Addison Borbély

An expert Weapons Instructor working for TFV


Addison was a sniper working for the military when one mission he saw just a bit too much through his scope. He tried to write a rational justification for what he saw in his report, but it still caught the eye of an Agent working for TFV. Impressed at Addison’s ability to remain rational in the face of something extreme he got permission to recruit Addison to TFV.

Addison soon became involved with weapons research, and then teaching how to use the new weapons to members of TFV all around the world. He’s an expert when it comes to understanding weaponry and the best way to use it in combat.
At first this was just firearms, but soon grew to include pretty much anything that can be used to kill an EDA.

He was assigned to teach the PC’s the basics of how to use weapons in preparation for the assault on the neonate coterie, and was impressed by how quickly they picked it up. He’s not impressed with having to teach EDA’s, but rationalises it as seeing them as just another weapon to use against all of their foes.

When he was brought in for even more instruction for their longer boot camp period he held back a bit, as he saw that they were picking up anything he taught them just a little too well. He didn’t want them to be able to exceed his ability in case he was ever required to bring them down. He thinks they’ll make excellent weapons as long as they can be controlled.

Addison Borbély

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