for TFV in America. Only 24 years old he got the position through sheer determination and skill. His affinity for computers and finding information on EDA’s online is very impressive and has helped TFV a number of times in his already short time working for them.
Which is why he’s quite resentful he’s been given the job of watching the PC’s a lot for several months in a row on top of his normal workload.
He got bored enough he got his hands on a piece of software to automatically take anything the say and transcribe it to file. His biggest problem was just adjusting it for the Australian accent, but he was able to figure it out eventually. It’s made it a lot easier to just do searches off key-words than having to listen to every single conversation they have for any potential hidden code.

He’s been active in the Comms van for both of the PC’s missions so far.
He found it quite interesting watching and listening to how the PC’s acted compared to the professionally trained soldiers he normally operates with. The fact that they managed to take down four vampires despite this impressed him, and more so when they got back up. At that moment he started paying attention more to what they had been saying about alternative universes and his world being a work of fiction. He’s starting to suspect that maybe they were pulled across from an alternative dimension where his world is an RPG.
Based on this he did more searches online on the information they had provided, and has found hints at things he had previously missed out on before. Especially about the Seers of the Throne. It’s slowly making him more and more paranoid.

Colm Boveri

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