Cadfan Newell

Soldier working for the TFV in Chicago


One of the soldiers often standing guard over the PC’s. Usually over David.
Cadfan has suffered personal loss at the hands of EDA’s and has seen too many horrible things happen, that he’s just waiting for the PC’s to snap and start killing people or bending them to their will. Either that or they’re the plebs of an even greater threat.
He’s a loyal soldier though, and trusts Director Annabella, so he follows orders and watches them even if he’s rather just shoot them until they eventually stop healing.

He lead the 2nd team that went after the neonate vampires. He was disappointed his sweeps didn’t turn up anything.
Thankfully Annabella knows his well enough that he was then assigned to a team hunting down a troubling criptoid in the sewers. After that was killed he was satisfied and took up guard duty again.

Cadfan Newell

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