Bernhard Kramer

Soldier working for the TFV in Chicago


Bernhard is one of the soldiers regularly assigned to watch over the PC’s. Usually Ian.
He’s a very practical man by nature, and decided the best way to deal with their story about him being a piece of fiction was to just accept the multi-universe theory. He’s since started looking for stories that the four of them might be in to see if it goes both ways, and he discovered Fan Fics in the process. He’s become quite a fan, and is contemplating writing his own fiction about him being sent back to WW2 with all of his gear. Unfortunately due to his lack of creativity it’s likely to be quite a dry piece of work.

He was in the 3rd team sent to kill the neonate Vampires. He was very happy to be able to kill something, even if it didn’t put up much of a fight, after several weeks of plain old guard duty.

Bernhard Kramer

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