Benjamin Wilt

An FBI agent working for Task Force Valkyrie


Sex: Male
Age: 34
Height: 178cm
Build: Toned
Hair: Dark Brown


Known by PC’s:

  • Works for Task Force Valkyrie
  • Is very quiet except when asking direct questions
  • Dresses in a sharp suit

So far Benjamin Wilt has been very direct with the PC’s, and has appeared to take them at their word. He has shown no outward indication of his thoughts on them claiming his world is part of an RPG in their world.
His biggest emotional reaction was to them pointing out some problems with the Agencies funding, which he went off to do something about. He has not told the PC’s the results of his findings since then.

He has let the PC’s know that they are being used as pawns in various power plays by the Directors of TFV. He has not indicated who he supports, but seems to be following Annabella’s orders without reserve.

He oversaw the PC’s assault on the Neonate Coterie, and offered some minor advice before they went in. He remained quiet expect were organising support, and has not told them how he thought they went.

He was assigned to take them on their first weekend out. He was quiet the entire time, and seemed to spend most of the time just observing them.

When confronting Agent Kruger he seemed to be quite annoyed at Kruger getting in the way, but never gave his reasons why besides it got in the way of his orders.

He was assigned to take the PC’s out on their second weekend out. He went everywhere with them, but did not participate. He paid and tipped enough at the strip joint to not stand out, but did not appear particularly interested in the people dancing.

Benjamin Wilt

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