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Mary-Sue Session 21

A new random element

Session 21
Date & Time: 23/01/2017 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane, Adam

Note from the StoryTeller

So for a while I had been contemplating running a second game of Mary-Sue, however upon serious consideration of how much time it would take to run such a thing, I came to the realisation that I couldn’t justify the time in my life to do so.
As a compromise however I decided that instead of running a second game, I could at least get 1 more player into this game, as I felt it would add more to the various discussions and actions that happened in the game.

Wanting someone who’d have a different approach to the rest of the players so far, I decided upon Adam Mills. As I had spoken to him a few times about a few of the things that have happened in the Mary-Sue game, and his reactions intrigued me. It also has the benefit of he’s dating one of the current players, so it wouldn’t add any more complexity to the transport issues.

After confirming everyone else was happy with the idea, he was official invited to the game.

The story of Meta-Verse Adam

Having Adam join the game allows for certain knowledge to come to light about the setting.
In this case the in-game version of Adam joining the rest of the group is actually going to be from an alternative Universe where he was already going through Universes with other people.

The people this other Adam was adventuring with, all ended up reaching their breaking point, like David did, and ended up being removed from the Mary-Sue universe hopping adventure. Left alone Adam is told by Darth Robe, or the Caretaker as Adam and his group were calling him, that he can’t continue along alone. As such Darth Robe/Caretaker is folding this universe onto Adam from another universe, combining the two, so that Adam keeps his Universe exploring experiences, but the mundane experiences from the other universes, and from then on would be Adventuring with another group.

The adventures that alternative Adam had been on so far were with 3 other people, one who was quite timid and did their best to ever get involved in a universe, one who just wanted to help people and felt horrible when they couldn’t stop people getting hurt, and one who slowly slipped more and more into megalomania until Darth Robe/Caretaker deemed them too unstable to continue.

Alternative Adam’s first universe was the Universe of Indiana Jones, starting shortly before Temple of Doom, through Raiders of the lost Ark and Last Crusade, through to just before Cyrstal Skull. During this time Adam got himself involved as Indiana’s assistant, and spent most of his time adventuring and learning off Indiana. The other three ended up heading off and doing their own thing, with little contact passing between them during the course of their time there.

The second Universe they visited revolved around Grand Theft Auto IV. Adam spent most of his time helping Niko, and trying to make things go better, though he didn’t pass up the chance to make a lot of money and live a life of luxury. He found himself in competition with the other Mary-Sue who was starting to become a Megalomaniac, who wanted to get complete control over the city. The other two Mary-Sue’s did their own thing, with one just getting a standard job and getting by, and the other one getting work for one of the hospitals.

The third Universe they visited was the Dragon Series, where Adam and the rest of the Mary-Sue’s quickly ran into the problem of not speaking Manderin. However Adam was able to pick up enough quickly enough to join in the main antagonists and their adventure. Once Adam encountered Monkey he managed to get a minor apprenticeship, simply by the fact Monkey was amassed someone else was able to replicate his tricks. The other Mary-Sue’s again did their own thing, and Adam saw little of them.

The forth Universe was from Adam’s head, and was the Wheel of Time universe. Here Adam was in his element, and quickly attached himself to the appropriate characters to get involved with the story, and learn a fair amount of magic. This world broke the other Mary-Sue that just wanted to be left alone however, as no matter where they went it just was one war after the other. The other two Mary-Sue’s seemed to fair alright, though the Megalomaniac was annoyed he didn’t get his hands on as much magic as Adam managed despite selling himself to the Dark Lord for more power.

The final Universe they visited before Adam joins the others was the Berserk Universe. This one they could feel came from Darth Robe/Caretaker. This Universe started off fairly well for the first 10 years, with Adam joining the various war efforts going on, and learning how to train to and fight at above human capacity, especially using oversized weaponry. Once the world broke however and demons started appearing, Adam found himself constantly having to fight them off. Adam tried to find out what was going on, and ended up signing up with the demons to become one to see if that would tell him. Once he broke free of the mental influence of the God Hand they summoned him to them so they could see what was going on. He argued against them, but their power was just too great. Adam then fled them, and spent the rest of his time there killing demons and trying to make the world a better place. His efforts helped the world, but never quite fixed the issues going on.

The next time he woke up in the white void, he was alone. The Caretaker explained to him that the last two Mary-Sue’s besides himself broke in the world of Berserk. The one wanting to help people just couldn’t handle how horrible that world was, and was released as a mercy to their mind. The other one had signed up with the God-Hand entirely and stopped fighting their Megalomaniac tendencies at all. The Caretaker explained that reaching that level of insanity was also a failing point, even if you wanted to continue. When Adam asked what will happen next, the Caretaker explained he would be combined with the Adam of another Universe, so that he could join a group that was adventuring in that Universe. When Adam asked what group it would be this time, the Caretaker explained he would this time be adventuring with people he knew, which please Adam.

The alternative Adam was then folded into the Adam from the main Universe, with the memories of the main Universe Adam being dominant, so mostly only the vague memories of exploring in alternative universes came through.

Overreaction to Adam

After touching the ORB Adam has a rush of weird conflicting mental states, as the two versions of him are combined. He then finds himself standing in a Victorian England alleyway in only his pyjama pants.
He walks out into the street to get his bearings, and after seeing the military uniforms, and the large castle far down the street, he realises he’s in one of the Full Metal Universes. He also gets the vague sense this world came from Ian’s head, which makes him happy to know one of the people in the group he has joined.

It’s then when he spots 200 metres down the street, crowded around a newspaper, the rest of them. He’s especially happy to see Ben and starts walking towards them while waving. This is getting him some attention on the street from the other people still out and about.

The others eventually look up and notice him, being quite surprised to see him there, they rush towards him, and start asking questions. Adam tries to explain what happened, but he’s as confused about it as they are, and realising it could take some time they agree to find somewhere private to talk first. They go back into the ally where Ian climbs up to get Adam some clothes as well, while this is happening Ben heads out into the street and returns a few minutes later having picked the wallets off a few wealthy looking people in the area. Jim also attempted to pick some pockets, but only returns with meager change and a pocket watch.

Once they have some hotel rooms, and a private dining room, they discuss more about what’s going on. Adam explains a bit about how there seems to be a confusing multiverse thing going on, which greatly upsets Jim. Jim explains he’s upset because part of the reason he was OK with pushing on is because he felt it was keeping other people he knew protected from experiencing the same horrors. Adam explains he’s surprised at this, as despite a few horrible moments he’s been seeing it as quite the adventure, which Jim just can’t comprehend. Adam is able to make Jim feel better about the whole thing though, but explaining that Jim’s taken the place of other people who needed out of the situation, Adam’s old group, which makes Jim feel a bit better and lets him continue being a marter.

Questions go back and forth, with stories swapped about what worlds everyone has been to. People are curious about swapping powers when the ORB arrives, but eventually they decide they should really come up with a plan for this world first.

They all agree pretty quickly that they want to prevent the Ishvallan masicar from happening, but they’re not quite sure how to achieve that given the power of what they’re up again. So they decide the best thing to do first is to learn some Alchemy.
Discussing various options, they decide they might as well try to learn from Van Hoenheim first, and see about recruiting him to help out with their plans to save so many lives. They also decide that once they know enough that they should commit the Taboo and attempt to meet the Truth, but that Ben should go first.

They also realise that they shouldn’t stay at the hotel for more than a night as the bank notes are more like promissory notes, and could likely be easily tracked.

In the morning they head out and exchange the promissory notes for other money, and use it to buy some clothes that fit before they catch a train out East.
On the train they discuss possibly visiting Izumi, but decide she’s likely too young at this time, and hasn’t reached the appropriate level of skill just yet.
They also continue to discuss the various power levels of the entities here, and generalised goals they want to achieve while here.
Jim is hoping that the Truth will be powerful enough to know something about the Meta-verse jumping they’ve been doing, and could provide some clues as to what is going on.

Convincing Hohenheim

Once they arrive in Resembool they find the place is mostly just large open farm lands. Not really knowing where to go, they approach the closet house, and posing as scholars they ask the people living there for directions to find Van Hohenheim.
Eventually they’re able to find the place, and their knock on the door is answered by Trisha Elric. They explain that they’re travelling scholars, and would like to speak to Van Hohenheim about a number of things involving Alchemy. Trisha seems happy to accept them at their word, and fetches her Husband for them.
Van Hohenheim arrives a moment later and steps outside, closing the door behind him.

Jim starts trying to beat around the bush, not really knowing the setting that well, but Ben just comes right out and explains to Van Hohenheim that they’re from another world, one with the power of prophesy, and that they’re stuck on this world. He then continues to explain that they’d like to learn Alchemy from Van Hohenehim so that they can try to lead this world to the best possible outcome.

Van Hohenheim is wary at first, but after further discussions with them, he says that he’d be willing to exchange his information on Alchemy for their prophesies about the future of this world.
The others go off to discuss this, and decide it’s a worthwhile trade, but they have to keep some stuff secret until the Elric brothers are born.
They go back and tell Van Hohenheim that they agree, but that they feel it’s best to keep some information back from him, after taking a moment to consider it, he says that he’ll listen to what they have to say, and then exchange what he feels is a fair amount of information on Alchemy for it then.
The five of them think this is a fair deal, and they shake on it.

They then go through, with Ben taking the lead, explainging what they knew about the upcoming events of the world, and how elements of it tie to Van Hohenheim’s past. They mention two alchemist brothers getting involved, but make sure to avoid mentioning that they’re related to Van Hohenehim.
Van Hohenheim asks a few questions here and there to flesh out the details, which they answer for the most past.
After hearing it all, Van Hohenheim asks them to return tomorrow, so he has time to prep learning materials, and they agree.

They end up being able to hire rooms at a local tavern for a few months with the amount of money Ben stole in town.
After a nights rest they head out to meet Hohenheim in the morning.

They then spend the next few months learning Alchemy from Van Hohenheim.
He’s a very hands off teacher, mostly handing them reading material, and encouraging them to figure out elements themselves.
They pick up on the basics fairly quickly, but it takes them a while to learn all of the various different alchemical symbols and what they mean by placing them in different locations of a transmutation circle.

Once they’re money starts to run low, they decide it might be best to honestly earn their future money while they continue to learn.
Ian stacks up on quite a number of books to read while away, and announces he’s going to approach the Armstrong family about making a few statues for them. Adam decides to join him in Central to see about picking up a contract with the army making weapons for them, and Ben decides to go with Adam. Jim just gets himself a job as a farm hand, bringing the knowledge he’s learned about it from elsewhere. Kane gets himself food and board teaching the children of Ressenbool for 2 hours a day.

In Central Ian is able to meet Lord Armstrong, and arrange a commission to do a statue of him. This takes him just over a month, but is so impressive that Lord Armstrong then hires him to do a big statue of the entire family, even having Ian add the members away by using photos of them. This takes him about 6 months to complete, but gets him quite a commission at the end of it.

Adam approaches the army, but they inform him that they no longer get weapons through private dealers, and instead just get them massed produced through various factories, most of them owned by the army itself. However he’s able to find out some factories that hire people to work on high quality weapons for generals and such, and gets himself a job with one in East City. This costs him a fair amount of time each day in transit on the train between there and Ressenbool each day, but he’s able to get a fair amount of reading on Alchemy done.

Ben meanwhile just lives off Adam’s earnings, and focuses himself entirely on his Alchemy studies.

Once Ian returns 7 months later with his massive earnings, they use the money to buy a small patch of land to farm, and build a house for all of them to share there.
Jim is able to grow them enough food their to massive same them money on food costs.

After Alphonse Elric is born they decide to tell Van Hohenheim everything else that happened, and the fact that it’s his two sons who end up in the middle of everything.
This seems to concern him quite a bit, but he thanks them for telling him, and agrees he’ll teach them a bit more alchemy to make up for it.

They also tell him about the ORB, and how it’ll likely crash into Father’s lair, but that Father won’t be able to do anything with it.

They raise the fact that they’re immortal, which Jim is surprised to see Van Hohenheim just stoically accepts, but that they’ve never went up against anything that messes with souls before.
It takes them a bit to convince him, but they get Van Hohenheim to disconnect Jim’s soul from his body to see what happens. Jim drops dead when it happens, but after an hour gets right back up again as if nothing had happened. When they ask him what it was like, he says he has no memory of the experience, it’s just a blank space in his memory.

End of Session


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