So you want to be a Mary-Sue

Mary-Sue Session 24

A time to be Hangry

Session 24
Date & Time: 13/03/2017 7pm to 11:30pm
Location: BaDam Cave
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane, Adam

Declaration of war

Wrapping on their time on the island, they all wake up at the end of their 20 years. The shock of their memories playing over rolls over them, leaving them all with a headache for a few minutes as more and more life experiences are being crammed into the same 10 second period.

As it wears off, Adam rolls over and cuddles with Ben, just wanting to enjoy their lazy Sunday morning together now that there’s nothing preventing sight and sound passing between them.

Jim wakes up, and starts explaining just how bad that Universe ended up being again, mostly due to the fault of the others trying to make a deal with a God like entity. She tells him to go back to sleep, and let her enjoy a Sunday morning sleep in.

Kane drags himself out of bed, and start working on other translation requests, making sure he’s being paid to his Paypal account.

Ian realises he’s only got a week left to ComicCon, and decides to use his new skills to make a more kick ass Cosplay costume.

Eventually Jim starts up their usual conversation thread, asking how they’re all going. They all respond half heatedly.
Kane says he’s going to go get breakfast from his favourite cafe, and if he sees any of them there, then it’ll mean war.
The others think things are worse between them all then what Kane meant, due to the fault of the text medium, and start asking Kane if he’s really that pissed off at everyone.

Kane explains he isn’t, but he’d really appreciate just having some time to enjoy a breakfast alone, and do some things without them, after being stuck on an island with them for 15 years. It still comes across quite cranky.
For the rest of the day messages fly back and forth, with their usual banter, and lots of jokes about whether it means a deceleration of war or not.

Adam and Bed head out to get more gear ready to take with them on their journeys. They put forth about $400 to buy some equipment and metal, as well as hire out some time at a workshop. Adam takes two tacky decorative swords he had picked up, and with Ben’s help is able to turn them into master pieces, so they have weapons with them in the future.

Jim them reminds everyone that they have an RPG game that evening, and with some groans at first from the others, they agree to attend. So Jim runs a game for Adam, Ben, Kane, and a few others. The others in the game, who have not been going on the journeys are quite impressed at the level of skill Jim has picked up since last time in portraying various characters.

Once the game wraps up, they all head home to enjoy some more times to doing personal activities, before preparing for bed in all of their gear.

A year in the void

As midnight strikes, they all fall asleep, and wake up refreshed in the white void.
The ORB hovers nearby, as well as Darth Robe.

Kane immediately walks up and touches the ORB before anyone else, before turning to ask Darth Robe if he has anything important to tell them. He says it depends on their questions, or if they have any new theories they want to try and ask of him.

They start asking questions about the nature of their universe, especially in regards to Adam being brought into their group already experienced.
Darth Robe explains that his creator took the multi-verse power from another Universe where it was true, and applied it in a limited way to the Universe they all come from, creating pocket universes. In each of these pocket universes a group of people were doing the same things as themselves, going on journeys via the ORB. This was to prevent a world of mass panic of everyone waking up at the same time having experienced such a journey. If a pocket universe every reached a point where it had no people journeying left in it, that pocket universe ceased to be. If it had only one person left, they were brought over to another universe with others journeying, and their own pocket universe was destroyed behind them.

When asked why, Darth Robe said it was so that everyone was given a chance to journey. When asked for more details, Darth Robe said it would require them guessing and providing a reason. Ian had a shot, coming up with the theory that Darth Robe’s creator was doing all of this for his entertainment, because as an eternal all powerful being he needed something to keep himself occupied.
Darth Robe said it was false, was also explaining that his creator was not Omnipotent as well.

They then asked him, why had they been chosen. Darth Robe explained that it was because they came from the same universe as his creator, while refusing to answer further questions, like if his creator was human or not.

They then asked if there was anything else they should do before touching the ORB, and Darth Robe informed them that they did have a year to train here before moving on if they so desire.
This caught them all by surprise, and they asked how long this had been the case. Darth Robe explained that it was always the case, but that they had always moved on before trying to make use of it, usually at Jim’s insistence.

This time they decided to spend some time there, and use the chance to train even further. Darth Robe explained how Ben could use Allomancy on the floor below them to create things, and so Ben used it to make them all some buildings, vehicles, and food.

Over the course of the next year they trained even further, enjoying the chance to branch out further than a large island, as the void seemed to go off forever in every direction. They had Ben make a lot of buildings, usually in the shape of Canberra, and used that for further training. A lot of it was training done to try and enhance their skills without the use of powers, so that they did better in the first 5 years they had access to in a realm.

After the year of training, they all touched the ORB, not sure what would happen if they let the year lapse, as Darth Robe had said the ORB would find them one way or the other.

What’s that smell

They found themselves standing in a clearing of trees, back in the gear they went to sleep in. It’s night, but the stars above are being covered by a thick smog. There’s an acrid smell in the air, that reminds them all of being near factories using too much coal back in the Full Metal universe.
Jim also notices that the trees look slightly tropical, but also look quite sickly and diseased. He also notices that there is no sound of wildlife, or even insects, in the area, which puts them all on edge.

Ian decides to climb one of the trees to try and get a view of what’s around them. Up the tree he sees a bunch of water, likely an ocean, in one direction, while in the other direction he sees a large looming mountain. He also sees a city off in a direction, lit up by a soft glow, but hard to make out any details due to the amount of smog being released into the air.

After climbing back down and informing them of everything, they decide it’s best to approach the city and find out more about where they are.
It takes them about 40 minutes of walking to get close enough to the city before they start hearing the sound of what sounds like trees being chopped at, as well as some machinery sounds.

Kane, Ian, and Ben sneak forward to try and see what’s going on, leaving Ben and Adam behind. They get close enough to see vague humanoids chopping at the trees. The humanoid figures seem to be disfigured with mechanical attachments, as well as having glowing bright green tubes running over their flesh and machinery. Ian quickly realises where they are, and panicing he orders them to flee with hand signals. Once they get back to the others he quickly informs them that they’re in the Iron Kingdoms universe, and they seem to be on a Cryx island. In fact, if it’s the Mountain he thinks it is, then they’re on the main Cryx island, and they’re royally screwed.

They all discuss what to do, and decide they really just need to get off the island. Deciding it would take too much work to build a raft, especially as they don’t know how far they might have to go, they decide to try and sneak into the town and steal a ship from its port.
Using the cover of night, the fog, and the fact that the majority of the Cryx are simple automatons, they slowly sneak through the town, avoiding the more competent and sentient overseers.

Eventually they make their way to the docks, and arrive to see that there’s quite a few ships at the harbour. A number of them are unloading dead bodies, that are being carried towards nearby factories to be converted to become Mechani-Thralls. Others are being loaded up with fresh troops, as well as a number of Bone Jacks that show signs of having been recently made.

Given the sheer amount of activities going on, and the fact that none of the boats are left alone, they realise trying to stow away might not work in their current condition. They decide it might work if they can get some disguises, but the town shows no sign of leaving cloth or other things around. So they sneak after an Overseer and a few thralls, following them down a quiet street to try and ambush them.

The Overseer comes to a door, and starts to unlock it. Everyone is about to strike, but then they hear other people coming down the street behind them. Not knowing what’s coming, and not wanting to be caught between two forces, they scramble up the walls next to them, and manage to make it up before another 20 Mechanithralls arrive.

Up on the roofs, they carefully move around and regroup. Once together they agree to scout out a bit more, and try and find supplies. After another hour of searching, they don’t find anything, as this particular town does not appear to produce clothing or other things like that. There’s no rubbish or scraps to be found, no dead bodies just lying there to be looted from. Adam finds it incredibly frustrating, and Kane just tells him it’s like the perfect communist society where everyone does their job without complaint, nothing is wasted, and nothing unnecessary is made. This just annoys Adam more.

Eventually they see a few non-Mechani-thralls around town. Ben gets a look at them, and how they seem to have some phasing abilities, and decides that it’s best if they all leave town. Once outside of town he advises them that they’re unlikely to win a fight quickly in town due to the fact that all of their opponents are undead and are unlikely to go down before they can yell out an alert.

They decide that instead they should head North, as Ian believes that’s where this island is closer to other islands that don’t belong to the Cryx. There he hopes they’ll either be able to get a ship, or build a raft that will last long enough to get them to the next island.
It takes them about 6 days to cross enough of the island to get to a point where Ian feels comfortable to cross and head North-West.

Once they reach an appropriate place, they realise that it could be weeks of sea travel if they just try to go by paddle power on their raft. Adam suggests they find another work crew, kill them, and see if they can use the machinery to try and made a basic engine. The others agree it’s worth a shot.

It takes them another 2 days to locate another group harvesting lumber. The 5 of them strike at night, and start cutting into the Mechani-Thralls. They thralls take longer to go down then they’d like, but they figure out a few ways to speed up the process, like cutting the feed lines to the powered parts of the limbs.
The Overseer takes a bit longer, due to more of his flesh being made of metal, so he’s able to yell out some unknown words before he goes down. This results in a Bonejack with a saw-blade for a mouth bounding in from nearby to attack them. It launches itself at Jim catching him unaware. Jim ends up with some bad injuries, but isn’t quite dead by the time the other 4 of them are able to bring down the Bonejack. Ben rushes over, and is able to stem the bleeding enough to stop Jim dying before his healing factor has been running long enough to finish healing them all of the way.

With everything immediantly nearby dead, they act quickly to gather up supplies. Adam and Kane strip off as much of the Bonejack as they can so they can drag the rest away to get the engine from later. Kane also salvages an axe-hand from one of the downed Mechani-thralls so they can use it later to help make the raft.
Ben gets a drum of fuel to help keep the engine going once they’re out at sea, while Ian help Jim limp away back to their designated point of retreat.

It takes them another week to construct the raft, due to the difficult of having to build it without rope and nails. They able to cut the wood so they can slot it together, and they also shape a bow piece for one end, so they raft isn’t tipped over when it’s being pushed along by an engine.
Meanwhile Adam and Ian work on turning the Bonejack engine into something more functional, and taking the sawblade to turn into a propeller. They have to use a bit of their fuel to help heat and shape the metal.

Of course while all of this has been happening, they haven’t been able to find any food, or a single source of clean water. Their Mary-Sue condition is preventing them from dying, or reaching a point of weakness, but it is incredibly uncomfortable for them, and keeps them in a state of being on edge. This results in a lot of mean comments going back and forth, and them getting cranky with each other, though Jim keeps trying to keep a front of happiness and politeness despite it all.

They eventually set sail, and it turns out that Kane is the one with the most experience with this sort of craft, having done a number of stints of a boat in his younger years as part of school camp adventures. Kane teaches them the ropes, so they can take turns piloting the craft. They have to regularly knock things back into place with Adam’s hammer, but the ship holds up fairly well. Using the compass Ian brought along, they’re even able to keep themselves faced in a North-East direction.

A pirates life for me

With the propeller it takes them about 3 days to come across an island. While they think they see signs of a possible settlement on the other side of the large island, they just head for the closest beach. Upon landing they clamber off looking for food. Adam is able to find a crab, and jumps on it regardless of the claws. He then takes it back to the raft, and using the left over fuel he turns the wood into a makeshift fire pit to cook the crab.

Ben and Kane meanwhile head into the woods, and are able to locate a dear. Kane, using a sling he made from the leather like skin of a Mechani-Thrall, is able to bring it down with a single really well placed rock.
They drag it back to the beach, and start cooking it while Ben heads off in search of a fresh water source.
Ben is able to find some fresh water, and after drinking his fill, he cleans himself a bit in a runoff stream.

After gorging themselves on the cooked dear, the rest of them clean themselves off in the ocean, before then a quick rinse off in the runoff stream.

Now full and semi-clean, the five of them start walking around the island to find the settlement they believe they saw. It takes them some time, but they eventually come to a walled off town, with two guards resting against a small gate in the wall. As the approach the guards bring out pistols and point it at them, asking them questions in a language none of them understand.
A few languages are tried, but no one seems to be able to communicate with each other. One of the guards fetches someone else in some more fancy clothes, but even with the few extra languages he tries, everyone continues to start at each other in a puzzled manner.

Kane is eventually able to communicate roughly with them by drawing rough pictures on the ground, indicating they are survivors of a ship-wreck. The guards don’t seem entirely convinced, and so they lock the 5 of them in irons and take their weapons before leading them to some sort of authority figure in the port.

the authority figure tries a few more languages, but once again no one understands each other. Eventually there’s a bit of communication by hand signals. The authority figure tells them that they will be doing labour for food and board until they learn how to talk. The five of them agree to this, thinking it’s quite reasonable compared to other treatments they’ve had.

One of the guards them passes the authority figure one of the swords that Adam had made and brought with them. He’s very impressed with the blade, and Adam indicates with his hands that he made it.

Adam is taken away to the black smithy to make more weapons like the one he made, while the others are put to work cleaning privies and other such things.

Over the next two months they all make various progress on learning the local language. Adam makes the least progress due to all of the time he spends in the smithy, but he does show them how to make rifles, with proper riffling for the barrels, which impresses them greatly and gets him treated really well on the island.
Ben makes decent progress with the language, and due to his frame is moved over into mostly helping around the docks with loading and unloading ships.
Ian does well with the language, but accidentally pisses off a few well placed members of the community, so gets stuck doing even more privy duty.
Jim meanwhile is ok with the language, but really impresses them, and after giving them an example of his cooking is quickly a favourite of many on the island. He’s eventually able to use some of his sway with the various captains to get Ian assigned as an assistant cook.

Kane is able to learn that while they’re slowly becoming more trusted, there’s still some fear they might be Cryx agents, as the Cryx have tried things like this before. However it usually doesn’t involve people who arrive looking half starved to death on a raft that barely held together, so they have some credibility to their story.
He’s able to find out that once they prove themselves defending the island against a Cryx attack, then they’ll be trusted more and likely released from their chains then.

Another month passes without too much fuss. Jim uses the chance to seduce one of the female pirate captains, and ends up on her boat as her mistress. He ends up travelling on her ship, but spending most of his time locked up in her cabin or helping out in the galley.

One day while out Jim notices their ship turning suddenly and lots of yelling. Eventually it quiets down, and when Captain Celia Loup eventually returns to their cabin she informs him that a small Cryx fleet was spotted in the distance heading their way. She informs him that they’re heading back to Giant Head’s Island as quickly as they can to inform them there, as her ship stands no chance alone against the 7 ships in the Cryx fleet.

They beat the Cryx fleet back to dock by a full day and raise the alarm. Adam quickly commissions a team to help him try and build an artillery cannon to upgrade the forts old fashioned cannons, and is able to slap something together. He’s not sure if it will hold, but he’s convinced it has at least 2 or 3 good shots in it.
Ian, Kane, and Ben are rounded up and given weapons to fight with, before being lead out into the forest of the island. There they’re informed that they’ll be helping repel any beach landing that the Cryx try.
Jim is able to convince Captain Loup to let him fight with the rest of her crew when she sails out again with the other two ships that were currently making dock. Those three ships head far our, trying to get around the Cryx fleet, hoping to pin it in against the fortress dock of Giant’s Head island.

As the evening approaches and the Cryx fleet draws near, a light fog rolls in over the island making it a lot harder to see far off. However the green glow of the Cryx fleet gives a vague impression where they are, and soon the fortress and the ships are lobbing shells at each other from a distance. The Cryx fleet sails past the fortress, looking to find a beach to land troops on out of range of the fortresses cannons.
The ground troops, including Kane, Ian, and Ben circle the island to keep up with the ships and set themselves up in the forest out of sight of the beach so that cannon fire doesn’t open up on them in the meantime.

Three ships of the Cryx fleet break off to hold the pirate ships at bay, while another 2 start shooting at the treeline where the troops wait. The troops pull back a bit further to put more trees between them and the ships.
Boats full of troops start to be lowered from the ships into the water, and are soon making their way towards shore. Ghost like figures seem to be flying above them, and start coming in faster. Much to the surprise of Ian, Kane, and Ben, the pirates around them don’t flinch. Instead one of the Pirate Captains, a man named Muular, steps forward and starts to say things under his breath. Soon runes start flashing around the weapons of people around him, and those groups run forth to meet the ghostly forms, their weapons actually seeming to be able to connect with the figures.

As soon as two boatloads of Mechani-Thralls hit the shore, the rest of the pirates, including Ben, Ian, and Kane, charge forth to meet them. The battle goes reasonably well, though the Mechani-thralls take a bit of punishment to bring down. Just as the Cryx force starts to look like it’s in trouble more boats arrive bringing Bane Knights with them. The fight with the Bane Knights is a lot more difficult, with Ian and Ben even managing to be injured slightly in the fight. Just as they think it’s over some Deathrippers and two Defilers arrive to pile onto the beach, and start ripping into the forces there. Ian charges one of the Defilers, and is able to badly break one of its legs, but not before a spray of acid gets himself and Ben slightly. Ben and Kane join him to finish off the jack, and them move onto helping bring down others.
With the battle wrapping up, Ben does his best to help hide the wounds they’ve taken, to make sure that they don’t have to explain anything awkward to the pirates afterwards.

Meanwhile the ship Jim’s on had been engaging with the Cryx vessels, exchanging cannon fire as they closed the difference. Rather than go with a typical boarding however, ghosts streamed in through the sides of the ship and started attacking the cannon crews directly. Jim threw himself into battle against them, but finds his weapons rather ineffective against them. Their weapons are quite effective however, and leave a large cut up Jim’s front. He decides to attack them without his weapons, hoping flesh does more, and after just dodging their next attack, he finds his hand connects and tears out a thick tar like chunk from the ghost. It screams in rage at him, and renews its attack against him, but with the help of the others nearby they’re able to fight it off and eventually drive the ghosts from below decks. A shout goes up to announce that the Cryx ships appear to be retreating, despite only an initial exchange being launched.

Adam meanwhile sits bored in his room, annoyed that they didn’t let him fight the entire time due to his perceived worth.

The next day they five of them are informed they’ve proven themselves, are are freed from their shackles.

End of session.


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