So you want to be a Mary-Sue

Mary-Sue Session 23

The tyrant Ben

Session 23
Date & Time: 20/02/2017 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane, Adam

A ticket to paradise

Ben, Ian, and Jim discuss what they might be able to potentially do to get around Ben’s deal with Truth. Ben insists they should just leave and hopefully it won’t cause any problems if they’re not directly there, so Jim and Ian head to the train station hoping to get a train up to Central as quickly as they can.

Ben decides he wants to go visit Hohenheim to discuss their potential options more, and opens up a vacuum tunnel to take him there. Unknown to him, this also causes a Vacuum tunnel to form under Ian, dragging him down, much to Ian and Jim’s surprise. Jim not sure what’s going on, but thinking Ben has finally turned against them, decides instead of going to Central he’ll go to Reole. Jim hopes that by hiding somewhere Ben won’t expect him to, that he’ll be able to hide from him. After getting on the train, Jim continues on in safety. Meanwhile Ian is plummeting through the Earth at quite insane speeds.

Ben arrives first at Hohenheim and goes to speak to him. Ben explains a bit about the deal he made, which seems to annoy Hohenheim quite a bit. Ben does what he can to explain that Hohenheim must leave and start travelling, trying to put the plot back on its original tracks. Hohenheim tells Ben to leave, and goes inside of his house. Ben retires for the rest of the day to think of a plan.

Meanwhile Ian arrives on the same island that Adam was sent to, much to Adam’s surprise.
Adam has been setting up a trap for Ben, and after explaining it to Ian, Ian joins in to help out.

Jim arrives in East city, and stops off for the night to sleep.

The next day Ben decides to go and try to confront Father, however it’s interfered with and results in him and Jim ending up on the island as well, much to Jim’s surprise when another Vacuum tube opening under him to take him there. Jim is quite annoyed and is about to rant at Ben when Adam’s trap is sprung. Despite Ben’s best efforts, being caught off guard results in him being completely trapped by several meters of stone encasing his body closely.

Jim ask’s Adam and Ian what the hell is going on, and Adam explains that with Ben trapped they’ll be able to interfere as much as they want. Jim says it won’t matter if they’re trapped, Ben is the only one who can get them off the island. Adam says they just need to wait for the ORB and go from there, which Jim admits isn’t the worst plan since they’re already trapped there.

After they spend some time discussing what they should do about Ben, as they can’t just leave him to keep dying of suffocation in there, not to mention the escape clause, they’re surprised when Ben gets himself out of there. Turns out that he learnt enough to do hands free transmutation, and after taking the time to analyse what everything was made of around him, he was able to break it down to get himself out of there.
Jim and Ian both start ranting at him about Ben sending them to the island, and are surprised to hear when Ben says he didn’t send them there. Once they realise it was Truth that did, they’re a tiny bit more forgiving.

They discuss what they can potentially do to return, since every time Ben uses Alchemy it will just result in the Truth twisting it.
They decide that maybe they can bargain with Truth again and see if they can offer something to become exempt from the deal. Ian suggest maybe he can offer to suffer the deaths of everyone that is meant to die, but both Ben and Jim call him an idiot for the idea.

So they get Ben to set up a ritual to take them there, together to confront the Truth, with Kane there as well.
So they all arrive, much to the annoyance of Kane. They all see the Truth as an outline of themselves, so they figure out their perceptions are being messed with.

After catching Kane up on what’s happening, and Jim being introduced to Truth, they all attempt to Bargain with it. Ben claims that they don’t need him anymore, but Truth just laughs at him, claiming that’s not enough to get out of the deal they made. Ian makes his offer to suffer, but Truth scoffs at it, and instead says he’ll give him the exception if Ian will kill the Elric brothers. Everyone pauses a moment at that, before Kane tells Ian he WON’T take that deal, which Ian very quickly sides with saying he won’t take it. After more attempts to bargain with Truth, Truth tells them that he’s not feeling they can really offer him anything worth enough and kicks them out of the void, sending all 5 of them back to paradise island.

Seven months of frustration then a blaze of glory

Not having much options, they decide to set up base on the island for the next 7 months. With Ben and Ian working together they quickly build themselves a very fancy and practical house, and Ian’s able to help them develop some machines and electronics for it, like an air conditioner. Ian also works on building a shrine to boost his morphing field capabilities when the ORB arrives.

Adam, Kane, and Jim spend some time sparing, while Jim helps make sure the island gets a good agriculture set up, just so he can have alcoholic drinks.
There’s a few fights over the months, which is mostly Kane ranting at Ben about Ben’s decision. Ben just sends Kane to the other side of the island at times when Kane gets on his high horse too much.
Ben also teaches them all how to create Vacuum tunnels, but they’re all very limited at it.
Kane also makes sure they’re all well stocked on Allomantic metals in preparation for the ORB’s arrival.

After the 7 months and a bit have passed eventually the ORB arrives to them, as Truth upholds his part of the deal.
They all touch the ORB, and Jim quickly triggers a Vacuum tunnel to start Island hopping away towards Ishval.
Adam grabs Kane, drags him away from Ben, and opens up a gate using the One Source to Ishval so they can get there first.
Ben decides to use Power Ranger teleporting to Central to try and confront Father.
Ian starts spending time compounding his allomantic and Ferucemy attributes.

Kane and Adam arrive in the first plaza of Ishval where the girl was killed, and find the riots have started.
Kane starts pulling people and metal towards him, and Adam quickly brings up a shield of air to prevent any of injuring the both of them.
Adam then enhances the volume of Kane’s voice so Kane can start berating people for their idiocy.
At that moment Adam is pulled into a Vacuum tunnel by Truth, while Kane manages to avoid it by jumping and pushing off the metal around him to prevent the tunnel from grabbing him. With the air shield down Kane is about to jump off to help other parts of the city, when he’s approached by officers who recognise him, Kane refuses to explain things due to time constraints, but thanks to his Ki sense he realises something is wrong with one of the officers in the group. He orders that officer to the side, and then confronts him with the accusation of being Envy. At first Envy tries to claim he’s someone else, but Kane brow beats him into admission and threatens to wipe him out if Envy tries anything. Envy attempts to laugh this off as the threat of a petty human, but Kane so confidently claims he could kill Envy that it worries Envy, and causes Envy to run off. Kane then leaps off to stop further riots.

Adam meanwhile is hurtling down a vacuum tunnel aimed for Paradise Island. Taking his time to open ahead, he is able to open up a portal far ahead of him, not back to Ishval but instead to visit Truth. He arrives without his door, and tries to force Truth out into the void to stop him, but Truth is able to effortlessly avoid the portal, so Adam gives up and leaves, joining Kane again who is suppressing the riot in other parts of the city.

Meanwhile Ben has arrived in Central and is using his Allomancy to easily avoid or overcome the soldiers inside. He eventually breaks down into the basement, and then further down to reach Father.
He tries to attack Father, but finds that Father is fighting even better than in the Anime for some reason, and is only able to fight him to a standstill. Both of them inflict damage upon each other, but Father doesn’t seem to care, while Ben finds he uses up the small amount of health he managed to store, and his slow ORB healing isn’t allowing him to keep up with Father after each injury. Ben decides to tease Father with knowledge of the Truth, before teleporting out of them in a column of light to find the others.

Jim meanwhile had arrived in Ishval and is able to find Kane fighting the riots. Jim helps, but more on the emotional side and suppressing people’s anger. Adam arrives about then and speaks to them as they start to figure out a plan. Ben soon arrives, and they decide to split up to deal with the various threats. Kane and Ben team up, while Adam and Jim team up.

Ben and Kane decide to go after Envy first before moving onto other targets. Avoiding the Earth trying to grab them again, they quickly find Envy at the train station out of Ishval.
Kane runs in to grab Envy, but forgets just how much Envy weighs and throws out his back badly. Ben decides to tackle the both of them down, and start a Vacuum tunnel to Paradise Island with all 3 of them to stop Truth from interfering properly, while also preventing all of the innocents being injured. Envy responds by starting to increase his size, but by this time they’ve already travelled several kilometres down into the ground. The tunnel gets plugged by Envy’s bulk, and it collapses in on all 3 of them. The intense pressure and heat kill Kane and Ben instantly, while Envy spends a while dying painfully as all of his souls are quickly used up trying to regenerate him.

Ian meanwhile has built up enough of a charge that he decides to try and summon a Zord to get him back into the fight. He’s only minorly successful, summoning the Pterodactyl from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for 15 minutes. This gets him quite a distance from the island before it starts to fade, so using a double enhanced Steel Push, he throws himself from its fading form forwards. He eventually lands on a continent, but has no idea where he is.

Jim and Adam decide to go after Sloth first, but not sure where he could be decide to go to the only entrance of the tunnel they know about. Going to Reole, they go to the old church there, going down into the basement to find where it connects to the circle being built. Once they get into the circle they work together to quickly construct a basic car using alchemy to run on the rail tracks down there, and start hurtling along after Sloth. It takes them some time to catch up with him.

Before Adam and Jim get there, Ben has reached the 5 minutes of being immune to harm down under the Earth. He’s able to create a small bubble of space around him and Jim’s crushed corpse, and then teleport them both back to the surface away from Ishval. He then waits the 20 minutes for Jim to finish healing. Not wanting to use his alchemy in case it triggers off another tunnel, he has Jim create them clothing before they head off to Lust and Gluttony.
They arrive in Reole to find out that Lust and Gluttony had just started getting the ball rolling on their religious plans.

Dashing up their house Kane knocks, and when it’s answered by Lust pretending to be someone normal Ben jumps in with a joke asking if they’ve found Jesus. Kane almost loses it as this point, and tries to play along for a second, much to the actual confusion of Lust. Just as Lust is about to close the door, Kane just flares his Pewter and smashes her in the face, sending her flying into the wall behind her. Kane runs in to follow up the attack, and Ben follows sensing Gluttony just inside. While Kane is beating down on Lust, Ben grabs onto Gluttony and starts destroying the philosophers stone inside of him. Gluttony panics and opens up his maw to eat Ben, who manages to dive to the side and loses his grip on Gluttony. Diving in again to grab him from the side, holes in the floor again open to try and grab them. Kane is able to avoid the one under him due to the flared Pewter he’s running on, while Ben uses Gluttony as a counter weight, spinning and depositing Gluttony in the hole instead of himself.
With Gluttony out of the way, Ben moves in to assist Kane with Lust, and is able to destroy her soul stone while Kane holds her still.

They discuss going after Gluttony, but decide he’s innocent enough so they might as well just leave him to live on Paradise Island.

Meanwhile Adam and Jim have caught up with Sloth. Jim had run the car into Sloth at full speed, causing him and Adam to die, but Sloth barely noticed. Once they’re recovered enough to come back to life, while still badly injured, they get out to confront Sloth. Jim’s not quite sure what to do, and is quite shocked when Adam just opens up with Balefire right at the spot Sloth’s philosophers stone should be. It’s easily destroyed by the Balefire, which causes Sloth to just fall apart, and some his work on the tunnel to be undone.

Once they do that they decide to head to central. Of course this is about the time that Ben decides to drop in and see how they’re doing, arriving just as they’re leaving. Sighing in frustration he settles down to wait the 5 minutes before he’ll be able to teleport after them again.

Arriving in Central, Adam and Jim are approached by officers that want to know what the hell is going on. Adam pulls out his state alchemist badge to explain that he’s discovered a new trick with Alchemy that he wants to show to General King Bradly. The officer quickly passes up the buck, and after about 10 minutes Jim and Adam find themselves in the office of another General who’s asking them to explain what they’ve discovered. It’s about this moment when Ben arrives with Kane, teleporting in via a column of light.
Adam quickly passes it off as part of the new alchemy he’s discovered, and the General is quite impressed.

Jim then hits the General with Allomancy to quell his manipulate his emotions, and asks the General to get everyone to clear the Command area, telling the others he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. The General leaves the room to head to the communication room, and once there he orders all soldiers to the court yard. As the Soldiers look around in confusion, and start to make their way there, another Generals voice comes over the speakers demanding everyone ignore that last command and to get back to their posts.
Realising it was a bad idea to let the General go off on his own, the four of them rush the communication room, using Alchemy to clear the walls out of the way.

It doesn’t take the four of them long to beat the soldiers around the Generals, and capture them. They then decide to just head down to Father’s lab, and fight him. Once they get down there they begin combat with Father straight away, despite him trying to ask just who they are. Even using Allomancy however the fight doesn’t go their way for long, as Father heals a lot faster then they do, and their attacks don’t seem to wear him down in any way.
Just as they’re debating what they’re going to do, Ian arrives.

After arriving on the continent, Ian set out to quickly climb the closest mountain. Still not recognising where he was, and getting no help from a nearby village of people in Tibetan robes, he just summons another flying Zord to fly him up. Using his height, and a compass, he’s able to figure out roughly where he is, and set off flying towards Central. On the flight he continues to build up his stored attributes, so that when he arrives he’s able to pull on a lot of speed and strength.

Arriving using a large amount of stored speed, Ian is able to easily get past Father’s defences, and deliver a multitude of cuts using a sabre he got off one of the officers on the way. Each time Father attempts to heal, he cuts him up again. This allows Adam to get in, and using what he’s been taught, he starts destroying the soul stone of Father. It takes a while, but eventually Father is destroyed.

After that it doesn’t take them long to wake out Bradley as well. They soon find the assault from the Truth picks up incredibly at that point, with attempts to kidnap them and return them to the island happening every few seconds. Eventually they give up, and return to the island.

Over the next few years they help out Hohenheim become mortal again, expand their island, and get some other people there to help them build a small civilisation there. They help it out by teaching them about more advanced technology, and leave behind many writings on how to use Alchemy. They do try to leave the island many times, but the constant attempts of trying to resist the Truth leads to them just deciding to enjoy their holiday more.

Ian spends the time working on his Morphing Field study, continuing with his ever slow breakthroughs on understanding it more and more.

Jim hits up Kane to help him train, and become an even better fighter while using Allomancy. Jim becomes determined to start matching the power level of the others, and throws himself into the training more than he ever has before.

Kane helps teach Jim, but also focuses on trying to leave behind a functioning University on the island filled with knowledge.

Ben uses his memory skills to help him understand more about Alchemy, and understand how to pull off it’s various tricks and functions.

Adam enjoys his holiday, but continues to practice with the sword against Kane and Jim to continue to refine his skills.


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