Briana Murtas

Soldier working for the TFV in Chicago


Briana is one of the soldiers who regularly stands guard over the PC’s. Usually Kane.
She finds the four of them disturbing, and hates the fact she has to spend time watching them.
Kane she finds disgusting for all of the drinking and smoking he does, and she personally hopes his healing factor stops working one day so he suffers from his vices.

She was in the 2nd team sent along to assist in killing the coterie of neonate vampires. She was second in command and helped clear floor by floor. She is the one who reported that the forth floor was quite disturbing.
She was impressed the PC’s managed to kill four Vampires with their minimum training, even during the day, and seeing two of them get back up from the dead has disturbed her on a spiritual level she didn’t know she had before that point.
She’s still struggling with that, and hates watching over the PC’s even more ever since.

Briana Murtas

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