So you want to be a Mary-Sue

Mary-Sue 20

To rule the world?

Session 20
Date & Time: 01/01/2017 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane

The escalation of Katya

Upon getting back to the office Jim and Ian want to know how to it went. Ben explains he was able to escape Russia with Archer, but they needed Katya’s help. He lets them know that Archer and Katya are holed up in Archer’s apartment.
Jim and Ian ask where Kane is, and Ben explains Kane volunteered to be a distraction, and the last Ben saw him was in Moscow. Jim and Ian panic a bit, and immediately spring into action asking questions and trying to get one of the satellites to start searching for Kane.

Things brings Mallory out of her office, who demands to know what’s going on. Upon seeing Ben she demands to know where her son is, and Ben explains he’s at his apartment. Malory says it’s typical of him, and tries to call Archer. When Archer’s phone goes to voicemail Malory again demands to know more, at which point they explain there’s an ex-KBG Agent involved who helped them escape. Malory goes off to find out more about this agent from her contacts.

Meanwhile Jim and Ian are having no luck in tracking down Kane. All they can find out is that the KGB have an alert out for Kane, and reports state that they think Archer is with him escaping Russia over land.
Ian keeps doing satellite sweeps, but is unable to find Kane at all.

Over the next few days they put all of ISIS’s Agents in various locations on alert to keep a look out for Kane, or to report any news they hear about him. Unfortunately the closest Agent that Kane knows about is in Poland, so they figure he’ll be heading somewhere in that direction, and might not make it there for a month or so.

Kane is actually heading to Poland, but has to keep ditching cars and going by foot to get around various checkpoints set up. This means it’s actually going to take him even longer to get there.

Eventually Mallory is sick of the fact of waiting and demands to know when Archer is coming in, and more about Katya. Ben explains more, and Malory gets more and more suspicious. When an alert pops up that Katya is marked as on an undercover mission in the KBG database, Mallory freaks out and threatens she’s going to go kill Katya then and there. Jim steps in and does his best to try and talk her down, but is only able to get Mallory to agree to bring Katya in for debrief first before killing her. Mallory calls Lana, who is only more than happy to help. Jim continues to try and convince them that they’re over-reacting, but neither Mallory or Lana are particularly inclined to listen to him.
Jim insists he’ll go with them, but Mallory says he won’t, Jim barges his way onto the Elevator anyway, so Mallory declares they’re taking one of the two seat cars and Katya will travel back with them in the boot. Jim rushes to another one of the company cars, and attempts to race Lana to Archer’s place. Lana is a better driver, and easily gets ahead of him.

Jim arrives to find Mallory and Lana’s car out the front. So he quickly dashes inside, but then has to wait while the elevator slowly takes him up to Archer’s level. He eventually arrives to find Archer, Mallory, and Lana in a stand off with their weapons out. Lana only has a single weapon drawn, and it’s attempting to point at Katya who Archer is standing in front of in his underwear. Lana ends up pulling a weapon on him as well.

Jim tries to disarm the situation, but fails as no one is really listening to him.
Just as things are about to get worse, Archer is able to disarm things a bit, but just as it’s calming down more Jim makes a suggestion about heading back to the office to discuss things over a company provided lunch. This sets Malory off again, and causes her to argue with Jim, and start insisting Katya is treated as a prisoner again. Jim is able to just disarm this, but it leaves everyone feeling angry with each other. Lana and Malory walk off, and tell Jim to make sure Archer and Katya get into the office soon.
After they leave Jim tries to turn the vague timeline into an excuse to have a threesome with Archer and Katya, but Archer shoots him down, leaving Jim quite disappointed.

Back in the office they set up Katya in one of the offices, and she is aggressively debriefed by Lana. Ben, Jim, Archer, and Mallory watch on. Archer and Jim isn’t happy with the situation, but Ben can tell form his training that Lana is being professional about the whole thing and so insists they let her continue with the debrief.
After some time it comes to the point of why Katya really defected, and Mallory makes a snide comment. This causes things to escalate again, but Katya is able to disarm it by going into a talk about how her feelings for Archer began to develop while studying him at the KBG academy. Everyone else seems to watch on as if they can actually see the scene, while Ben and Jim look about slightly confused.
After that big profession Archer grabs Katya, admits his love for her, and they run off to his office together. Lana watches on in shock, and Mallory just has another stiff drink before muttering that they should have just killed Katya. This sets off Jim a bit again, but everyone is stopped by Ben when he notices that Woodhouse has arrived at the office and is making his way to Archer’s office.
Before Mallory can stop him, Woodhouse presents Archer with his Grandmother’s wedding ring. Katya sees it, and is extremely pleased with it.

Mallory attempts to step in to stop everything, but everyone else in the office has seen what has happened, and starts getting into the festive mood. Ray announces he can marry the two of them on the spot, and Pam runs off to return with a large cake for the wedding. Without any further interruptions the wedding takes place, resulting in Sterling and Katya Archer.
Mallory finishes her entire bottle of whisky.

Settling into Archerverse

Over the next 2.5 months Ian continues his hunt for Kane unsuccessfully.
Jim starts up a high class escort business on the side, and tries to get Mallory involved to distract her from trying to micro-manage ISIS as much, but it doesn’t really work.

Eventually Kane manages to make it to Poland, and is able to call for an extraction.
Ben meets him at the airport, and rather than taking him back to ISIS HQ straight away, drops off Kane at his apartment to clean up first.

This turns into a full week despite the annoyance of Mallory. Ian even throws a party in the science lab, and sneaks Kane in for it, without Mallory being able to force Kane to go through a debrief.
At the party Ray tries to spike the punch with the gay drug, but Jim sees him in action and decides to drink the entire thing himself. When Jim starts getting aggressively sexual with Ben, Ian knocks him out with a tranquilliser for the rest of the party.
Ian tries to send Kane home with an escort, but Kane refuses and goes home alone.

Eventually Kane is sits through his debrief, where he is drilled by both Mallory and Lana. Once they’re sure he didn’t start WWIII he’s welcomed back with open arms, especially once Mallory is reminded that Kane is partly responsible for getting Archer back safely from the KBG.

With all of the drama out of the way people setting into their new routines.
Ben takes off running field ops, and with a bit of training and help from Lana, he becomes quite good at it. Jim continues to run HQ, and slowly grows his escort business. Kane continues with the accounting side, and helping the business side of ISIS grow, as well as the range of their bullet proof clothing.

Ian after a further year of studying under Krieger, decides he wants out of ISIS, and to start preparing for furthering his studies of the Morphing field.
He lets the others know he’s leaving, and he’s starting up a medical practice that is going to give people Krieger style cyborgnetic limbs, allowing them to move and do things again. The others are surprised, but can’t fault his goals and wish him the best of luck.

Ian starts up his buisness, and after a bit of a rocky start finding medical professionals actually willing to go along with the insanity of how Kriger’s cyborg limbs work, he’s able to make it fairly successful. Thanks to American private health insurance, he’s able to charge a decent amount for the limbs and make a tidy profit. Ian starts putting aside this profit, both to help towards his studies later, but also to open up other branches around the world eventually.

Meanwhile Ben, Kane, and Jim start looking for a way to remove Malory’s control over ISIS.
Kane comes up with the idea of seeing if she’s broken any financial laws, and using the super accounting skills he learned off Cyril, he’s able to start putting together a case.
Jim and Ben help him, getting appropriate witness statements, and paper trails from places outside of ISIS to collaborate things they find inside of company records.

It takes them about a year to build up the case enough that they feel confident, but eventually they decide to confront her with it.
Mallory is pissed at it, and threatens to take down the entirety of ISIS with her if they attempt to go ahead with the case.
They instead surprise her, and offer her a generous severance package if she’ll just step down from ISIS and sell her shares in the company.
Mallory recovers quickly and bargains to both get a larger severance package, and a demand Jim has to sever all ties with ISIS as well, thinking that they won’t take it.
Jim surprises Mallory by agreeing to the deal, and in shock she ends up signing to the deal.

With Mallory gone, Archer ends up as the senior Agent in charge of ISIS.
He arranges for a massive party to be held to celebrate, and at the party Katya announces she’s pregnant.
She convinces Archer to retire from field work and just run ISIS from the office.
Archer readily agrees to her request.

With Ben, Kane, and Lana’s help, Archer is able to run ISIS a lot better than Malory did.
Jim meanwhile takes up running a pizza shop just across the road from ISIS, and works on perfecting the pan fried pizza.
He’s able to trick Cheryl to sign on behalf of Archer that his pizza shop gets preference for supplying food for ISIS meetings.
Due to the sheer amount of meetings that happen, mostly due to the clothing business, this ends up racking up a lot of funds for Jim quickly.
He’s able to start opening up other pizza shops near other ISIS buildings around the world, and get food deals with them as well.

Kane eventually gets Archer to agree to an idea, and then takes it to Ian.
ISIS buys Ian’s business, and they set up branches all around the world.
Ian remains CEO of that company, it’s just a sub-corporation of ISIS, like the clothing company is.
Ian takes it to his staff, and they agree due to the massive pay rises they’ll get.
Ian agrees, but starts to run into the problem of finding people both crazy enough to understand Krieger’s technology, and stable enough not to abuse the patients they’ll get.

With 6 months to go until the ORB arrives, they have a big dinner with the four of them to discuss what to do.
Here Jim starts complaining that he doesn’t know what to do with himself, as he won at the pizza shop business too quickly.
The others point out that he kind of cheated, but also point out that maybe he should consider doing something else with himself besides business.
This leads to a big long conversation, where they all realise how they want to do other various things to try and improve themselves.

After some encouragement, Jim starts to realise he could just go find something he’s always wanted to do for fun.
Kane makes the suggestion that they find people with unique skills in the Archer Universe, and just try to gather them to learn various skills off them.
Everyone else agrees this is a good idea, as well as learning some skills off each other so they don’t have to deal with people from the Archer Universe too much one on one.

Jim decides he’s going to start dating Pam, both so she’s actually treated well for once, but also to learn from her.
From her he’s able to learn some ways to improve his skills at sex, but he also learns how to drive from her, and her supernatural ability to take punishment and have lots of drugs without dying.
He passes this onto everyone else.

Ben starts teaching everyone else the super human agent skills he learned from Archer.
Though this one takes a while longer due to the specialised equipment and circumstances it requires to set up for those not registered as field agents of ISIS.

Ian and Jim decide to get Kane to teach them the super account he learned off Cyril, but Ben decides to pass on learning it.

Ben and Kane also start visiting Ian in his various labs to learn the unusual science skills he picked up off Krieger.

Planning for the ORB

As time passes on they all start stepping away from ISIS more and more.
Ben starts handing over more and more responsibilities to Lana, while Kane continues to build up Cyril’s confidence so he’ll do a better job being head accountant for ISIS.
Realising that they can’t trust anyone internal to take over HR, they hire someone externally, and have them take on the role.
Due to the nature of the Archer universe it takes them a few hiring attempts before they find someone actually competent enough to do the role who isn’t a spy.

Ian starts running into the problem of finding other people to teach Krieger’s Cyrborgnetics to, as they either can’t understand it, or are insane enough to be untrustworthy.
Instead he gets Krieger and Kane to help him out in making an AI capable of designing and building the prosthetics for his clinics clients.

The AI ends up calling Ian, Kane, and Krieger Father, and treating them like family, much to the annoyance of Kane.
However it ends up quite good at it’s job, even if it does have a habit of sneaking weapons in the various prosthetic designs.
Ian can’t get mad at it for this though, as he’s happy with any change that brings a universe closer to being a Cyberpunk Universe.

Knowing it’ll crash soon they start watching news, and satellite feeds to keep an eye on the ORB landing.
So when it crashes into the Kremlin building they know straight away, and realise they’re not really surprised it decided to land there.

After meeting up they discuss many plans of retrieving the ORB, with quite a lot of them being plans to just fight their way in to retrieve it.
Deciding that they want to try a peaceful option first they decide to look into what the KBG is doing with the ORB first.

Using the ISIS computers link to the KBG systems, they’re able to track it as the ORB is first experimented on, and then once the KBG can’t figure out what it is at all, it’s just marked down as an interstellar curiosity.
Eventually it ends up as an art item in Gorbatshov’s office.

Deciding to see if they could just buy it as an art item, they arrange for a 3rd party contact to reach out to Gorbatschov and see how much he’s willing to sell the ORB for.
They find out that he’ll sell it, but for a lot more cash than they have currently available.

So they speak to Archer, Lana, and Cyril, and convince them to get ISIS to lend them the cash with the promise to pay it back afterwards.
It takes a bit of work, but eventually Archer agrees, much to the annoyance of Cyril.

After the deal goes through and the ORB arrives, they all touch the ORB and gain access to their old powers.

Is Revenge evil if you’re doing it to redeem someone?

After touching the ORB they all start going back to doing their own separate thing.

Kane continues to train with his powers a bit, mostly Alchemy, while mostly sticking with ISIS.
He’s quite happy with his Attunement power to understand any spoken language, but suddenly finds it means he can’t learn how to speak them when he doesn’t have the power.
So in his spare time he focuses on learning other languages in their written form, and using that to help him figure out some ways of how to speak them when he doesn’t have access to his attunement power.

Ian goes off to work on his morphing field training, despite knowing it could be thousands of years more until he truly masters it.

Ben goes part time with ISIS, using his other time to travel and practice with his powers, as well as doing some more university courses.

Jim spends some time revelling in his powers, including showing off to Pam.
Then one time after coitus he brags to her that he’s going to use his powers to scare the hell out of Mallory, and try to Scrouge her into being a better person.

It doesn’t take Pam long to message lots of other people that Jim is planning this, so that on the evening he’s planning on going out he suddenly finds Kane and Ben dropping in for a visit.
They tell him that they’re there to stop him.

Jim is surprised at this, and wants to know why as he’s just going to gaslight Mallory to try and fix her, insisting that it’s perfectly justified.
He does admit though that some of it is just because he has to win against Mallory.

Just at this moment Ian calls him.
Ian also says he wants to convince Jim to stop what he’s planning, which just annoys Jim even more.

Jim puts Ian on speaker phone, and asks again why are they trying to stop him from doing this to someone who’s clearly twisted and evil.
Ben tells him that what Jim is planning is immoral.
Ian says that what Jim is planning basically makes him Lex Luthor.
Jim keeps trying to justify his actions, and at one point even claims Lex Luthor wasn’t all that bad.
At this point Kane just gives up on Jim and walks away.

Eventually Ben and Ian are able to talk Jim down.
Jim isn’t too happy they stopped him, but is willing to acknowledge that maybe he was going to be an ass by doing what he planned.

Jim takes the time to find Pam and convince her it was all a trick, the powers, the plan, everything.
He subtly uses some of his allomancy to help convince her.

They get Kane back, and end up having a big philosophical discussion about what they are, what they’re doing, and if they actually have a right to interfere at all in the lives of everyone.
They decide that they do, but they have to hold themselves to a certain line or they’ll just cross it and get worse and worse.

Jim admits to just being unsure what to do with himself. He won too quickly at business again in this world, admittedly by cheating a bit, but now he’s unsure what to do with himself.
The other 3 encourage him to stop treating it about becoming the best, and instead actually have some fun, and take the time to learn some skills he’s always wanted to know.

Actually listening to the others, Jim decides to become a chef, aiming to becomes the best in the world of course.
Over the next 15 years he spends time going to various culinary schools, usually the best in the world in France and Japan.

Ben decides to go to medical school and become a doctor.
Once he passes he decides to choose a speciality in Neurology.
As his studies die down a bit, he takes up Black Smithing as hobby, focusing on replicating ancient Japanese practices.

Once he’s sure Jim isn’t going to go nuts with his powers again he goes back to his Morphing Field studies, scratching bit by bit at the surface of that power.

Kane continues mostly with ISIS, but continues to flesh out his business and legal skills a bit.

Eventually their time in that universe is up, and they wake up to the real world.
The flash of memories are a shock again, but they’re slowly getting more used to it and manage to not throw up.

New day, new plans, and thankfully a Saturday

After waking up Jim takes the time to quickly catch Emma up on what world he just went through, spending a bit of time to bitch about Mallory as he cooks Emma a 5 star breakfast.
Emma is quite interested, and expresses her wish to also go on such an adventure and learn cool powers.
Jim takes a bit of time to start working on a business plan, so that he can start working for himself and get out of his current job.

Kane gets up early himself, and arranges to get an Australian ABN.
He then starts advertising his services online as a language translator.

Ian gets up, and starts speaking to people he knows online, asking them what they’d do if they were to start universe hopping.

Ben spends a bit of time with Adam, and then asks everyone else to come over.
Once they’re there, he has them help explain to Adam everything that’s been going on.
Adam is sceptical, but the amount of skills everyone seems to have picked up, as well as their well thought out collaborated story, makes him start to believe them.
He asks them all some insightful questions about their situation, as well as asking if they could ask Darth Robe if he could join them.
Jim tries to warn him off from it, claiming it sucks, but everyone else seems to disagree with him.

Eventually they break for lunch, and everyone goes off to spend the rest of their day catching up on various real world needs.

That night they all get ready for bed again, this time with Ian deciding to dress up extra fancy.

Void of White

Once they wake up back inside of the White Void they find Darth Robe waiting for them.
He explains that due to their attunements it is easier for him to detect their arrivals, and they no longer need to touch the ORB for him to arrive.

They push him for any comment on his thoughts about how they handled the previous world.
He explains that he is neither happy nor displeased with any of their actions.
He admits to preferring it when they have their long conversations with each other before committing to important actions, but doesn’t tell them why.
He also asks them not to consider his opinion when choosing what to do in any world they visit.

Jim is slightly annoyed there isn’t more, and then pushes them on to leave as quickly as possible and get the next world out of the way.

Once they’ve all touched the ORB they suddenly find themselves standing in an ally.
It has a vague Victorian England look to it, but they can’t place where.

Heading out into the street they have a look around and see they’re on a very long street in a Victorian era city.
They guess it’s early in the evening given the amount of traffic that’s still around.
They spot a castle lighten up at one end of the main road, quite a distance down the road.
It takes them a minute to realise what the castle is, and then it clicks it’s the castle in Central from Full Metal Alchemist.
They also then get a vague sense that this Universe was from Ian’s mind.

Realising they could likely be mistaken as spies in their modern clothing they duck back into the ally.
Ian climbs up the walls there, and steals various items of clothing from washing lines.
While they’re not perfect fits, they at least look more in place.

They then exit the ally and find themselves a newspaper in a nearby bin.
Flicking through it they’re able to find out that the date is 1896, which they remember is roughly 5 years before the Ishval Civil war.
They decide they need to stop it, but they’re not sure if they can take Envy without the ORB, so they start discussing non-Military options.

End of Session.


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