So you want to be a Mary-Sue

Mary-Sue Session 26

Session 26
Date & Time: 17/04/2017 7pm to 11:30pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane, Adam

Mary-Sue Session 25

Session 25
Date & Time: 03/04/2017 7pm to 11:30pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane, Adam

Mary-Sue Session 24
A time to be Hangry

Session 24
Date & Time: 13/03/2017 7pm to 11:30pm
Location: BaDam Cave
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane, Adam

Declaration of war

Wrapping on their time on the island, they all wake up at the end of their 20 years. The shock of their memories playing over rolls over them, leaving them all with a headache for a few minutes as more and more life experiences are being crammed into the same 10 second period.

As it wears off, Adam rolls over and cuddles with Ben, just wanting to enjoy their lazy Sunday morning together now that there’s nothing preventing sight and sound passing between them.

Jim wakes up, and starts explaining just how bad that Universe ended up being again, mostly due to the fault of the others trying to make a deal with a God like entity. She tells him to go back to sleep, and let her enjoy a Sunday morning sleep in.

Kane drags himself out of bed, and start working on other translation requests, making sure he’s being paid to his Paypal account.

Ian realises he’s only got a week left to ComicCon, and decides to use his new skills to make a more kick ass Cosplay costume.

Eventually Jim starts up their usual conversation thread, asking how they’re all going. They all respond half heatedly.
Kane says he’s going to go get breakfast from his favourite cafe, and if he sees any of them there, then it’ll mean war.
The others think things are worse between them all then what Kane meant, due to the fault of the text medium, and start asking Kane if he’s really that pissed off at everyone.

Kane explains he isn’t, but he’d really appreciate just having some time to enjoy a breakfast alone, and do some things without them, after being stuck on an island with them for 15 years. It still comes across quite cranky.
For the rest of the day messages fly back and forth, with their usual banter, and lots of jokes about whether it means a deceleration of war or not.

Adam and Bed head out to get more gear ready to take with them on their journeys. They put forth about $400 to buy some equipment and metal, as well as hire out some time at a workshop. Adam takes two tacky decorative swords he had picked up, and with Ben’s help is able to turn them into master pieces, so they have weapons with them in the future.

Jim them reminds everyone that they have an RPG game that evening, and with some groans at first from the others, they agree to attend. So Jim runs a game for Adam, Ben, Kane, and a few others. The others in the game, who have not been going on the journeys are quite impressed at the level of skill Jim has picked up since last time in portraying various characters.

Once the game wraps up, they all head home to enjoy some more times to doing personal activities, before preparing for bed in all of their gear.

A year in the void

As midnight strikes, they all fall asleep, and wake up refreshed in the white void.
The ORB hovers nearby, as well as Darth Robe.

Kane immediately walks up and touches the ORB before anyone else, before turning to ask Darth Robe if he has anything important to tell them. He says it depends on their questions, or if they have any new theories they want to try and ask of him.

They start asking questions about the nature of their universe, especially in regards to Adam being brought into their group already experienced.
Darth Robe explains that his creator took the multi-verse power from another Universe where it was true, and applied it in a limited way to the Universe they all come from, creating pocket universes. In each of these pocket universes a group of people were doing the same things as themselves, going on journeys via the ORB. This was to prevent a world of mass panic of everyone waking up at the same time having experienced such a journey. If a pocket universe every reached a point where it had no people journeying left in it, that pocket universe ceased to be. If it had only one person left, they were brought over to another universe with others journeying, and their own pocket universe was destroyed behind them.

When asked why, Darth Robe said it was so that everyone was given a chance to journey. When asked for more details, Darth Robe said it would require them guessing and providing a reason. Ian had a shot, coming up with the theory that Darth Robe’s creator was doing all of this for his entertainment, because as an eternal all powerful being he needed something to keep himself occupied.
Darth Robe said it was false, was also explaining that his creator was not Omnipotent as well.

They then asked him, why had they been chosen. Darth Robe explained that it was because they came from the same universe as his creator, while refusing to answer further questions, like if his creator was human or not.

They then asked if there was anything else they should do before touching the ORB, and Darth Robe informed them that they did have a year to train here before moving on if they so desire.
This caught them all by surprise, and they asked how long this had been the case. Darth Robe explained that it was always the case, but that they had always moved on before trying to make use of it, usually at Jim’s insistence.

This time they decided to spend some time there, and use the chance to train even further. Darth Robe explained how Ben could use Allomancy on the floor below them to create things, and so Ben used it to make them all some buildings, vehicles, and food.

Over the course of the next year they trained even further, enjoying the chance to branch out further than a large island, as the void seemed to go off forever in every direction. They had Ben make a lot of buildings, usually in the shape of Canberra, and used that for further training. A lot of it was training done to try and enhance their skills without the use of powers, so that they did better in the first 5 years they had access to in a realm.

After the year of training, they all touched the ORB, not sure what would happen if they let the year lapse, as Darth Robe had said the ORB would find them one way or the other.

What’s that smell

They found themselves standing in a clearing of trees, back in the gear they went to sleep in. It’s night, but the stars above are being covered by a thick smog. There’s an acrid smell in the air, that reminds them all of being near factories using too much coal back in the Full Metal universe.
Jim also notices that the trees look slightly tropical, but also look quite sickly and diseased. He also notices that there is no sound of wildlife, or even insects, in the area, which puts them all on edge.

Ian decides to climb one of the trees to try and get a view of what’s around them. Up the tree he sees a bunch of water, likely an ocean, in one direction, while in the other direction he sees a large looming mountain. He also sees a city off in a direction, lit up by a soft glow, but hard to make out any details due to the amount of smog being released into the air.

After climbing back down and informing them of everything, they decide it’s best to approach the city and find out more about where they are.
It takes them about 40 minutes of walking to get close enough to the city before they start hearing the sound of what sounds like trees being chopped at, as well as some machinery sounds.

Kane, Ian, and Ben sneak forward to try and see what’s going on, leaving Ben and Adam behind. They get close enough to see vague humanoids chopping at the trees. The humanoid figures seem to be disfigured with mechanical attachments, as well as having glowing bright green tubes running over their flesh and machinery. Ian quickly realises where they are, and panicing he orders them to flee with hand signals. Once they get back to the others he quickly informs them that they’re in the Iron Kingdoms universe, and they seem to be on a Cryx island. In fact, if it’s the Mountain he thinks it is, then they’re on the main Cryx island, and they’re royally screwed.

They all discuss what to do, and decide they really just need to get off the island. Deciding it would take too much work to build a raft, especially as they don’t know how far they might have to go, they decide to try and sneak into the town and steal a ship from its port.
Using the cover of night, the fog, and the fact that the majority of the Cryx are simple automatons, they slowly sneak through the town, avoiding the more competent and sentient overseers.

Eventually they make their way to the docks, and arrive to see that there’s quite a few ships at the harbour. A number of them are unloading dead bodies, that are being carried towards nearby factories to be converted to become Mechani-Thralls. Others are being loaded up with fresh troops, as well as a number of Bone Jacks that show signs of having been recently made.

Given the sheer amount of activities going on, and the fact that none of the boats are left alone, they realise trying to stow away might not work in their current condition. They decide it might work if they can get some disguises, but the town shows no sign of leaving cloth or other things around. So they sneak after an Overseer and a few thralls, following them down a quiet street to try and ambush them.

The Overseer comes to a door, and starts to unlock it. Everyone is about to strike, but then they hear other people coming down the street behind them. Not knowing what’s coming, and not wanting to be caught between two forces, they scramble up the walls next to them, and manage to make it up before another 20 Mechanithralls arrive.

Up on the roofs, they carefully move around and regroup. Once together they agree to scout out a bit more, and try and find supplies. After another hour of searching, they don’t find anything, as this particular town does not appear to produce clothing or other things like that. There’s no rubbish or scraps to be found, no dead bodies just lying there to be looted from. Adam finds it incredibly frustrating, and Kane just tells him it’s like the perfect communist society where everyone does their job without complaint, nothing is wasted, and nothing unnecessary is made. This just annoys Adam more.

Eventually they see a few non-Mechani-thralls around town. Ben gets a look at them, and how they seem to have some phasing abilities, and decides that it’s best if they all leave town. Once outside of town he advises them that they’re unlikely to win a fight quickly in town due to the fact that all of their opponents are undead and are unlikely to go down before they can yell out an alert.

They decide that instead they should head North, as Ian believes that’s where this island is closer to other islands that don’t belong to the Cryx. There he hopes they’ll either be able to get a ship, or build a raft that will last long enough to get them to the next island.
It takes them about 6 days to cross enough of the island to get to a point where Ian feels comfortable to cross and head North-West.

Once they reach an appropriate place, they realise that it could be weeks of sea travel if they just try to go by paddle power on their raft. Adam suggests they find another work crew, kill them, and see if they can use the machinery to try and made a basic engine. The others agree it’s worth a shot.

It takes them another 2 days to locate another group harvesting lumber. The 5 of them strike at night, and start cutting into the Mechani-Thralls. They thralls take longer to go down then they’d like, but they figure out a few ways to speed up the process, like cutting the feed lines to the powered parts of the limbs.
The Overseer takes a bit longer, due to more of his flesh being made of metal, so he’s able to yell out some unknown words before he goes down. This results in a Bonejack with a saw-blade for a mouth bounding in from nearby to attack them. It launches itself at Jim catching him unaware. Jim ends up with some bad injuries, but isn’t quite dead by the time the other 4 of them are able to bring down the Bonejack. Ben rushes over, and is able to stem the bleeding enough to stop Jim dying before his healing factor has been running long enough to finish healing them all of the way.

With everything immediantly nearby dead, they act quickly to gather up supplies. Adam and Kane strip off as much of the Bonejack as they can so they can drag the rest away to get the engine from later. Kane also salvages an axe-hand from one of the downed Mechani-thralls so they can use it later to help make the raft.
Ben gets a drum of fuel to help keep the engine going once they’re out at sea, while Ian help Jim limp away back to their designated point of retreat.

It takes them another week to construct the raft, due to the difficult of having to build it without rope and nails. They able to cut the wood so they can slot it together, and they also shape a bow piece for one end, so they raft isn’t tipped over when it’s being pushed along by an engine.
Meanwhile Adam and Ian work on turning the Bonejack engine into something more functional, and taking the sawblade to turn into a propeller. They have to use a bit of their fuel to help heat and shape the metal.

Of course while all of this has been happening, they haven’t been able to find any food, or a single source of clean water. Their Mary-Sue condition is preventing them from dying, or reaching a point of weakness, but it is incredibly uncomfortable for them, and keeps them in a state of being on edge. This results in a lot of mean comments going back and forth, and them getting cranky with each other, though Jim keeps trying to keep a front of happiness and politeness despite it all.

They eventually set sail, and it turns out that Kane is the one with the most experience with this sort of craft, having done a number of stints of a boat in his younger years as part of school camp adventures. Kane teaches them the ropes, so they can take turns piloting the craft. They have to regularly knock things back into place with Adam’s hammer, but the ship holds up fairly well. Using the compass Ian brought along, they’re even able to keep themselves faced in a North-East direction.

A pirates life for me

With the propeller it takes them about 3 days to come across an island. While they think they see signs of a possible settlement on the other side of the large island, they just head for the closest beach. Upon landing they clamber off looking for food. Adam is able to find a crab, and jumps on it regardless of the claws. He then takes it back to the raft, and using the left over fuel he turns the wood into a makeshift fire pit to cook the crab.

Ben and Kane meanwhile head into the woods, and are able to locate a dear. Kane, using a sling he made from the leather like skin of a Mechani-Thrall, is able to bring it down with a single really well placed rock.
They drag it back to the beach, and start cooking it while Ben heads off in search of a fresh water source.
Ben is able to find some fresh water, and after drinking his fill, he cleans himself a bit in a runoff stream.

After gorging themselves on the cooked dear, the rest of them clean themselves off in the ocean, before then a quick rinse off in the runoff stream.

Now full and semi-clean, the five of them start walking around the island to find the settlement they believe they saw. It takes them some time, but they eventually come to a walled off town, with two guards resting against a small gate in the wall. As the approach the guards bring out pistols and point it at them, asking them questions in a language none of them understand.
A few languages are tried, but no one seems to be able to communicate with each other. One of the guards fetches someone else in some more fancy clothes, but even with the few extra languages he tries, everyone continues to start at each other in a puzzled manner.

Kane is eventually able to communicate roughly with them by drawing rough pictures on the ground, indicating they are survivors of a ship-wreck. The guards don’t seem entirely convinced, and so they lock the 5 of them in irons and take their weapons before leading them to some sort of authority figure in the port.

the authority figure tries a few more languages, but once again no one understands each other. Eventually there’s a bit of communication by hand signals. The authority figure tells them that they will be doing labour for food and board until they learn how to talk. The five of them agree to this, thinking it’s quite reasonable compared to other treatments they’ve had.

One of the guards them passes the authority figure one of the swords that Adam had made and brought with them. He’s very impressed with the blade, and Adam indicates with his hands that he made it.

Adam is taken away to the black smithy to make more weapons like the one he made, while the others are put to work cleaning privies and other such things.

Over the next two months they all make various progress on learning the local language. Adam makes the least progress due to all of the time he spends in the smithy, but he does show them how to make rifles, with proper riffling for the barrels, which impresses them greatly and gets him treated really well on the island.
Ben makes decent progress with the language, and due to his frame is moved over into mostly helping around the docks with loading and unloading ships.
Ian does well with the language, but accidentally pisses off a few well placed members of the community, so gets stuck doing even more privy duty.
Jim meanwhile is ok with the language, but really impresses them, and after giving them an example of his cooking is quickly a favourite of many on the island. He’s eventually able to use some of his sway with the various captains to get Ian assigned as an assistant cook.

Kane is able to learn that while they’re slowly becoming more trusted, there’s still some fear they might be Cryx agents, as the Cryx have tried things like this before. However it usually doesn’t involve people who arrive looking half starved to death on a raft that barely held together, so they have some credibility to their story.
He’s able to find out that once they prove themselves defending the island against a Cryx attack, then they’ll be trusted more and likely released from their chains then.

Another month passes without too much fuss. Jim uses the chance to seduce one of the female pirate captains, and ends up on her boat as her mistress. He ends up travelling on her ship, but spending most of his time locked up in her cabin or helping out in the galley.

One day while out Jim notices their ship turning suddenly and lots of yelling. Eventually it quiets down, and when Captain Celia Loup eventually returns to their cabin she informs him that a small Cryx fleet was spotted in the distance heading their way. She informs him that they’re heading back to Giant Head’s Island as quickly as they can to inform them there, as her ship stands no chance alone against the 7 ships in the Cryx fleet.

They beat the Cryx fleet back to dock by a full day and raise the alarm. Adam quickly commissions a team to help him try and build an artillery cannon to upgrade the forts old fashioned cannons, and is able to slap something together. He’s not sure if it will hold, but he’s convinced it has at least 2 or 3 good shots in it.
Ian, Kane, and Ben are rounded up and given weapons to fight with, before being lead out into the forest of the island. There they’re informed that they’ll be helping repel any beach landing that the Cryx try.
Jim is able to convince Captain Loup to let him fight with the rest of her crew when she sails out again with the other two ships that were currently making dock. Those three ships head far our, trying to get around the Cryx fleet, hoping to pin it in against the fortress dock of Giant’s Head island.

As the evening approaches and the Cryx fleet draws near, a light fog rolls in over the island making it a lot harder to see far off. However the green glow of the Cryx fleet gives a vague impression where they are, and soon the fortress and the ships are lobbing shells at each other from a distance. The Cryx fleet sails past the fortress, looking to find a beach to land troops on out of range of the fortresses cannons.
The ground troops, including Kane, Ian, and Ben circle the island to keep up with the ships and set themselves up in the forest out of sight of the beach so that cannon fire doesn’t open up on them in the meantime.

Three ships of the Cryx fleet break off to hold the pirate ships at bay, while another 2 start shooting at the treeline where the troops wait. The troops pull back a bit further to put more trees between them and the ships.
Boats full of troops start to be lowered from the ships into the water, and are soon making their way towards shore. Ghost like figures seem to be flying above them, and start coming in faster. Much to the surprise of Ian, Kane, and Ben, the pirates around them don’t flinch. Instead one of the Pirate Captains, a man named Muular, steps forward and starts to say things under his breath. Soon runes start flashing around the weapons of people around him, and those groups run forth to meet the ghostly forms, their weapons actually seeming to be able to connect with the figures.

As soon as two boatloads of Mechani-Thralls hit the shore, the rest of the pirates, including Ben, Ian, and Kane, charge forth to meet them. The battle goes reasonably well, though the Mechani-thralls take a bit of punishment to bring down. Just as the Cryx force starts to look like it’s in trouble more boats arrive bringing Bane Knights with them. The fight with the Bane Knights is a lot more difficult, with Ian and Ben even managing to be injured slightly in the fight. Just as they think it’s over some Deathrippers and two Defilers arrive to pile onto the beach, and start ripping into the forces there. Ian charges one of the Defilers, and is able to badly break one of its legs, but not before a spray of acid gets himself and Ben slightly. Ben and Kane join him to finish off the jack, and them move onto helping bring down others.
With the battle wrapping up, Ben does his best to help hide the wounds they’ve taken, to make sure that they don’t have to explain anything awkward to the pirates afterwards.

Meanwhile the ship Jim’s on had been engaging with the Cryx vessels, exchanging cannon fire as they closed the difference. Rather than go with a typical boarding however, ghosts streamed in through the sides of the ship and started attacking the cannon crews directly. Jim threw himself into battle against them, but finds his weapons rather ineffective against them. Their weapons are quite effective however, and leave a large cut up Jim’s front. He decides to attack them without his weapons, hoping flesh does more, and after just dodging their next attack, he finds his hand connects and tears out a thick tar like chunk from the ghost. It screams in rage at him, and renews its attack against him, but with the help of the others nearby they’re able to fight it off and eventually drive the ghosts from below decks. A shout goes up to announce that the Cryx ships appear to be retreating, despite only an initial exchange being launched.

Adam meanwhile sits bored in his room, annoyed that they didn’t let him fight the entire time due to his perceived worth.

The next day they five of them are informed they’ve proven themselves, are are freed from their shackles.

End of session.

Mary-Sue Session 23
The tyrant Ben

Session 23
Date & Time: 20/02/2017 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane, Adam

A ticket to paradise

Ben, Ian, and Jim discuss what they might be able to potentially do to get around Ben’s deal with Truth. Ben insists they should just leave and hopefully it won’t cause any problems if they’re not directly there, so Jim and Ian head to the train station hoping to get a train up to Central as quickly as they can.

Ben decides he wants to go visit Hohenheim to discuss their potential options more, and opens up a vacuum tunnel to take him there. Unknown to him, this also causes a Vacuum tunnel to form under Ian, dragging him down, much to Ian and Jim’s surprise. Jim not sure what’s going on, but thinking Ben has finally turned against them, decides instead of going to Central he’ll go to Reole. Jim hopes that by hiding somewhere Ben won’t expect him to, that he’ll be able to hide from him. After getting on the train, Jim continues on in safety. Meanwhile Ian is plummeting through the Earth at quite insane speeds.

Ben arrives first at Hohenheim and goes to speak to him. Ben explains a bit about the deal he made, which seems to annoy Hohenheim quite a bit. Ben does what he can to explain that Hohenheim must leave and start travelling, trying to put the plot back on its original tracks. Hohenheim tells Ben to leave, and goes inside of his house. Ben retires for the rest of the day to think of a plan.

Meanwhile Ian arrives on the same island that Adam was sent to, much to Adam’s surprise.
Adam has been setting up a trap for Ben, and after explaining it to Ian, Ian joins in to help out.

Jim arrives in East city, and stops off for the night to sleep.

The next day Ben decides to go and try to confront Father, however it’s interfered with and results in him and Jim ending up on the island as well, much to Jim’s surprise when another Vacuum tube opening under him to take him there. Jim is quite annoyed and is about to rant at Ben when Adam’s trap is sprung. Despite Ben’s best efforts, being caught off guard results in him being completely trapped by several meters of stone encasing his body closely.

Jim ask’s Adam and Ian what the hell is going on, and Adam explains that with Ben trapped they’ll be able to interfere as much as they want. Jim says it won’t matter if they’re trapped, Ben is the only one who can get them off the island. Adam says they just need to wait for the ORB and go from there, which Jim admits isn’t the worst plan since they’re already trapped there.

After they spend some time discussing what they should do about Ben, as they can’t just leave him to keep dying of suffocation in there, not to mention the escape clause, they’re surprised when Ben gets himself out of there. Turns out that he learnt enough to do hands free transmutation, and after taking the time to analyse what everything was made of around him, he was able to break it down to get himself out of there.
Jim and Ian both start ranting at him about Ben sending them to the island, and are surprised to hear when Ben says he didn’t send them there. Once they realise it was Truth that did, they’re a tiny bit more forgiving.

They discuss what they can potentially do to return, since every time Ben uses Alchemy it will just result in the Truth twisting it.
They decide that maybe they can bargain with Truth again and see if they can offer something to become exempt from the deal. Ian suggest maybe he can offer to suffer the deaths of everyone that is meant to die, but both Ben and Jim call him an idiot for the idea.

So they get Ben to set up a ritual to take them there, together to confront the Truth, with Kane there as well.
So they all arrive, much to the annoyance of Kane. They all see the Truth as an outline of themselves, so they figure out their perceptions are being messed with.

After catching Kane up on what’s happening, and Jim being introduced to Truth, they all attempt to Bargain with it. Ben claims that they don’t need him anymore, but Truth just laughs at him, claiming that’s not enough to get out of the deal they made. Ian makes his offer to suffer, but Truth scoffs at it, and instead says he’ll give him the exception if Ian will kill the Elric brothers. Everyone pauses a moment at that, before Kane tells Ian he WON’T take that deal, which Ian very quickly sides with saying he won’t take it. After more attempts to bargain with Truth, Truth tells them that he’s not feeling they can really offer him anything worth enough and kicks them out of the void, sending all 5 of them back to paradise island.

Seven months of frustration then a blaze of glory

Not having much options, they decide to set up base on the island for the next 7 months. With Ben and Ian working together they quickly build themselves a very fancy and practical house, and Ian’s able to help them develop some machines and electronics for it, like an air conditioner. Ian also works on building a shrine to boost his morphing field capabilities when the ORB arrives.

Adam, Kane, and Jim spend some time sparing, while Jim helps make sure the island gets a good agriculture set up, just so he can have alcoholic drinks.
There’s a few fights over the months, which is mostly Kane ranting at Ben about Ben’s decision. Ben just sends Kane to the other side of the island at times when Kane gets on his high horse too much.
Ben also teaches them all how to create Vacuum tunnels, but they’re all very limited at it.
Kane also makes sure they’re all well stocked on Allomantic metals in preparation for the ORB’s arrival.

After the 7 months and a bit have passed eventually the ORB arrives to them, as Truth upholds his part of the deal.
They all touch the ORB, and Jim quickly triggers a Vacuum tunnel to start Island hopping away towards Ishval.
Adam grabs Kane, drags him away from Ben, and opens up a gate using the One Source to Ishval so they can get there first.
Ben decides to use Power Ranger teleporting to Central to try and confront Father.
Ian starts spending time compounding his allomantic and Ferucemy attributes.

Kane and Adam arrive in the first plaza of Ishval where the girl was killed, and find the riots have started.
Kane starts pulling people and metal towards him, and Adam quickly brings up a shield of air to prevent any of injuring the both of them.
Adam then enhances the volume of Kane’s voice so Kane can start berating people for their idiocy.
At that moment Adam is pulled into a Vacuum tunnel by Truth, while Kane manages to avoid it by jumping and pushing off the metal around him to prevent the tunnel from grabbing him. With the air shield down Kane is about to jump off to help other parts of the city, when he’s approached by officers who recognise him, Kane refuses to explain things due to time constraints, but thanks to his Ki sense he realises something is wrong with one of the officers in the group. He orders that officer to the side, and then confronts him with the accusation of being Envy. At first Envy tries to claim he’s someone else, but Kane brow beats him into admission and threatens to wipe him out if Envy tries anything. Envy attempts to laugh this off as the threat of a petty human, but Kane so confidently claims he could kill Envy that it worries Envy, and causes Envy to run off. Kane then leaps off to stop further riots.

Adam meanwhile is hurtling down a vacuum tunnel aimed for Paradise Island. Taking his time to open ahead, he is able to open up a portal far ahead of him, not back to Ishval but instead to visit Truth. He arrives without his door, and tries to force Truth out into the void to stop him, but Truth is able to effortlessly avoid the portal, so Adam gives up and leaves, joining Kane again who is suppressing the riot in other parts of the city.

Meanwhile Ben has arrived in Central and is using his Allomancy to easily avoid or overcome the soldiers inside. He eventually breaks down into the basement, and then further down to reach Father.
He tries to attack Father, but finds that Father is fighting even better than in the Anime for some reason, and is only able to fight him to a standstill. Both of them inflict damage upon each other, but Father doesn’t seem to care, while Ben finds he uses up the small amount of health he managed to store, and his slow ORB healing isn’t allowing him to keep up with Father after each injury. Ben decides to tease Father with knowledge of the Truth, before teleporting out of them in a column of light to find the others.

Jim meanwhile had arrived in Ishval and is able to find Kane fighting the riots. Jim helps, but more on the emotional side and suppressing people’s anger. Adam arrives about then and speaks to them as they start to figure out a plan. Ben soon arrives, and they decide to split up to deal with the various threats. Kane and Ben team up, while Adam and Jim team up.

Ben and Kane decide to go after Envy first before moving onto other targets. Avoiding the Earth trying to grab them again, they quickly find Envy at the train station out of Ishval.
Kane runs in to grab Envy, but forgets just how much Envy weighs and throws out his back badly. Ben decides to tackle the both of them down, and start a Vacuum tunnel to Paradise Island with all 3 of them to stop Truth from interfering properly, while also preventing all of the innocents being injured. Envy responds by starting to increase his size, but by this time they’ve already travelled several kilometres down into the ground. The tunnel gets plugged by Envy’s bulk, and it collapses in on all 3 of them. The intense pressure and heat kill Kane and Ben instantly, while Envy spends a while dying painfully as all of his souls are quickly used up trying to regenerate him.

Ian meanwhile has built up enough of a charge that he decides to try and summon a Zord to get him back into the fight. He’s only minorly successful, summoning the Pterodactyl from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for 15 minutes. This gets him quite a distance from the island before it starts to fade, so using a double enhanced Steel Push, he throws himself from its fading form forwards. He eventually lands on a continent, but has no idea where he is.

Jim and Adam decide to go after Sloth first, but not sure where he could be decide to go to the only entrance of the tunnel they know about. Going to Reole, they go to the old church there, going down into the basement to find where it connects to the circle being built. Once they get into the circle they work together to quickly construct a basic car using alchemy to run on the rail tracks down there, and start hurtling along after Sloth. It takes them some time to catch up with him.

Before Adam and Jim get there, Ben has reached the 5 minutes of being immune to harm down under the Earth. He’s able to create a small bubble of space around him and Jim’s crushed corpse, and then teleport them both back to the surface away from Ishval. He then waits the 20 minutes for Jim to finish healing. Not wanting to use his alchemy in case it triggers off another tunnel, he has Jim create them clothing before they head off to Lust and Gluttony.
They arrive in Reole to find out that Lust and Gluttony had just started getting the ball rolling on their religious plans.

Dashing up their house Kane knocks, and when it’s answered by Lust pretending to be someone normal Ben jumps in with a joke asking if they’ve found Jesus. Kane almost loses it as this point, and tries to play along for a second, much to the actual confusion of Lust. Just as Lust is about to close the door, Kane just flares his Pewter and smashes her in the face, sending her flying into the wall behind her. Kane runs in to follow up the attack, and Ben follows sensing Gluttony just inside. While Kane is beating down on Lust, Ben grabs onto Gluttony and starts destroying the philosophers stone inside of him. Gluttony panics and opens up his maw to eat Ben, who manages to dive to the side and loses his grip on Gluttony. Diving in again to grab him from the side, holes in the floor again open to try and grab them. Kane is able to avoid the one under him due to the flared Pewter he’s running on, while Ben uses Gluttony as a counter weight, spinning and depositing Gluttony in the hole instead of himself.
With Gluttony out of the way, Ben moves in to assist Kane with Lust, and is able to destroy her soul stone while Kane holds her still.

They discuss going after Gluttony, but decide he’s innocent enough so they might as well just leave him to live on Paradise Island.

Meanwhile Adam and Jim have caught up with Sloth. Jim had run the car into Sloth at full speed, causing him and Adam to die, but Sloth barely noticed. Once they’re recovered enough to come back to life, while still badly injured, they get out to confront Sloth. Jim’s not quite sure what to do, and is quite shocked when Adam just opens up with Balefire right at the spot Sloth’s philosophers stone should be. It’s easily destroyed by the Balefire, which causes Sloth to just fall apart, and some his work on the tunnel to be undone.

Once they do that they decide to head to central. Of course this is about the time that Ben decides to drop in and see how they’re doing, arriving just as they’re leaving. Sighing in frustration he settles down to wait the 5 minutes before he’ll be able to teleport after them again.

Arriving in Central, Adam and Jim are approached by officers that want to know what the hell is going on. Adam pulls out his state alchemist badge to explain that he’s discovered a new trick with Alchemy that he wants to show to General King Bradly. The officer quickly passes up the buck, and after about 10 minutes Jim and Adam find themselves in the office of another General who’s asking them to explain what they’ve discovered. It’s about this moment when Ben arrives with Kane, teleporting in via a column of light.
Adam quickly passes it off as part of the new alchemy he’s discovered, and the General is quite impressed.

Jim then hits the General with Allomancy to quell his manipulate his emotions, and asks the General to get everyone to clear the Command area, telling the others he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. The General leaves the room to head to the communication room, and once there he orders all soldiers to the court yard. As the Soldiers look around in confusion, and start to make their way there, another Generals voice comes over the speakers demanding everyone ignore that last command and to get back to their posts.
Realising it was a bad idea to let the General go off on his own, the four of them rush the communication room, using Alchemy to clear the walls out of the way.

It doesn’t take the four of them long to beat the soldiers around the Generals, and capture them. They then decide to just head down to Father’s lab, and fight him. Once they get down there they begin combat with Father straight away, despite him trying to ask just who they are. Even using Allomancy however the fight doesn’t go their way for long, as Father heals a lot faster then they do, and their attacks don’t seem to wear him down in any way.
Just as they’re debating what they’re going to do, Ian arrives.

After arriving on the continent, Ian set out to quickly climb the closest mountain. Still not recognising where he was, and getting no help from a nearby village of people in Tibetan robes, he just summons another flying Zord to fly him up. Using his height, and a compass, he’s able to figure out roughly where he is, and set off flying towards Central. On the flight he continues to build up his stored attributes, so that when he arrives he’s able to pull on a lot of speed and strength.

Arriving using a large amount of stored speed, Ian is able to easily get past Father’s defences, and deliver a multitude of cuts using a sabre he got off one of the officers on the way. Each time Father attempts to heal, he cuts him up again. This allows Adam to get in, and using what he’s been taught, he starts destroying the soul stone of Father. It takes a while, but eventually Father is destroyed.

After that it doesn’t take them long to wake out Bradley as well. They soon find the assault from the Truth picks up incredibly at that point, with attempts to kidnap them and return them to the island happening every few seconds. Eventually they give up, and return to the island.

Over the next few years they help out Hohenheim become mortal again, expand their island, and get some other people there to help them build a small civilisation there. They help it out by teaching them about more advanced technology, and leave behind many writings on how to use Alchemy. They do try to leave the island many times, but the constant attempts of trying to resist the Truth leads to them just deciding to enjoy their holiday more.

Ian spends the time working on his Morphing Field study, continuing with his ever slow breakthroughs on understanding it more and more.

Jim hits up Kane to help him train, and become an even better fighter while using Allomancy. Jim becomes determined to start matching the power level of the others, and throws himself into the training more than he ever has before.

Kane helps teach Jim, but also focuses on trying to leave behind a functioning University on the island filled with knowledge.

Ben uses his memory skills to help him understand more about Alchemy, and understand how to pull off it’s various tricks and functions.

Adam enjoys his holiday, but continues to practice with the sword against Kane and Jim to continue to refine his skills.

Mary-Sue Session 22
What is Truth?

Session 22
Date & Time: 06/02/2017 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane, Adam

Preparations make the man

With only two years to go until the start of the Ishvalan Conflict starting, and the ORB arriving, the five of them figure now is a good time to really get their plan sorted out for dealing with Father and the Humonculus.

Spending a while going over it, they realise there’s a few things they can do to make sure the Promised Day never comes about.
The first is to make sure that the secrecy of Father and his Humonculus is broken, and they’re exposed.
The next is to make sure the Elric Brothers never visit the Truth, and become potential sacrifices.
They also decide it would be a good idea to get Jim in place in Reole to influence things, so there doesn’t end up being a religious conflict there to cause the Crest of Blood.

Adam and Kane decide to get involved and become State Alchemists, in the hope of preventing things from happening from working within the system.
They figure at worst case they can do something to annoy Envy enough to reveal himself, and then use the Alchemists to help attack the creature.

Not having something worthy of the army yet, they start practising things that would allow them to get in.
Kane has Van Hohenheim teach him how to create solid walls quickly out of the ground, thinking non-lethal area control will get him into the army.
Adam focuses on making personal weapons from shaping stone and metal.

While this is going on Jim starts learning more about Alkahestry, with a focus on being able to heal people.
Kane learns a bit here and there from watching, but it’s barely enough to let him start sensing Chi, while Jim’s understanding of the flow of energy around him increases to the point he can start sensing it up to five metres away.

Ian continues his studies on how to use Alchemy to construct buildings quickly from various supplies, so he might be able to construct his Morphing Shrines one day in a matter of moments rather than years.

Ben decides he’s going to start researching an entirely new type of Alchemy that not even Van Hohenheim has really touched upon, which is transitioning one type of energy into another. Ben figures the scientific knowledge he has over the local world will allow him to figure it out.

After the 6 months of training have passed, Adam and Kane head on in to East City to sit the State Alchemist examination.
Both of them are able to pass the written part with flying colours, and their practical demonstration passes decently.

After they pass and are given uniforms, they are called into the office of General Grumman for an interview.
He’s interested in what they can offer his command, and what their research will focus on.

Adam explains he wants to focus on crafting weapons out of Alchemy, and discusses even being able to make tanks with it.
Grumman is quite interested in this idea, and agrees to see this research come to pass.

Kane explains he’s like to attend Officer training after their initial military training, and then he’d like to work on a better doctrine for how to make Alchemists a more effective unit during military action. Grumman is intrigued by this idea, and gives the go ahead, but with a shorter timeframe until Kane has to present his first draft.

After the interview they go off to a 6 week boot camp, before Adam goes on to start his mechanics training, and Kane goes onto Officer College.

While this is going on Ian has joined Ben in researching manipulating Energy with Alchemy, as he’s curious to see if he can learn to control the light in an area since photons are both something physical and something made of energy.

Eventually another 6 months have passed, and there’s only 1 year until the ORB arrives.
Kane has started working quite closely with the Military in regards to training and tactical planning.
Adam has made some decent headway on understanding on how to make the various parts of a tank with raw materials, but he still needs them manually assembled afterwards at the moment.
Ben and Ian have made some headway on their research, but it’s still very early days.
Jim meanwhile has continued to hone his ability to heal with Alkahestry, as well as his understanding of Dragon Lines, allowing him to sense Chi up to 25 metres away now.

Dealing with the Truth

With only 1 year to go, Ben is able to convince Van Hohenheim that the 5 of them can be trusted enough to learn Human Transmutation, as they only plan on using it on themselves to visit Truth, and they can’t die. Still wary, Hohenheim starts to teach Ben about it, and upon finding out Ian and Adam come to learn as well.

After about 3 months Ben has learnt enough to attempt it by himself, with Adam and Ian still needing a bit of help with it.
Kane meanwhile has gotten himself transferred to Ishval, and is doing his best to become friendly with the locals while he attempts to track down Scars brother.

Ben decides he’s going to go ahead with the ritual, and Adam is able to convince Ben to take him along too, claiming that if anything does happen to Ben then Adam would just follow along anyway.
The two of them construct the circle, and then transmute themselves.

The following interactions happen at the same time, but separately. However they’ll be displayed one at a time.


Ben ends up in front of the Truth in the white void. The large stone door behind him only having a single large orb in relief upon it.
Ben spends quite a while trying to bargain with Truth for all of the knowledge beyond his stone door.
Truth explains that he’s part of Ben and knows what Ben can offer, and that Truth is unable to take anything away from Ben due to whatever the ORB is doing to protect them.
Ben is able to further find out that the Truth doesn’t have any knowledge of things beyond his current Universe, himself, and tries to bargain with promises of returning with future knowledge.
Truth explains that he has no interest in what’s beyond the Universe, and it’s a dead line of offers, but Ben persists for a while before he realises it’s not working. Eventually Ben asks what Truth is willing to bargain for.
Truth explains all he can take is Ben’s desire to do and achieve something while here. So he offers to send Ben away to a paradise Island for the rest of the 15 years and 9 months that Ben is here. Ben wants to know what it’ll get him, and is told it would be a lot of knowledge on Alchemy and Alkahestry. Ben asks what he has to pay to get the complete package and knowledge of the Truth, and the response is that it’s similar to before, but instead he must do what he can to take the other 4 with him.
After some consideration Ben agrees to this deal.


Adam also ends up in front of the Truth in the white void, with the same large org carved in relief upon his stone door.
Adam follows similar lines of inquiry as Ben in trying to make a deal with the Truth, but pushes to know more about why the Truth seems so determined to stop them all interfering. Truth explains that he doesn’t want them to not interfere, any more than he wants them to. He’s just there to make sure that equivalent exchange is upheld, and given their circumstances can only take something they want in exchange for something else they want.
Adam is tempted by the package for lots of Alchemical Knowledge in exchange for going to a paradise island for the rest of his time there, but decides not to take up the offer as he feels Ben never would. Instead he settles for a decent amount of knowledge in exchange for two things. The first is that for the rest of his time in this universe he will neither be able to see or hear Ben, and the second is that he will not be able to do anything to interfere with the Ishvalan Conflict unless it spill out of the Easter State, in which case he can only deal with those parts.

Return to the basement

Adam and Ben return at the same time, and Ian asks how their bargaining with the Truth went.
Adam quickly explains first what deals he made, which upsets Ian quite a bit. Ian then calls for Jim to get him down into the room.
Jim is also upset, and starts having to repeat anything Ben says so that Adam can hear him.

They start to discuss options, but Ben says he’s not sure how much time he has before Truth will force him to uphold his end of the deal.
Ian gets more upset with him. Ben tries to calm him down by explaining that he’s learned that souls reincarnate here, but Ian says that still isn’t an excuse for just letting people die.
Ben convinces Ian to speak to Truth himself and see if it is worth it.

Ian goes through, and does his best to try and convince Truth to give him power in exchange for knowledge, or the promise of knowledge.
However once again Truth shows no interest in any knowledge that Ian might offer, much to Ian’s great frustration.
Ian keeps trying to get the Truth to bargain for things, or promises of things, but eventually Truth has to directly tell him that none of that matters to his purpose.
When Ian tries to press for the Truth’s purpose, the Truth says he won’t say, just that he’s going to make Ian uphold equivalent exchange in any bargain made.

Ian tries to get Truth to bargain for something that will make Ben not be able to interfere with his actions, but Truth says that the only thing Ian has to bargain is his desire to do things, which would mean he’d be giving up his ability to interfere anyway.
Eventually Ian is offered the same deal for power, if he’ll just let everything go and retreat from the conflict.
Ian ponders it, knowing he likely can’t beat Ben anyway, but eventually decides not to, saying he must try to act.
Ian asks to go, and Truth agrees, but says that a price has to be paid on the way out anyway, before ejecting him.

Ian is brought back into the world, finding he now knows how to make transmutation circles with his hands, but the cost was that he also cannot see or hear Ben.
Ian starts ranting at Ben about the whole morality again, before dashing off to try and get to Kane before Ben does.

Ben asks Jim if he’d like to meet the Truth.
Jim thinks it over, but turns it down, saying that the Truth sounds like an asshole.
Adam says that they should figure out a plan, and so Ben just sends Adam to the island to wait for everyone else.

Jim is pissed off at Ben, but Ben says he wants Adam to be safe.
He then says they should sleep, and in the morning they’ll go see Jim.

Kane meanwhile had been tracking down Scar’s brother, and believed he’d finally located his house.
So he’s relaxing in a bar with the soldiers in his command, planning on going tomorrow, when Ian enters.
They go to Kane’s room, and Ian explains everything going on.
Kane is quite upset at Ben’s decision, and decides he needs to see the Truth himself.
So Ian sends Kane to go see the Truth.

Kane goes through and does his best to try and bargain with Truth for power, and it’s quite a long discussion, but in the end Kane is unable to reach a satisfactory deal, because he doesn’t want to give up any of his goals for power.
He decides to just keep bargaining with Truth, deciding to drag it out for a few months, hoping to avoid Ben that way.
Truth has no problem with this given the unusual circumstances of them being in the world, and lets Kane remain.
Kane by the end agrees to a deal that he will not be able to see or hear Ben as well, nor be able to learn anything new in this world, in exchange for for circleless transmuatation, and knowledge of where Ben and the Humunculus are.

This of course causes Ian to start to panic when he realises that Kane just doesn’t seem to be coming back.
Realising there’s not much he can do, he just waits for Ben to arrive.

Ben does arrive, and asks Ian about Kane, which Jim has to relay.
There’s some discussion of what’s going on, and what Ben will have to do.
Ben admits he’s hoping to be slow about his duties, to give everyone else a chance, but Ian says he’s not sure that the Truth will let him get away with it.

Mary-Sue Session 21
A new random element

Session 21
Date & Time: 23/01/2017 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane, Adam

Note from the StoryTeller

So for a while I had been contemplating running a second game of Mary-Sue, however upon serious consideration of how much time it would take to run such a thing, I came to the realisation that I couldn’t justify the time in my life to do so.
As a compromise however I decided that instead of running a second game, I could at least get 1 more player into this game, as I felt it would add more to the various discussions and actions that happened in the game.

Wanting someone who’d have a different approach to the rest of the players so far, I decided upon Adam Mills. As I had spoken to him a few times about a few of the things that have happened in the Mary-Sue game, and his reactions intrigued me. It also has the benefit of he’s dating one of the current players, so it wouldn’t add any more complexity to the transport issues.

After confirming everyone else was happy with the idea, he was official invited to the game.

The story of Meta-Verse Adam

Having Adam join the game allows for certain knowledge to come to light about the setting.
In this case the in-game version of Adam joining the rest of the group is actually going to be from an alternative Universe where he was already going through Universes with other people.

The people this other Adam was adventuring with, all ended up reaching their breaking point, like David did, and ended up being removed from the Mary-Sue universe hopping adventure. Left alone Adam is told by Darth Robe, or the Caretaker as Adam and his group were calling him, that he can’t continue along alone. As such Darth Robe/Caretaker is folding this universe onto Adam from another universe, combining the two, so that Adam keeps his Universe exploring experiences, but the mundane experiences from the other universes, and from then on would be Adventuring with another group.

The adventures that alternative Adam had been on so far were with 3 other people, one who was quite timid and did their best to ever get involved in a universe, one who just wanted to help people and felt horrible when they couldn’t stop people getting hurt, and one who slowly slipped more and more into megalomania until Darth Robe/Caretaker deemed them too unstable to continue.

Alternative Adam’s first universe was the Universe of Indiana Jones, starting shortly before Temple of Doom, through Raiders of the lost Ark and Last Crusade, through to just before Cyrstal Skull. During this time Adam got himself involved as Indiana’s assistant, and spent most of his time adventuring and learning off Indiana. The other three ended up heading off and doing their own thing, with little contact passing between them during the course of their time there.

The second Universe they visited revolved around Grand Theft Auto IV. Adam spent most of his time helping Niko, and trying to make things go better, though he didn’t pass up the chance to make a lot of money and live a life of luxury. He found himself in competition with the other Mary-Sue who was starting to become a Megalomaniac, who wanted to get complete control over the city. The other two Mary-Sue’s did their own thing, with one just getting a standard job and getting by, and the other one getting work for one of the hospitals.

The third Universe they visited was the Dragon Series, where Adam and the rest of the Mary-Sue’s quickly ran into the problem of not speaking Manderin. However Adam was able to pick up enough quickly enough to join in the main antagonists and their adventure. Once Adam encountered Monkey he managed to get a minor apprenticeship, simply by the fact Monkey was amassed someone else was able to replicate his tricks. The other Mary-Sue’s again did their own thing, and Adam saw little of them.

The forth Universe was from Adam’s head, and was the Wheel of Time universe. Here Adam was in his element, and quickly attached himself to the appropriate characters to get involved with the story, and learn a fair amount of magic. This world broke the other Mary-Sue that just wanted to be left alone however, as no matter where they went it just was one war after the other. The other two Mary-Sue’s seemed to fair alright, though the Megalomaniac was annoyed he didn’t get his hands on as much magic as Adam managed despite selling himself to the Dark Lord for more power.

The final Universe they visited before Adam joins the others was the Berserk Universe. This one they could feel came from Darth Robe/Caretaker. This Universe started off fairly well for the first 10 years, with Adam joining the various war efforts going on, and learning how to train to and fight at above human capacity, especially using oversized weaponry. Once the world broke however and demons started appearing, Adam found himself constantly having to fight them off. Adam tried to find out what was going on, and ended up signing up with the demons to become one to see if that would tell him. Once he broke free of the mental influence of the God Hand they summoned him to them so they could see what was going on. He argued against them, but their power was just too great. Adam then fled them, and spent the rest of his time there killing demons and trying to make the world a better place. His efforts helped the world, but never quite fixed the issues going on.

The next time he woke up in the white void, he was alone. The Caretaker explained to him that the last two Mary-Sue’s besides himself broke in the world of Berserk. The one wanting to help people just couldn’t handle how horrible that world was, and was released as a mercy to their mind. The other one had signed up with the God-Hand entirely and stopped fighting their Megalomaniac tendencies at all. The Caretaker explained that reaching that level of insanity was also a failing point, even if you wanted to continue. When Adam asked what will happen next, the Caretaker explained he would be combined with the Adam of another Universe, so that he could join a group that was adventuring in that Universe. When Adam asked what group it would be this time, the Caretaker explained he would this time be adventuring with people he knew, which please Adam.

The alternative Adam was then folded into the Adam from the main Universe, with the memories of the main Universe Adam being dominant, so mostly only the vague memories of exploring in alternative universes came through.

Overreaction to Adam

After touching the ORB Adam has a rush of weird conflicting mental states, as the two versions of him are combined. He then finds himself standing in a Victorian England alleyway in only his pyjama pants.
He walks out into the street to get his bearings, and after seeing the military uniforms, and the large castle far down the street, he realises he’s in one of the Full Metal Universes. He also gets the vague sense this world came from Ian’s head, which makes him happy to know one of the people in the group he has joined.

It’s then when he spots 200 metres down the street, crowded around a newspaper, the rest of them. He’s especially happy to see Ben and starts walking towards them while waving. This is getting him some attention on the street from the other people still out and about.

The others eventually look up and notice him, being quite surprised to see him there, they rush towards him, and start asking questions. Adam tries to explain what happened, but he’s as confused about it as they are, and realising it could take some time they agree to find somewhere private to talk first. They go back into the ally where Ian climbs up to get Adam some clothes as well, while this is happening Ben heads out into the street and returns a few minutes later having picked the wallets off a few wealthy looking people in the area. Jim also attempted to pick some pockets, but only returns with meager change and a pocket watch.

Once they have some hotel rooms, and a private dining room, they discuss more about what’s going on. Adam explains a bit about how there seems to be a confusing multiverse thing going on, which greatly upsets Jim. Jim explains he’s upset because part of the reason he was OK with pushing on is because he felt it was keeping other people he knew protected from experiencing the same horrors. Adam explains he’s surprised at this, as despite a few horrible moments he’s been seeing it as quite the adventure, which Jim just can’t comprehend. Adam is able to make Jim feel better about the whole thing though, but explaining that Jim’s taken the place of other people who needed out of the situation, Adam’s old group, which makes Jim feel a bit better and lets him continue being a marter.

Questions go back and forth, with stories swapped about what worlds everyone has been to. People are curious about swapping powers when the ORB arrives, but eventually they decide they should really come up with a plan for this world first.

They all agree pretty quickly that they want to prevent the Ishvallan masicar from happening, but they’re not quite sure how to achieve that given the power of what they’re up again. So they decide the best thing to do first is to learn some Alchemy.
Discussing various options, they decide they might as well try to learn from Van Hoenheim first, and see about recruiting him to help out with their plans to save so many lives. They also decide that once they know enough that they should commit the Taboo and attempt to meet the Truth, but that Ben should go first.

They also realise that they shouldn’t stay at the hotel for more than a night as the bank notes are more like promissory notes, and could likely be easily tracked.

In the morning they head out and exchange the promissory notes for other money, and use it to buy some clothes that fit before they catch a train out East.
On the train they discuss possibly visiting Izumi, but decide she’s likely too young at this time, and hasn’t reached the appropriate level of skill just yet.
They also continue to discuss the various power levels of the entities here, and generalised goals they want to achieve while here.
Jim is hoping that the Truth will be powerful enough to know something about the Meta-verse jumping they’ve been doing, and could provide some clues as to what is going on.

Convincing Hohenheim

Once they arrive in Resembool they find the place is mostly just large open farm lands. Not really knowing where to go, they approach the closet house, and posing as scholars they ask the people living there for directions to find Van Hohenheim.
Eventually they’re able to find the place, and their knock on the door is answered by Trisha Elric. They explain that they’re travelling scholars, and would like to speak to Van Hohenheim about a number of things involving Alchemy. Trisha seems happy to accept them at their word, and fetches her Husband for them.
Van Hohenheim arrives a moment later and steps outside, closing the door behind him.

Jim starts trying to beat around the bush, not really knowing the setting that well, but Ben just comes right out and explains to Van Hohenheim that they’re from another world, one with the power of prophesy, and that they’re stuck on this world. He then continues to explain that they’d like to learn Alchemy from Van Hohenehim so that they can try to lead this world to the best possible outcome.

Van Hohenheim is wary at first, but after further discussions with them, he says that he’d be willing to exchange his information on Alchemy for their prophesies about the future of this world.
The others go off to discuss this, and decide it’s a worthwhile trade, but they have to keep some stuff secret until the Elric brothers are born.
They go back and tell Van Hohenheim that they agree, but that they feel it’s best to keep some information back from him, after taking a moment to consider it, he says that he’ll listen to what they have to say, and then exchange what he feels is a fair amount of information on Alchemy for it then.
The five of them think this is a fair deal, and they shake on it.

They then go through, with Ben taking the lead, explainging what they knew about the upcoming events of the world, and how elements of it tie to Van Hohenheim’s past. They mention two alchemist brothers getting involved, but make sure to avoid mentioning that they’re related to Van Hohenehim.
Van Hohenheim asks a few questions here and there to flesh out the details, which they answer for the most past.
After hearing it all, Van Hohenheim asks them to return tomorrow, so he has time to prep learning materials, and they agree.

They end up being able to hire rooms at a local tavern for a few months with the amount of money Ben stole in town.
After a nights rest they head out to meet Hohenheim in the morning.

They then spend the next few months learning Alchemy from Van Hohenheim.
He’s a very hands off teacher, mostly handing them reading material, and encouraging them to figure out elements themselves.
They pick up on the basics fairly quickly, but it takes them a while to learn all of the various different alchemical symbols and what they mean by placing them in different locations of a transmutation circle.

Once they’re money starts to run low, they decide it might be best to honestly earn their future money while they continue to learn.
Ian stacks up on quite a number of books to read while away, and announces he’s going to approach the Armstrong family about making a few statues for them. Adam decides to join him in Central to see about picking up a contract with the army making weapons for them, and Ben decides to go with Adam. Jim just gets himself a job as a farm hand, bringing the knowledge he’s learned about it from elsewhere. Kane gets himself food and board teaching the children of Ressenbool for 2 hours a day.

In Central Ian is able to meet Lord Armstrong, and arrange a commission to do a statue of him. This takes him just over a month, but is so impressive that Lord Armstrong then hires him to do a big statue of the entire family, even having Ian add the members away by using photos of them. This takes him about 6 months to complete, but gets him quite a commission at the end of it.

Adam approaches the army, but they inform him that they no longer get weapons through private dealers, and instead just get them massed produced through various factories, most of them owned by the army itself. However he’s able to find out some factories that hire people to work on high quality weapons for generals and such, and gets himself a job with one in East City. This costs him a fair amount of time each day in transit on the train between there and Ressenbool each day, but he’s able to get a fair amount of reading on Alchemy done.

Ben meanwhile just lives off Adam’s earnings, and focuses himself entirely on his Alchemy studies.

Once Ian returns 7 months later with his massive earnings, they use the money to buy a small patch of land to farm, and build a house for all of them to share there.
Jim is able to grow them enough food their to massive same them money on food costs.

After Alphonse Elric is born they decide to tell Van Hohenheim everything else that happened, and the fact that it’s his two sons who end up in the middle of everything.
This seems to concern him quite a bit, but he thanks them for telling him, and agrees he’ll teach them a bit more alchemy to make up for it.

They also tell him about the ORB, and how it’ll likely crash into Father’s lair, but that Father won’t be able to do anything with it.

They raise the fact that they’re immortal, which Jim is surprised to see Van Hohenheim just stoically accepts, but that they’ve never went up against anything that messes with souls before.
It takes them a bit to convince him, but they get Van Hohenheim to disconnect Jim’s soul from his body to see what happens. Jim drops dead when it happens, but after an hour gets right back up again as if nothing had happened. When they ask him what it was like, he says he has no memory of the experience, it’s just a blank space in his memory.

End of Session

Mary-Sue 20
To rule the world?

Session 20
Date & Time: 01/01/2017 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane

The escalation of Katya

Upon getting back to the office Jim and Ian want to know how to it went. Ben explains he was able to escape Russia with Archer, but they needed Katya’s help. He lets them know that Archer and Katya are holed up in Archer’s apartment.
Jim and Ian ask where Kane is, and Ben explains Kane volunteered to be a distraction, and the last Ben saw him was in Moscow. Jim and Ian panic a bit, and immediately spring into action asking questions and trying to get one of the satellites to start searching for Kane.

Things brings Mallory out of her office, who demands to know what’s going on. Upon seeing Ben she demands to know where her son is, and Ben explains he’s at his apartment. Malory says it’s typical of him, and tries to call Archer. When Archer’s phone goes to voicemail Malory again demands to know more, at which point they explain there’s an ex-KBG Agent involved who helped them escape. Malory goes off to find out more about this agent from her contacts.

Meanwhile Jim and Ian are having no luck in tracking down Kane. All they can find out is that the KGB have an alert out for Kane, and reports state that they think Archer is with him escaping Russia over land.
Ian keeps doing satellite sweeps, but is unable to find Kane at all.

Over the next few days they put all of ISIS’s Agents in various locations on alert to keep a look out for Kane, or to report any news they hear about him. Unfortunately the closest Agent that Kane knows about is in Poland, so they figure he’ll be heading somewhere in that direction, and might not make it there for a month or so.

Kane is actually heading to Poland, but has to keep ditching cars and going by foot to get around various checkpoints set up. This means it’s actually going to take him even longer to get there.

Eventually Mallory is sick of the fact of waiting and demands to know when Archer is coming in, and more about Katya. Ben explains more, and Malory gets more and more suspicious. When an alert pops up that Katya is marked as on an undercover mission in the KBG database, Mallory freaks out and threatens she’s going to go kill Katya then and there. Jim steps in and does his best to try and talk her down, but is only able to get Mallory to agree to bring Katya in for debrief first before killing her. Mallory calls Lana, who is only more than happy to help. Jim continues to try and convince them that they’re over-reacting, but neither Mallory or Lana are particularly inclined to listen to him.
Jim insists he’ll go with them, but Mallory says he won’t, Jim barges his way onto the Elevator anyway, so Mallory declares they’re taking one of the two seat cars and Katya will travel back with them in the boot. Jim rushes to another one of the company cars, and attempts to race Lana to Archer’s place. Lana is a better driver, and easily gets ahead of him.

Jim arrives to find Mallory and Lana’s car out the front. So he quickly dashes inside, but then has to wait while the elevator slowly takes him up to Archer’s level. He eventually arrives to find Archer, Mallory, and Lana in a stand off with their weapons out. Lana only has a single weapon drawn, and it’s attempting to point at Katya who Archer is standing in front of in his underwear. Lana ends up pulling a weapon on him as well.

Jim tries to disarm the situation, but fails as no one is really listening to him.
Just as things are about to get worse, Archer is able to disarm things a bit, but just as it’s calming down more Jim makes a suggestion about heading back to the office to discuss things over a company provided lunch. This sets Malory off again, and causes her to argue with Jim, and start insisting Katya is treated as a prisoner again. Jim is able to just disarm this, but it leaves everyone feeling angry with each other. Lana and Malory walk off, and tell Jim to make sure Archer and Katya get into the office soon.
After they leave Jim tries to turn the vague timeline into an excuse to have a threesome with Archer and Katya, but Archer shoots him down, leaving Jim quite disappointed.

Back in the office they set up Katya in one of the offices, and she is aggressively debriefed by Lana. Ben, Jim, Archer, and Mallory watch on. Archer and Jim isn’t happy with the situation, but Ben can tell form his training that Lana is being professional about the whole thing and so insists they let her continue with the debrief.
After some time it comes to the point of why Katya really defected, and Mallory makes a snide comment. This causes things to escalate again, but Katya is able to disarm it by going into a talk about how her feelings for Archer began to develop while studying him at the KBG academy. Everyone else seems to watch on as if they can actually see the scene, while Ben and Jim look about slightly confused.
After that big profession Archer grabs Katya, admits his love for her, and they run off to his office together. Lana watches on in shock, and Mallory just has another stiff drink before muttering that they should have just killed Katya. This sets off Jim a bit again, but everyone is stopped by Ben when he notices that Woodhouse has arrived at the office and is making his way to Archer’s office.
Before Mallory can stop him, Woodhouse presents Archer with his Grandmother’s wedding ring. Katya sees it, and is extremely pleased with it.

Mallory attempts to step in to stop everything, but everyone else in the office has seen what has happened, and starts getting into the festive mood. Ray announces he can marry the two of them on the spot, and Pam runs off to return with a large cake for the wedding. Without any further interruptions the wedding takes place, resulting in Sterling and Katya Archer.
Mallory finishes her entire bottle of whisky.

Settling into Archerverse

Over the next 2.5 months Ian continues his hunt for Kane unsuccessfully.
Jim starts up a high class escort business on the side, and tries to get Mallory involved to distract her from trying to micro-manage ISIS as much, but it doesn’t really work.

Eventually Kane manages to make it to Poland, and is able to call for an extraction.
Ben meets him at the airport, and rather than taking him back to ISIS HQ straight away, drops off Kane at his apartment to clean up first.

This turns into a full week despite the annoyance of Mallory. Ian even throws a party in the science lab, and sneaks Kane in for it, without Mallory being able to force Kane to go through a debrief.
At the party Ray tries to spike the punch with the gay drug, but Jim sees him in action and decides to drink the entire thing himself. When Jim starts getting aggressively sexual with Ben, Ian knocks him out with a tranquilliser for the rest of the party.
Ian tries to send Kane home with an escort, but Kane refuses and goes home alone.

Eventually Kane is sits through his debrief, where he is drilled by both Mallory and Lana. Once they’re sure he didn’t start WWIII he’s welcomed back with open arms, especially once Mallory is reminded that Kane is partly responsible for getting Archer back safely from the KBG.

With all of the drama out of the way people setting into their new routines.
Ben takes off running field ops, and with a bit of training and help from Lana, he becomes quite good at it. Jim continues to run HQ, and slowly grows his escort business. Kane continues with the accounting side, and helping the business side of ISIS grow, as well as the range of their bullet proof clothing.

Ian after a further year of studying under Krieger, decides he wants out of ISIS, and to start preparing for furthering his studies of the Morphing field.
He lets the others know he’s leaving, and he’s starting up a medical practice that is going to give people Krieger style cyborgnetic limbs, allowing them to move and do things again. The others are surprised, but can’t fault his goals and wish him the best of luck.

Ian starts up his buisness, and after a bit of a rocky start finding medical professionals actually willing to go along with the insanity of how Kriger’s cyborg limbs work, he’s able to make it fairly successful. Thanks to American private health insurance, he’s able to charge a decent amount for the limbs and make a tidy profit. Ian starts putting aside this profit, both to help towards his studies later, but also to open up other branches around the world eventually.

Meanwhile Ben, Kane, and Jim start looking for a way to remove Malory’s control over ISIS.
Kane comes up with the idea of seeing if she’s broken any financial laws, and using the super accounting skills he learned off Cyril, he’s able to start putting together a case.
Jim and Ben help him, getting appropriate witness statements, and paper trails from places outside of ISIS to collaborate things they find inside of company records.

It takes them about a year to build up the case enough that they feel confident, but eventually they decide to confront her with it.
Mallory is pissed at it, and threatens to take down the entirety of ISIS with her if they attempt to go ahead with the case.
They instead surprise her, and offer her a generous severance package if she’ll just step down from ISIS and sell her shares in the company.
Mallory recovers quickly and bargains to both get a larger severance package, and a demand Jim has to sever all ties with ISIS as well, thinking that they won’t take it.
Jim surprises Mallory by agreeing to the deal, and in shock she ends up signing to the deal.

With Mallory gone, Archer ends up as the senior Agent in charge of ISIS.
He arranges for a massive party to be held to celebrate, and at the party Katya announces she’s pregnant.
She convinces Archer to retire from field work and just run ISIS from the office.
Archer readily agrees to her request.

With Ben, Kane, and Lana’s help, Archer is able to run ISIS a lot better than Malory did.
Jim meanwhile takes up running a pizza shop just across the road from ISIS, and works on perfecting the pan fried pizza.
He’s able to trick Cheryl to sign on behalf of Archer that his pizza shop gets preference for supplying food for ISIS meetings.
Due to the sheer amount of meetings that happen, mostly due to the clothing business, this ends up racking up a lot of funds for Jim quickly.
He’s able to start opening up other pizza shops near other ISIS buildings around the world, and get food deals with them as well.

Kane eventually gets Archer to agree to an idea, and then takes it to Ian.
ISIS buys Ian’s business, and they set up branches all around the world.
Ian remains CEO of that company, it’s just a sub-corporation of ISIS, like the clothing company is.
Ian takes it to his staff, and they agree due to the massive pay rises they’ll get.
Ian agrees, but starts to run into the problem of finding people both crazy enough to understand Krieger’s technology, and stable enough not to abuse the patients they’ll get.

With 6 months to go until the ORB arrives, they have a big dinner with the four of them to discuss what to do.
Here Jim starts complaining that he doesn’t know what to do with himself, as he won at the pizza shop business too quickly.
The others point out that he kind of cheated, but also point out that maybe he should consider doing something else with himself besides business.
This leads to a big long conversation, where they all realise how they want to do other various things to try and improve themselves.

After some encouragement, Jim starts to realise he could just go find something he’s always wanted to do for fun.
Kane makes the suggestion that they find people with unique skills in the Archer Universe, and just try to gather them to learn various skills off them.
Everyone else agrees this is a good idea, as well as learning some skills off each other so they don’t have to deal with people from the Archer Universe too much one on one.

Jim decides he’s going to start dating Pam, both so she’s actually treated well for once, but also to learn from her.
From her he’s able to learn some ways to improve his skills at sex, but he also learns how to drive from her, and her supernatural ability to take punishment and have lots of drugs without dying.
He passes this onto everyone else.

Ben starts teaching everyone else the super human agent skills he learned from Archer.
Though this one takes a while longer due to the specialised equipment and circumstances it requires to set up for those not registered as field agents of ISIS.

Ian and Jim decide to get Kane to teach them the super account he learned off Cyril, but Ben decides to pass on learning it.

Ben and Kane also start visiting Ian in his various labs to learn the unusual science skills he picked up off Krieger.

Planning for the ORB

As time passes on they all start stepping away from ISIS more and more.
Ben starts handing over more and more responsibilities to Lana, while Kane continues to build up Cyril’s confidence so he’ll do a better job being head accountant for ISIS.
Realising that they can’t trust anyone internal to take over HR, they hire someone externally, and have them take on the role.
Due to the nature of the Archer universe it takes them a few hiring attempts before they find someone actually competent enough to do the role who isn’t a spy.

Ian starts running into the problem of finding other people to teach Krieger’s Cyrborgnetics to, as they either can’t understand it, or are insane enough to be untrustworthy.
Instead he gets Krieger and Kane to help him out in making an AI capable of designing and building the prosthetics for his clinics clients.

The AI ends up calling Ian, Kane, and Krieger Father, and treating them like family, much to the annoyance of Kane.
However it ends up quite good at it’s job, even if it does have a habit of sneaking weapons in the various prosthetic designs.
Ian can’t get mad at it for this though, as he’s happy with any change that brings a universe closer to being a Cyberpunk Universe.

Knowing it’ll crash soon they start watching news, and satellite feeds to keep an eye on the ORB landing.
So when it crashes into the Kremlin building they know straight away, and realise they’re not really surprised it decided to land there.

After meeting up they discuss many plans of retrieving the ORB, with quite a lot of them being plans to just fight their way in to retrieve it.
Deciding that they want to try a peaceful option first they decide to look into what the KBG is doing with the ORB first.

Using the ISIS computers link to the KBG systems, they’re able to track it as the ORB is first experimented on, and then once the KBG can’t figure out what it is at all, it’s just marked down as an interstellar curiosity.
Eventually it ends up as an art item in Gorbatshov’s office.

Deciding to see if they could just buy it as an art item, they arrange for a 3rd party contact to reach out to Gorbatschov and see how much he’s willing to sell the ORB for.
They find out that he’ll sell it, but for a lot more cash than they have currently available.

So they speak to Archer, Lana, and Cyril, and convince them to get ISIS to lend them the cash with the promise to pay it back afterwards.
It takes a bit of work, but eventually Archer agrees, much to the annoyance of Cyril.

After the deal goes through and the ORB arrives, they all touch the ORB and gain access to their old powers.

Is Revenge evil if you’re doing it to redeem someone?

After touching the ORB they all start going back to doing their own separate thing.

Kane continues to train with his powers a bit, mostly Alchemy, while mostly sticking with ISIS.
He’s quite happy with his Attunement power to understand any spoken language, but suddenly finds it means he can’t learn how to speak them when he doesn’t have the power.
So in his spare time he focuses on learning other languages in their written form, and using that to help him figure out some ways of how to speak them when he doesn’t have access to his attunement power.

Ian goes off to work on his morphing field training, despite knowing it could be thousands of years more until he truly masters it.

Ben goes part time with ISIS, using his other time to travel and practice with his powers, as well as doing some more university courses.

Jim spends some time revelling in his powers, including showing off to Pam.
Then one time after coitus he brags to her that he’s going to use his powers to scare the hell out of Mallory, and try to Scrouge her into being a better person.

It doesn’t take Pam long to message lots of other people that Jim is planning this, so that on the evening he’s planning on going out he suddenly finds Kane and Ben dropping in for a visit.
They tell him that they’re there to stop him.

Jim is surprised at this, and wants to know why as he’s just going to gaslight Mallory to try and fix her, insisting that it’s perfectly justified.
He does admit though that some of it is just because he has to win against Mallory.

Just at this moment Ian calls him.
Ian also says he wants to convince Jim to stop what he’s planning, which just annoys Jim even more.

Jim puts Ian on speaker phone, and asks again why are they trying to stop him from doing this to someone who’s clearly twisted and evil.
Ben tells him that what Jim is planning is immoral.
Ian says that what Jim is planning basically makes him Lex Luthor.
Jim keeps trying to justify his actions, and at one point even claims Lex Luthor wasn’t all that bad.
At this point Kane just gives up on Jim and walks away.

Eventually Ben and Ian are able to talk Jim down.
Jim isn’t too happy they stopped him, but is willing to acknowledge that maybe he was going to be an ass by doing what he planned.

Jim takes the time to find Pam and convince her it was all a trick, the powers, the plan, everything.
He subtly uses some of his allomancy to help convince her.

They get Kane back, and end up having a big philosophical discussion about what they are, what they’re doing, and if they actually have a right to interfere at all in the lives of everyone.
They decide that they do, but they have to hold themselves to a certain line or they’ll just cross it and get worse and worse.

Jim admits to just being unsure what to do with himself. He won too quickly at business again in this world, admittedly by cheating a bit, but now he’s unsure what to do with himself.
The other 3 encourage him to stop treating it about becoming the best, and instead actually have some fun, and take the time to learn some skills he’s always wanted to know.

Actually listening to the others, Jim decides to become a chef, aiming to becomes the best in the world of course.
Over the next 15 years he spends time going to various culinary schools, usually the best in the world in France and Japan.

Ben decides to go to medical school and become a doctor.
Once he passes he decides to choose a speciality in Neurology.
As his studies die down a bit, he takes up Black Smithing as hobby, focusing on replicating ancient Japanese practices.

Once he’s sure Jim isn’t going to go nuts with his powers again he goes back to his Morphing Field studies, scratching bit by bit at the surface of that power.

Kane continues mostly with ISIS, but continues to flesh out his business and legal skills a bit.

Eventually their time in that universe is up, and they wake up to the real world.
The flash of memories are a shock again, but they’re slowly getting more used to it and manage to not throw up.

New day, new plans, and thankfully a Saturday

After waking up Jim takes the time to quickly catch Emma up on what world he just went through, spending a bit of time to bitch about Mallory as he cooks Emma a 5 star breakfast.
Emma is quite interested, and expresses her wish to also go on such an adventure and learn cool powers.
Jim takes a bit of time to start working on a business plan, so that he can start working for himself and get out of his current job.

Kane gets up early himself, and arranges to get an Australian ABN.
He then starts advertising his services online as a language translator.

Ian gets up, and starts speaking to people he knows online, asking them what they’d do if they were to start universe hopping.

Ben spends a bit of time with Adam, and then asks everyone else to come over.
Once they’re there, he has them help explain to Adam everything that’s been going on.
Adam is sceptical, but the amount of skills everyone seems to have picked up, as well as their well thought out collaborated story, makes him start to believe them.
He asks them all some insightful questions about their situation, as well as asking if they could ask Darth Robe if he could join them.
Jim tries to warn him off from it, claiming it sucks, but everyone else seems to disagree with him.

Eventually they break for lunch, and everyone goes off to spend the rest of their day catching up on various real world needs.

That night they all get ready for bed again, this time with Ian deciding to dress up extra fancy.

Void of White

Once they wake up back inside of the White Void they find Darth Robe waiting for them.
He explains that due to their attunements it is easier for him to detect their arrivals, and they no longer need to touch the ORB for him to arrive.

They push him for any comment on his thoughts about how they handled the previous world.
He explains that he is neither happy nor displeased with any of their actions.
He admits to preferring it when they have their long conversations with each other before committing to important actions, but doesn’t tell them why.
He also asks them not to consider his opinion when choosing what to do in any world they visit.

Jim is slightly annoyed there isn’t more, and then pushes them on to leave as quickly as possible and get the next world out of the way.

Once they’ve all touched the ORB they suddenly find themselves standing in an ally.
It has a vague Victorian England look to it, but they can’t place where.

Heading out into the street they have a look around and see they’re on a very long street in a Victorian era city.
They guess it’s early in the evening given the amount of traffic that’s still around.
They spot a castle lighten up at one end of the main road, quite a distance down the road.
It takes them a minute to realise what the castle is, and then it clicks it’s the castle in Central from Full Metal Alchemist.
They also then get a vague sense that this Universe was from Ian’s mind.

Realising they could likely be mistaken as spies in their modern clothing they duck back into the ally.
Ian climbs up the walls there, and steals various items of clothing from washing lines.
While they’re not perfect fits, they at least look more in place.

They then exit the ally and find themselves a newspaper in a nearby bin.
Flicking through it they’re able to find out that the date is 1896, which they remember is roughly 5 years before the Ishval Civil war.
They decide they need to stop it, but they’re not sure if they can take Envy without the ORB, so they start discussing non-Military options.

End of Session.

Mary-Sue Session 19
Throw away jokes can make big changes

Session 19
Date & Time: 01/01/2017 6pm to 11pm
Location: Stephen’s Place
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane

Joining Archer and the gang

After logging into the PC Ian asks if they should put themselves into the database. After discussing it, they decide to put in Jim to start with just to see how it goes. The operating system is quite strange, but Ian is eventually able to figure it out and navigate to the correct area, putting in Jim as a Operations Support Specialist. After putting in Jim they decide to focus more on how to try and get out of the room. Taking a look at the doors they see that it requires both a key code and a voice print.

Ian pulls out his multitool and decides to see if he can find a way to bypass the panel. Taking it off the wall he starts looking into the wiring. Kane jumps onto the database, and starts trying to find other things, while Ben starts looking for another way out. Kane flicks through the camera system, and is able to see some of what’s going on, but nothing of use. Especially as most of the cameras are in the bathrooms.
Ian manages to figure out enough of the wiring to bypass the keypad part of the doorlock, but he can’t find a way past the voice input. Ben tries to impersonate Cyril’s voice, but he fails horribly. Then while Ian and Kane start looking into the idea of wiring up the panel to the computer, and seeing if they can get the computer to send the right signal as a sound file, Ben decides he should see if they can just leave via the air vents.
He pinches the computer chair, and using his multitool he’s able to open up the vent. Then with a bit of effort he pulls himself up into the vent. He’s very quickly put off when he finds a canister of gas up there attached to an explosive. He lets the others know, and they start discussing what they’re going to do about it.

Before they get too far the door opens up and Cyril is standing there. He stares at them all in shock, before calling for Lana. Lana comes running over, and upon seeing them all there, she pulls a gun on them all. She then demands to know who they all are, and what they’re doing there.
They try to insist that they’re a maintenance crew that was called in to fix the door, before they designate Jim as the one in charge. After some antics pretending to speak only Spanish and a few other things, they can tell Lana is getting more and more annoyed with them. She demands Ben comes down from the vents and uses that as a reason to say that their story is bullshit.

Eventually they switch stories, claiming to be penetration testers for security systems, and were hired to do so. Lana really doesn’t believe them, and drags them into Malory Archer’s office. Archer sees the commotion going on and joins them. In the office they try to explain to Malory that they’re penetration testers, and they were there to test ISIS systems, that they have a lot of recommendations, and will hand them over after getting paid.
Malory straightly tells them that she never authorised any penetration testing, and asks Cyril if he had. Cyril responds he did, at which point Jim tries to channel the show and starts blaming Cyril for messing things us. Lana, who’s dating Cyril at this point, gets protective of him, and demands that the four of them give any proof, as well as demanding to know how they got into the server room. The four of them start responding with various twisting answers to attempt to lead everyone astray.
Eventually Malory claims she has a headache, and tells Lana to deal with it. Lana leads them to an office she can lock from the outside, and says she’s going to go check various things they’ve claimed, and if they are false than the 4 of them will have a lot of explaining to do. Jim asks for a drink before she goes, and so Lana tells Pam to get the 4 of them drinks before she heads off locking them in the office. Pam eventually turns up with some beers, and they all start drinking with Pam to pass the time.

Lana eventually returns, and she’s pissed at them. Especially Pam who’s managed to get fairly drunk by this point. Lana confronts them with the lack of any evidence of what they’ve claimed, or who they’ve said they worked for. However they continue to spin things that of course people wouldn’t have said anything about having their security breached. They then use their knowledge of the show to start talking about other agencies, like Odin, and the people who work there. They mention enough of the people’s personalities that it starts to disarm Lana’s suspicions about them.

Eventually they convince her to let them present a list of recommendations to Malory, and see about convincing her to pay them. Lana just laughs at the idea of Malory paying them after they give her something for free, but she decides to go along with it to see what they’ll do. Plus Lana is also hoping that a few of the recommendations might be decent and actually taken on-board as she knows how much the security is lacking in ISIS.

Back in the office the four of them start listing down their recommendations while Kane writes it all up. Malory is impressed, but not inclined to pay them. She does however ask if they have any field experience, and the four of them all end up nominating Ben at about the same time. She ends up offering them all a job, at a low pay to start with of course, and the four of them decide to take it on board.
On top of that they finger Krenshaw as a Russian mole, and claim he’s been stealing funds from Archer’s account. They claim the proof is in the computer systems.
Lana swears at that, and goes to get Cyril so they can check it out. She gets Archer in to watch them until she’s confirmed a few things.

Archer takes out his gun, a bit unsure what’s going on, but some banter happens and he becomes quite happy with the 4 of them. Malory just tells him to put the gun away, and to get Pam in to get their papers in order.
Once Pam has sobered up enough they sign onto ISIS. Ben as a field Agent, Kane to assist Cyril and field ops, Jim to help out on the HR and security side, and Ian gets himself assigned to help Krieger in Research.

After a bit more smooth talking, they get themselves assigned one of ISIS’s safe houses until they’ve earned enough money to get their own place.

Assassins in the night

Once they’re set up in the apartment they almost start discussing what they’re plan is, but then Ian points out that the place could be bugged. Over a speaker Krieger tells them that it isn’t, but they don’t believe him. They decide to go out for dinner, and Krieger recommends a local place nearby. They decide to ignore him and go somewhere further away for dinner. Little did they know that Krieger was just trying to be helpful and hadn’t actually bugged the local restaurant.

On the walk over they start to discuss what their plans are. They decide they’re mostly happy with the universe, but Kane is slightly put off by the fact excessive swearing is beeped out. They also decide that they want to see what they can do to fix ISIS, but also to try and help the staff there so the place doesn’t turn to shit like it does in the later seasons of Archer. They realise the biggest problem is Malory Archer, and start coming up with plans to deal with her. This mostly consists of turning her into a figurehead, and taking on most of the duties around the place that would help things run more smoothly.
They realise she’s likely to try and be a bit of a micro-manager, but Jim insists that he’ll be able to handle her.

While they’re focusing on that, Ian’s given the job of learning all of the pseudoscience he can from Krieger while they’re there. Ian is most excited to figure out what sort of power supplies they use for all of the cybernetics, and how to make better AI that he could one day put into any Zords he makes.

Eventually they head back to the safe house and sort out sleeping arrangements. The place only has a double bed, a couch, and floor space. Everyone else turns down the bed, so Jim takes it, with Ian claiming the couch. Ben and Kane use some spare bedding, and set themselves up on the floor as comfortably as they can. Kane manages to sleep better after his experiences of sleeping in a cave for a few months helping train soldiers back in Mistborn.

That night around 2am Kane is woken up by the soft noise of the front door of the apartment opening. Even with all of the lights out he can just make a figure in the doorway raising a pistol towards him. He gets up and dodges to the side, which wakes up Ben. The shots go wide and miss Kane, which surprises him as in any previous universe they lightly would have hit him. Ben is woken to full alertness by the sounds of the pistol fire, even if it is silenced, and seeing the figure runs forward to flip the kitchen table between them so he has some cover. Ian starts to wake up at the sounds of the pistol fire, as does Jim in the bedroom. Kane starts charging around the table and knocked about chairs, trying to make it to the gunman before he’s shot again. Grabbing the door he tries to slam it into the gunman’s face, but ends up slamming it closed as Ben leaps the table and pushes off it to tackle into the gunman back into the hallway, however the gunman was able to squeeze off a shot during Ben’s attack, which goes right through Ben’s shoulder.

While Ben and the gunman are struggling over the gun in the hallway everyone else goes for light switches so they can see better. All of them find that the power has been cut, and no one is able to see anything still. The gunman is able to drive his thumb into Ben’s bullet wound, causing Ben to scream out in pain. Ben lets his training fully kick in, slamming his forehead forward into the gunman’s nose, and then while he’s reeling, he slams the palm of his hand up into the nose again, driving it up into the gunman’s brain and brutally killing him.
The others get the door open to help out, and find Ben over his first kill.

Ben goes into a mild shock at it all, and Jim starts trying to comfort him. Ian runs outside to get the power working, while Kane gets their shower curtain to wrap up the body. Ian turns back on the power and wonders back in. At this point they see it was Krenshaw that had attacked them during the night. They start talking about their various experiences with Ben before they remember the room is bugged. They then pause for a moment, before asking is Krieger is watching. After a few seconds of no response they figure they are in the clear before Krieger’s AI girlfriend responds letting them know that Krieger-San is asleep.
They ask her to call Archer, but she responds that she’s unable to, and instead points them at a nearby phone in their apartment. She also gives them Archer’s number.

They try to call Archer, but only Woodhouse responds. He lets them know that Master Archer is unavailable right now. After a few more frustrating conversations they eventually give up for the night. They put the dead body in the bath tub, and then clean up any signs of the combat. During which they accidentally let slip some more pieces of conversation about who and what they are. They also decide to check Krenshaw’s car outside, and find several packed bags with clothes and thousands and cash in them.

The next morning they’re woken up by Lana calling them to check in with them. They tell her what happened, and she’s pissed at the news. She comes over to check out the scene, and after some basic forensics, she agrees that they were defending themselves.
She calls in a cleaning crew, which happens to also include a police officer. She gives a statement and shows her ISIS credentials. Her authority is accepted, and after the scene is cleaned everyone is free to go.

She then takes them into the office to continue things on from yesterday.

In the office they confirm that Krenshaw was a Russian spy, and help convince everyone that Krenshaw was stealing funds from Archer’s account to explain the loss of funds. The four of them knew the truth was that Archers was embezzling funds, but they decided to cover him anyway.

Helping ISIS back on its feet

Over the next year all of them start to get very involved with their new jobs.

Ben gets some training from Archer, and finds that Archer’s skill level is super human at times. Ben is able to learn a surprising amount from him, and Lana as well. This enhances his mundane skill level, but also gives him access to a minor power for insane secret agent stunts.

Kane and Jim get quite involved around the office. Jim is able to direct Pam more towards becoming an agent, giving him more control over HR. This lets him actually do things to improve things around the office, while also making sure only competent people actually get hired. He also takes on the majority of the responsibility for interacting with Malory Archer and stopping her driving ISIS into the ground.
Kane meanwhile learns quite a lot about accounting from Cyril, and is able to help him turn the budget around. Especially as he’s able to add a more forceful personality to making sure things go well and others don’t abuse company property as much.

Ian meanwhile starts helping Krieger out in the lab a lot. He even agrees to take Danny’s place to when testing some drugs. This ends up resulting in Ian turning over the top stereotypical gay for a while, and having his first gay sexual experience with Krieger. They have a very over the top afternoon/evening in the lab, and Ian is also introduced to fisto-reboto as well, it is a good thing Ian heals so well.

Ian surprises everyone by being quite OK with his first gay experience. He explains to the others that if he could control his sexuality that easily then he would, it would make life easier given how many guys he knows who are attracted to him, but he’s otherwise stuck being attracted to girls only. Jim is quite pleased to hear this and congratulates him on his progressive view.

Despite some distracting times in the lab Ian is learning a fair bit from Krieger. It’s a mix of actual practical science grounded in reality, but also some pseudoscience that shouldn’t work at all. Ian especially focuses on the power supplies that Krieger uses, and is shocked to find out that they’re mini-nuclear reactors that work through some insane applications of science. Despite knowing they shouldn’t actually work, Ian learns how to replicate them, and realises some sort of power is involved that he’s learning off Krieger thanks to the ORB.

As time goes on Ben, Kane, and Jim are finding that to keep ISIS afloat they need to spend more and more time making sure that Archer doesn’t screw up important missions. They find it difficult, and so start doing their best to try and start helping him past quite a number of his personal issues. They lack training in this however, and so Jim starts taking night classes on psychology and counselling. The more time that goes on, the more Jim starts to realise how much of a problem Malory is, and that Archer basically needs to be separated from her so he can start learning to function properly.

A big change from a small discovery

Despite their best efforts, the four of them are finding ISIS difficult to keep from going under due to just how badly Malory has been managing it. This is until one day in the lab Ian is looking through Krieger’s inventions that he’s put on the shelf, and finds a spray labelled “Bullet Proof Spray”. Asking Krieger about it, he’s able to find out it’s a spray you can put onto any cloth and it becomes pretty much impossible to damage with bullets and other such piercing weapons. On top of that it spreads the force of any such hits so evenly over the rest of the wearer that they barely feel it.

Ian is gob smacked to find out the spray exists, and asks Krieger why he never mentioned it before. Krieger tells him it’s because he finished making it, got bored, and moved on to other projects. Ian just shakes his head at Krieger, and asks to know how it’s made. Krieger teaches him, and Ian finds out how to mix the right chemicals, which it turns out are all quite common and easy to procure. The spray takes graphite, and bonds it to clothing to cover them in a flexible carbon lattice that hardens on fast impact. Allowing the clothing to move and be flexible normally, but able to withstand gun shots, and even knife stabs, without it leaving a mark. The person wearing such clothing barely even notices the attack at all.
Ian knows full well that this shouldn’t work in real life, but is more than happy to learn it as a bizarre abuse of pseudoscience that this universe offers.

Ian takes the discovery to the others, who are also all shocked to learn about it. They all understand what it means, but Kane also fully understands that it fully belongs to ISIS due to being discovered in an ISIS lab by someone working there. After several discussions on how to handle it, they decide the best way to use it is to patent the discovery, and then licence manufacturing and how it’s sold around the world, letting them limit it to the military and police at first, while slowly introducing it to the civilian population.
They’re hope is that by doing it the right way, they’ll prevent the current cold war escalating into a proper war between Russia and America.

Over the next 6 months they’re able to get things set up, and soon the money starts rolling into ISIS. Kane uses his legal knowledge, combined with the accounting he learned, to prevent Malory just claiming all of the money, and using a lot of the funds to get ISIS fixed up and people being paid actually decent amounts. Once that’s handled he’s able to make sure that Malory gets paid her appropriate bonuses and have the office refitted to be her dream office.

Things start going extremely well for ISIS, and soon they’re able to rival Odin in terms of the amount of field offices they have, as well as Agents on the ground. Ben gets involved in a lot more missions, but finds that occasionally he has to take Assassination missions. He always makes sure they’re guilty of horrible crimes, but even then every kill ends up being quite a weight upon him. After 27 kills, as sometimes bodyguards got in the way, he’s feeling quite drained from it.

The others do their best to help him through it, and point out that it is making the world a better place, and ISIS is so much better off with his help.

Archer causes another problem

Of course none of this stops Archer finding out that the head of the KBG might be his father, or hi-jacking a mission to drop into Russia to try and find out.

Instead of Malory turning to Barry at Odian however, she instead turns to Ben.
Ben pushes back hard, agreeing to go, but only if he’s put in charge of all field operations at ISIS.
Malory is quite put off by all of this, but when Ben points out that Archer is likely being tortured she eventually relents.
Ben makes her sign legal documentation locking her into the agreement, but only on the condition that he does return with Archer intact.

Ben then consults with the others, and they realise a flaw with Ben’s plan. None of them have bothered how to speak Russian yet, so they can’t easily infiltrate the country.
They decide that Ben and Kane would be the best two to sneak in, and arrange for some quick lessons in Russian from Lana.
They discuss sending Lana, but they realise that sending a Black Woman into Russia would just stand out too much.

So the two of them load up on equipment, including some of the anti-bullet spray, and parachute into Russia as close to Moscow as they can manage.
From there they head out on foot, and are able to secure a lift closer to Moscow.
Once they’re close enough they travel the rest on foot, pushing themselves with their healing factor, but it allows them to bypass security check points.

Once they get into Moscow, they quickly head to the Kremlin building. Ben spends a while assessing the place, trying to look for a way to sneak in without killing anyone. Unfortunately he realises that his only chance to do so is to use Kane as bait to draw everyone else off. Kane readily agrees to this despite Ben’s reservations, and so they set things up.
Kane heads around the front, knocks out a guard across a road, and starts firing. His shots appear wild, but he’s carefully making sure they’ll only hit places where they won’t hurt anyone. Once he’s got the KBG’s attention, he starts a fighting retreat to draw them away.

Knowing he won’t have long until reinforcements arrive, Ben uses the opportunity to climb up the side of the building and onto a balcony. He dodges out of sight of the people inside, and when they’re distracted going to check on what’s going on out the front, he gets inside. He’s quickly able to locate the office of an officer, and dons on a spare uniform. From there Ben heads up to see if he can find Archer. Instead he ends up outside of the office of Nikolai Jakov, and overhears a conversation between him and Malory Archer. Here he finds out that Archer is in the basement. Sighing in frustration, Ben instead heads downstairs.

On the ground floor the place is more crowded, so Ben does his best to look like he’s walking around being quite busy so no one stops him. Unfortunately he finds that every entrance into the basement is guarded. He ends up choosing one of the least well protected entrances, and surprises the solider there. After knocking him out, he drags the Soldier down into the basement, and hides the body in an alcove. It’s likely to still be discovered soon so Ben hurries along.
Ben eventually makes it to the prison sections, and follows the screams to find the cell that Archer is being tortured in. Before the guards can react Ben channels the power he learnt from Archer and knocks them all out quickly.

Ben then frees Archer, who immediately starts complaining about how long it took him to be freed. Ben grits his way through it, and tells Archer to get dressed in one of the guards uniforms. Archer does, and then starts heading upstairs. Ben asks him where he thinks he’s going, and Archer explains that he’s still got to see Nikolai about him potentially being his dad. Ben tries to convince him to stop, but is unable to, so they sneak upstairs together.
Here they overhear Nickolai telling Malory that he’s sent samples of Archer’s to the lab, and if it comes back negative then he’s going to have Archer killed. Archer decides now is a good time to flee as he doesn’t want to risk his life on a 33% chance. Ben agrees, and off they go.

By now their attack in the basement has been discovered and guards have mobilised looking for them. Soon Ben and Archer find themselves being chased through the streets of Moscow by a number of armed soldiers. Ben just watches in amusement as the soldiers miss from mere metres away at times, and can’t believe that him and Archer haven’t been shot yet.

Ben doesn’t realise it, but soon their chase soon starts following the lines of the one that happened in the TV-Show, even as they end up leaping roof tops and running through various apartments. Soon they end up in an elevator ride down, and when it opens find themselves in front of a firing line of Russian Soldiers.
Ben shoves Archer to the side and attempts to shield Archer with his body as the gunfire opens up. Ben is shocked to see that he’s not the one shot, but instead the firing line is gunned down by someone behind them.

Here he sees that it’s Katya Kazanova. Archer and her quickly introduce themselves to each other, and start flirting heavily. Ben is able to pull them away from the scene and get them moving again. Katya leads them to a military air strip, and flies them out of there using her clearances.
From here they head back to the US, via a couple of stops along the way. Ben ends up having to learn how to handle the controls a bit, as Archer and Katya just can’t keep their hands off each other at first.
Eventually they get back, but instead of going to ISIS to debrief, Archer and Katya head back to Archer’s apartment. Ben just sighs and goes back for his own debrief.

Kane meanwhile had managed to make it out of Moscow, and lose his trail in the fields around the city for a while. He was shot several times, but after healing up is able to continue on his way again. With the KBG hot on his trails, Kane begins his long journey over land to escape Russia.

End of session.

Mary-Sue Session 18

Session 18
Date & Time: 12/12/2016 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane

Retreat and plan

Realising that they’re now in a bad position to do anything, even after having touched the ORB, the group decides to retreat from Ivan Zord.
They grab the remains of Jim and head back to the nearby Fire Station they were using as an impromptu base of operations.

They spend a while throwing ideas around, including a potential nuclear option, but realise all of them are so far bad ideas.
They ask Ian about any other giant robots that might potentially help, but he said all of them would have their power centres or shrines quickly attacked by Ivan, rendering them useless.

By this point Jim has healed enough to return to life, and joins in on the discussion.
Ben is a bit put out by this, but is glad to see Jim is recovering.
After some more debates on what their options are, they start getting side tracked with lots of silly ideas that aren’t going anywhere.
It’s then when Ian suddenly has an epiphany and realised he has a plan.

He says he thinks Rita and Lord Zed could grow the 4 of them to monster size, so that they could attempt to fight Ivan Zord themselves.
The others agree this is a good idea, so they have Ben teleport out to Titanus, and get it to teleport him up to the moon.

He enters the Moon Palace and while heading for the Throne Room encounters Goulda.
After an awkward exchange where it looks like Goulda is keeping his options open for whatever side wins, Ben heads on.
Here he finds Rita and Lord Zed are quickly packing things up, and are preparing to flee the system.

Ben tells them the idea.
They say that it might work, but that they just don’t have the energy to grow anyone else now, their reserves are too depleted.
Lord Zed says however that he knows of a power source under the Moon Palace, but it’ll require someone Heroic to get past its defences.
Ben says he could get it, but Lord Zed and Rita laugh at him, telling him that he’s not heroic enough.
Ben suggest they teleport Kane up then, they think about it, and eventually do.

Kane had been about to sneak back into their apartment to get more allomantic metals he had prepared when he suddenly finds himself in the Moon Palace.
Ben brings him up to speed while Lord Zed seems to be intently looking him over.
Kane agrees to get the power source, but Lord Zed responds that Kane is not heroic enough and would fail to get past the defences.
Kane looks a bit defeated by this, but accepts that, and then suggests they get Ian up there.
Lord Zed agrees, but says it’s the last person he’s teleporting anywhere for them.

Ian is teleported up and the situation is explained to him.
Ian is a bit confused about what power source they could be talking about, but agrees in principle.
Lord Zed says he’s heroic enough, and leads him to the Palace’s basement.
On the way he explains that the Moon Palace is built over the cave complex containing the Zeo Crytal.
Ian says he kind of remembers the Zeo Crystal, and agrees to get it for Lord Zed to use.
Ian is easily able to get past the force field under the Palace, and returns with the Zeo Crystal.

Ian hands over the Zeo Crystal to Lord Zed with no qualms.
Lord Zed is incredibly pleased, and upon grabbing the Crystal is surrounded by a soft golden glow.
He stomps his staff and suddenly Jim is teleported up to the moon.
Before anyone can react the four of them are teleported outside the Moon Palace.
Just as the effects of the lack of an atmosphere begin to kick in they find themselves enlarged to monstrous size.
In this size they find that they can breath like normal on the moon, and even communicate with each other.

Jim explains that just before he was teleported up he saw Ivan Zord starting to fly up towards the moon.
The four of them decide to wait for him to arrive, and fight him there.
They shout down to the Moon Palace asking for weapons.
Soon they find monster sized weapons being teleported into their hands.
Jim is given a large meteor on a polearm.
Ian is given a large length of thick chain.
Kane is given a trident.
Ben is given a rope dart.

Fight to the Death?

Ivan Zord eventually arrives and announces this by firing missiles at the four of them from a distance.
Between their ability to leap aside on the low gravity moon, and some alomantic nudges, they’re easily able to avoid the missiles.

Ivan then comes in for a closer ranged attack.
Everyone but Kane leaps to avoid being hit, while Kane tries to impale Ivan on the Trident.
Ivan is able to avoid most of the Trident, only getting slightly scrapped, but he’s able to badly cut Jim with his Drill Tail.

Ben and Ian attempt to lock down Ivan’s limbs with their rope and chain respectively.
Jim leaps in to attack with his large hammer, while Kane attempts to stab down and pin Ivan’s tale.
Ivan is wrapped up for a short time, and his tail is pinned.
However he then turns his tail to ooze for a few seconds to escape the pinning.
Then using his large size and superior strength he spins around quickly attempting to use Ben and Ian as battering rams.
Ian is able to disengage, but Ben is flung around and collides with Kane and Jim.

Ben quickly flings himself to his feet and dives on top of Ivan.
Unfortunately he hadn’t told the others he was going to do this so when they all swing their weapons down Ivan is able to use Ben’s body to absorb most of the attacks.
Ben is badly beaten up, before Ivan then throws him Jim again.

They all then spread out and attempt to trip up Ivan and close in on him.
Ivan is tripped, with them all standing close by, so he responds by firing his missiles at close range.
Unable to dodge the explosions they’re all send flying and get burnt.

Ivan climbs to his feet and lashes out at Ian who’s the closest.
Ian is hit, and the others use the chance to close in.

Kane attempts to drive his Trident into Ivan and hold him in place.
Ivan takes the blow, and breaths a large blast of fire into Kane’s face, badly injuring him.
Jim uses the chance of Ivan being still to badly smash up one of his hands, while Ian and Ben grab onto his tail.

Realising that he’s not going to win the fight Ivan abandons the Dragon Zord, and flees into the Moon Palace.
Ben annoyed at this, grabs the Dragon Zord’s now dead body and slams it into the Moon Palace attempting to crush it.
The reactor in the Dragon Zord goes critical and explodes in his face.
This sends Ben flying backwards.

The four of them then see an enormous black dragon zord flying off away from the Moon and Earth.
Ian says he things Rita and Lord Zed are fleeing Earth, and using the Zeo Crystal to power their mega-zord.
They decide to let them go, and instead focus on finding out if Ivan Ooze is dead.

Kane shrinks himself and starts to explore the Ruins.
He notices that the atmosphere is thinning quickly now that whatever was keeping it around the Palace has been destroyed.
Jim joins him, but turns into a Pony in an attempt to use the flight to help explore the ruins faster.
They eventually do see a puddle of Ooze reform into Ivan, but before they can get to him he teleports off in the direction of the stars.
Ian shrinks to join them, just as the last of the atmosphere is being drained away.
Realising they’re now trapped on the moon they quickly come up with a plan.
They climb up on Ben’s hands and get him to throw them as hard as he can towards the Earth.
Ben then takes a moment to admire the view, before taking a running leap, assisted by Allomancy, to clear the moon’s gravity and get caught in the Earth’s gravity well instead.

It’s a painful journey for all of them, dying and healing a few times during their trip through space.
Ben is able to use his teleporting trick to bypass re-entry, but the rest of them find themselves burning to death on the way in.
Ben crashes off the coast of California, hitting hard enough to kill him for a short time.
Ian crashes into Washington DC, where he reforms from his burnt up skeleton.
Jim reforms into his Pony from, but up in Canada, while Kane reforms over in Russia.

All of them take some time to figure out their location, and then start heading towards the Power Centre.
Ian changes himself into a Pony and flies there. Given his previous flying experience, especially compared to Jim, he’s the first to arrive.
Changing back to human he find the place undergoing repairs, with both Alpha 5 and Zordon happy to see him.
With their help they’re able to track and locate both Kane and Jim, getting them teleported there.
Jim changes back to human and joins them all inside.
Ben arrives soon afterwards in his giant form.

They’re all very happy to hear that the Earth is going to be safe for a while, and decide to take the chance to relax.
Ben helps around the town for a while, before returning to his smaller size.

Life post Ivan Ooze

The four of them continue their lives in the universe.
The plot of the Power Rangers continues as well.
Zordon leaves to help his home planet, and Ben learns from his replacement for a time being.

Eventually Zordon returns, but is eventually kidnapped.
Kane and Ian help out the new Power Rangers in Space on occasion, but otherwise continue their lives.

Ian focusing heavily on his studies under Ninjor, with a heavy focus on Architecture, Geology, Geomancy, and stone crafting.

After his getting his degree as a lawyer Kane decides to actually start practising the law as a way to make sure he puts the skills to good use.

Ben comes up with the crazy idea that Jim should try to become president of the USA, aiming to win the 2004 election.
It takes a bit of convincing, but Jim eventually decides to go for it, and starts campaigning in 1999.
While he’s doing this Jim continues to grow his coffee business, and using his knowledge of how things should go he ends up taking the place the Starbucks should have taken.
He hires Kane on to act as a corporate lawyer, and gets Ben to help with the IT side, as Ben continues to develop a few applications.

All of them continue to invest heavily in various businesses, especially in Silicon Valley, and get quite massive profits from places like Microsoft and Apple at the right times.
Things are a big different in this reality though, and Earth has some weird technology at times, including launching their own colony vessel in 1999.

Eventually the Power Rangers locate where Zordon is and are preparing to launch an attack.
Kane, Ben, and Ian all join in to help out, and end up helping the Rangers along the way.

Ian knows that this is the final battle where Zordon dies, but decides it’s what needs to happen.
He tries to hold back, but the other pick up on Ian’s frustrations in how he launches himself into attacks in an all-out way.
Eventually they get him to explain to them that he knows Zordon is about to die, and it needs to happen.
They convince him to be there at the end and say his goodbyes.
When the Red Ranger calls in that he’s found Zordon, Ian and the others get their quickly.

In a very emotional scene Ian says his goodbye to Zordon, and thanks him for being such an inspiring figure to him as he grew up.
Then Zordon’s prison is broken, and his wave of good is released.
As it crossed the galaxy it destroys all evil.
Beings of evil, especially monsters, are turn into fun loving human beings.
Weapons are turned into tools.

This waves crosses over the planet Earth, and for the first time ever the planet comes to know peace.
People are friendly and wanting to help each other.
Over time they slowly start to revert back to their old personalities, but it’s something that takes a long time to happen.

Meanwhile however Jim, Ben, Kane, and Ian revert back to who they were in an hour.
Using the advantage of being the only ones who aren’t entirely selfless they’re easily able to get ahead.
This is especially useful for Jim making major advancements in his political career, resulting in him winning the 2004 election.
At which point he hands over the business to Kane to run while he’s president.

Jim uses the start of his term while people are still leaning more towards selflessness than not to get through a few changes.
The biggest being term limits on congress, restrictions on lobby groups, gun control, and making gay and poly marriage legal.
As people return more and more to who they were these start to become opposed, but he’s able to get enough laws in place to make the changes very hard to remove after he’s no longer president.

For Kane, Ian, and Jim their 100th birthday comes around.
There’s a bit of a celebration, but at the same time it seems to upset them a bit.
Especially Jim who misses his wife Emma.

Ian uses the vast amount of funds he’s built up from his investments to construct a large temple off in the mountains near Angel Grove.
He builds it to be a replacement of the Power Centre, and for its energies to protect the planet now that Zordon isn’t doing so.
In the middle of the temple he places the ORB, in the hopes it might help him tap into the energy the temple outputs later on.

The 4 of them also start finding that Earth starts to become a refuge for Aliens who lost their home planet in the war against Evil.
Especially when Lord Zed got involved with his powered up Zord which became capable of destroying planets thanks to the power of the Zeo Crystal.
Jim is quick to make sure the Aliens are legally supported by the USA, and welcomed to Earth.
This leads to more arriving, and Earth soon becomes quite the universal centre.

After the completion of his temple Ian starts using Bendalloy to try and squeeze in as much learning time as possible before they leave the place.
With is money he’s able to get enough of it to spend ages inside the bubbles flaring it for even more available time.
This is helped further by the compounding he’s able to do to give him access to more physical and mental speed.
However at only the 17.5 year mark he suddenly disappears, as he had reached 20 years in that universe from his own personal perspective.

Jim quickly realises this, and decides to try and mimic Ian’s plan to get back to his universe quickly.
Loading up on food, books, and videogames he attempts flared bubbles to speed up his time, doing it more often than even Ian did.
However it does’t work, and the others decide it mustn’t work if you’re purposely trying to skip a Universe, only when you’re honestly trying to stay there longer.

Eventually 20 years pass for the rest of them, and they end up leaving that universe.

Consoling Ben

They all wake up in the real world.
Then they’re hit with their memories again.
First Hunter, then Mistborn, then My Little Pony, followed by Power Rangers, and finally their Real Life up to this point.
Every single memory playing out in their minds out in less than a second each, but in complete and absolute detail, back as far as they can remember.

Ben of course only gets Power Rangers and his Real Life, but its his first time, and the mental shock of it ends up causing him to shake and throw up.
His boyfriend Adam looks after him, and insists he stays home from work.
Ben doesn’t tell him what happened, and just sits in shock trying to process it.

Meanwhile Jim and Ian drag themselves to work, while Kane decides to call up work and tells them that he quits.
Ian then adds Ben to their Facebook groupchat, and sends a message about how weird that night was.
Ben looks on in horror as he starts to realise it could actually all be real, especially as he reads the previous history of messages in the group chat.

Ben asks them all how they can deal with this, and realising what Ben could be going through both Ian and Jim quickly get out of work.
They head over and look after Ben, and eventually Kane joins them.

Ben again asks them how they handle it, and they all give him this blank look before saying they just kind of have to.
Jim explains he now sees it as a kind of job, 20 years in before he gets to escape for a bit of a normal life.
Kane kind of agrees with him, but also says he’s using it as a chance to learn.
Ben says he definitely learned, bringing up his Diploma in European History he now has, but technically doesn’t.
Kane says he’s in the same boat, but Ben points out that he can just pass the bar and he’ll be fine, which Kane starts to consider.

Eventually they’re able to calm Ben down, and they agree that they’ll continue to face things together, acting as a support group.
Ben says he’s not going to tell Adam about it for now, despite things going well for Jim with Emma for now.

Eventually they break up the gathering, and do some gaming to help distract Ben.
They later swap plans on what they’ll be bringing along that night.

Kane goes out and buys a bunch of camping gear, especially some Multi-tools, in preparation.
He sleeps with his new pack.


That evening Ian, Kane, and Jim go to bed at a reasonable time.
Ben attempts to stay up late playing with Adam, but passes out at Midnight onto his keyboard.

They four of them wake up in the white void, with Ben cursing a bit.
Kane quickly touches the ORB to bring in Darth Robe.

They ask Darth Robe how he thinks they went.
He says he finds it interesting that they continue to get involved in things on global scale when they can, and is curious to see how things continue to progress.

Before they can ask further questions he informs them that they have finally started to attune themselves properly to magic, and can start developing abilities of their own that are not granted by the ORB.
They ask what this means, and Darth Robe explains that if they have an idea of something they would like to be able to do, he will help guide them in developing their new attunement to allow such a power.
When they ask him to provide examples, he explains that at the moment it is minor things. Either a minor trick, or modification of a power they have picked up via the ORB. Perhaps a removal of a limitation a power has that they have.

Jim asks if he might have a talent tree he might have a look at, like in an RPG, but Darth Robe says that he will have to come up with ideas.

They throw out a few ideas, some which Darth Robe says is possible, some which isn’t.
Any question asking for modifications to the abilities granted by the ORB are answered with a Negative, especially in regards to the removal of the 5 year limitation, or an increase in the healing ability.

Darth Robe also explains that the Attunement is fluid, and that while within Darth Robes realm he’ll be able to help them possibly change it later. Though some choices might end up being permanent.

Eventually Kane asks if he could gain the ability to communicate in any language.
Darth Robe says that at the moment his attunement would only be powerful enough to cover spoken language, which Kane agrees to.

Ben asks for a perfect memory, but Darth Robe warns him that way can lie madness to those unprepared for it.
Eventually they agree on the ability to perfectly recall something Ben focuses on remembering.

Ian asks for quite a number of things, including tapping into the Morphing Field of the Power Rangers universe.
Darth Robe informs him that he is far from powerful enough to tap into another Universe, however he could be given access to a more stable personal Morphing Field.
Ian agrees to this.

It takes Jim a while, but eventually he asks for super empathy.
Darth Robe again points out that always knowing what those around you are thinking can be bad for your mental health.
Jim pushes for it, and eventually they agree on an ability similar to Ben’s.
Jim will gain super empathy, but it’ll only work if he’s actively deciding to use it towards someone.

Darth Robe then takes them off one by one and teaches them how to use their growing attunement to whatever it is that magic really is.
He makes them really focus on what they’ve asked for, how the universe should work that way and why, until such a thing becomes a reality for them.

Then he returns them to the ORB, but doesn’t return himself.
Instead of using the chance to practice with any of their powers, they decide to touch the ORB.

That’s how we get Ants

The four of them find themselves in a completely dark room at first.
After a few moments as their eyes begin to adjust, they notice 3 small green lights set high on one of the walls.
They can also hear the soft sound of an electric buzz and some mechanical sounds, sort of like a computer, but slightly off.

Jim pulls out his phone, and uses the light on that to get a better idea of where they are.
They find the light switch and turn it on.
The 3 lights turn out to be part of a bank of old school computer servers that take up most of two of the walls.
There’s two metal doors, both with keypads next to them, one sharing a wall with some of the computer banks, another with a wall to itself.

On the remaining wall there’s a large old school monitor, and a smaller terminal in front of it.
Still confused about where there are, and being put off by the stuffy smell of the place, Ben walks over and presses a key on the keyboard.
The monitor comes to life announcing it’s the ISIS Mainframe.
It takes them a few seconds, but they all quickly realise they’re in the Archer Universe, and that this idea came from Jim’s subconscious.

Kane is incredibly happy with this, and gives Jim a high-five. Ian and Ben decided to give him one as well.
Ian pops down in front of the terminal and asks if anyone can remember what the password was.
Jim tells him to enter GUEST.
Ian does so and it gets him in, they are all happy with this.

End of Session.

Mary-Sue Session 17
Power Challenge

Session 17
Date & Time: 28/11/2016 7pm to 11pm
Location: The Loaded Dice
GM: Stephen Justice
Players: Jim, Ben, Ian, Kane

Ninja takedown

After Lord Zed’s initial surprise he starts to recover, Kane and Jim attempt to press their attack, but find that even with their enhanced strength they’re limited in what they can achieve.
Kane’s attacks at his side do next to nothing, though Jim is at least able to strike in a way that makes Lord Zed grunt in a bit of pain.
Lord Zed responds by fighting a lightning bolt from his staff that zips around and punches through the chest piece of both of them, causing them to explode.

Alpha 5 panics at this as he’s watching it remotely, and calls Ben and Ian about it.
Both of them reassure Alpha 5 that the both of them will recover within the hour, and eventually calm him down.
Alpha 5 decides to teleports the small parts that remain of them to Ben in the loft apartment.

Ben then watches in morbid fascination as over the next hour they rapidly pull themselves back together.
Still into their Putty forms however.
Once they have recovered they decide to go back out there and continue their efforts.
Ben attempts to convince them that it’s pointless, it’s not like Lord Zed is actually killing anybody, but the two of them head out anyway.

This lasts for a while until the Power Rangers eventually return with their new powers and Zords.
Due to the power level of the Ninja Zords, they make short work of the monsters that Lord Zed had prepared.
Lord Zed and Reta are forced to return to the Moon Palace.

Study and Coffee

A few years pass now.

During this time Rick and Morticia gain better control of their innate Morphing Powers, and learn to appear like human teenagers.

Jim’s coffee shop really kicks off, and thanks to careful tech investments in businesses like Microsoft, he’s able to amass a small fortune.
He uses this money to pay back rent to Zorden, as well as open up a number of other coffee shops around the city.
Once they’re popular enough he decides to turn it into a franchise.

Kane finishes his studies at the community college that allow him to enter University proper.
There he decides to start studying Law.

Ben finishes his studies on European History, and decides to continue his studies by picking up Archaeology.
By this time he’s learnt to teleport himself on a semi-reliable basis up to 30km away, and starts taking a 1 month holiday each year to explore abroad.
Deciding that it’s time to move on, Zorden starts teaching him how to make items of power, so he can build up a Morphing Field charge to use for larger more potent spells.

Ian spends this time studying under Ninjor, having finally found the temple and convinced Ninjor he was worthy of the knowledge.
With the Power Centre being up and running, Alpha 5 teleports him home on occasion to visit his friends.
Ninjor has Ian studying architecture and geometry a lot, to help him further understand how to build shrines to channel the morphing field.
Ian starts to realise just how much effort is involved in making these sort of places, and just how long it can take at times.

The ORBs arrival

Eventually 5 years have passed, and the year has reached 1998.
During this time the Power Ranger team had changed significantly.
Due to the assistance of Ian, Kane, Jim, and Ben, the Rangers have been doing slightly better than what happened in Cannon.
As such things have been delayed slightly for evils attempts to take over the planet.
Rito has arrived, but was defeated faster than previously, and his and Rita’s father has yet to arrive.

Not one of the four of them, or the Power Rangers see the ORBs arrival.
However a small meteorite crashing into the middle of the city does make the news.
By the time the four of them begin to react, the communicators go down.

Unable to contact each other, they all make their way out to the Command Centre individually.
Jim is the first to arrive, and find the place has been attacked and there’s lots of purple slime everywhere.
He starts to clean up, and pull Alpha 5 out of the wreckage.
Kane arrives soon afterwards and helps out.

The Power Rangers themselves soon arrive, and with his fading breath Zordon explains to everyone who Ivan Ooze is.
He then teleports the Rangers off planet to gain Power Coins that are empowered by an off-planet source, for the best chance of defeating Ivan Ooze.
The amount of energy required ends up making Zordon pass out, which greatly upsets Alpha 5.

Ian is still training with Ninjor, and making an educated guess explains to him that Ivan Ooze is back.
This greatly upsets Ninjor, who knows just how powerful Ivan Ooze is.
Ian arranges to get a trip back to Angel Grove via one of the Zords Ninja has been holding in reserve.

Before Ian is able to get back, Kane and Ben have went to check out the site where the ORB hit.
They are unable to find the ORB, but they do find the large egg that had contained Ivan Ooze.

Off in the distance they hear a party going, so they go to investigate.
There they find a large amount of kids and teenagers are having a fantastic time, but that the purple ooze is everywhere.

Ben focuses and just able to teleport himself and Kane back to the Power Centre, leaving Kane’s car behind.
They call Jim on their mobile phones, and have him turn around to meet them back at the Power Centre.
Ian then arrives, and fills them in on what he knows of Ivan Ooze.
The others find the idea to be just as silly as everything else, but are willing to believe Ian when he insists Ivan is one of the most dangerous villains they will end up facing.
Ben attempts to teleport all four of them back to the CBD, but ends up only teleporting himself.

While Ben starts looking around more to find out what’s going on in the city Kane starts giving out orders to everyone.
He sends Ian to try and find Rick and Morticia, and sends Jim to try and find the Orb.
Meanwhile Kane starts wondering towards the CBD himself again.
Knowing it’ll be about a 2 to 3 hour walk, Kane decides to touch some of the Ooze they had recovered earlier and get the mind control effect out of the way.
He spends an hour of his walk under a mental compulsion to work for Ivan Ooze, and then it wears off.

Meanwhile Ben had rejoined the party going on, and tries to stop it by kicking over a barrel of ooze.
The teenagers there think he’s just there to party, and end up hitting Ben with some of the ooze.
Ben ends up under its control, and teleports to one of the factories where people are working on Ivan’s new robots.
Ben picks up a wielder and joins in.

Jim eventually arrives in town himself having a significant lead over Kane due to his bike, and decides to try and deliver a speech to get the Teenagers to stop partying and return home.
While some seem to start feeling guilty, and show signs they’re starting to listen, others rebel and throw ooze at him.
Once Jim is hit he wonders over to the factories and joins in the wielding.

Ivan, oh Ivan

Ben eventually snaps out of the mental control, and is surprised to see himself welding.
Looking around he sees Jim next to him, and Golder plus some sort of Pig monster watching over everyone from up above.
Ben tries to knock Jim out of it by lighting zapping Jim with his arc welder, this only causes Jim to call out in pain, but go back to working once it stops.
Goldar hears this and swoops down to investigate, seeing Ben he grabs him, but Ben teleports away.

Ben teleports to Ian, and finds that Ian has been working on a radio to produce the sounds to call the Dragon Zord.
Ian gives it to Ben, and asks him to teleport to the local radio tower on top of a nearby building and hook it up.
Ben does so, and finds the access panel. It’s a mess of wires, so Ben starts carefully trying to figure it all out so he can hook up Ian’s device.

Ian starts heading to town himself to see what else has been going on.

Jim eventually snaps out of the mental control placed upon him, upon coming out of it and seeing Goldar on a platform overlooking the factory he attempts to throw his welder at him.
It goes wild, and Goldar swoops down to fight him.
Jim attempts to attack him with the electric welder of someone next to him, which allows him to get in close and under Goldar’s swords reach.
Goldar just attempts to crush Jim, but Jim gets the electric nodes connected.
Jim spends some of his Will to resist the damage being done to him, and is able to make Goldar pass out first, but is then knocked out by the Pig Monster, Mortar, before he can recover.

Kane follows the activity going on in town, and finds everyone working at the factory.
He attempts to sneak in, but is caught by Ivan Ooze himself.
They begin to talk. Ivan is interested in Kane and his friends, and wants to know more about them and the ORB that broke him free of his prison.
Kane chats back giving very little details, but tries to sell himself as a possible minion.
Jim meanwhile has woken up, and is pretending to be asleep watching the conversation.
Ivan calls him on his bluff and so Jim gives up and gets up to join the conversation properly.

Ivan doesn’t seem to believe them, but seems to decide to give them a change.
He gives them large super soakers loaded with ooze and teleports them to a neighbourhood with the instructions to ooze the adults that live there.
Upon arriving Jim and Kane immediantly drop the super soakers and start trying to come up with a plan to fight Ivan.
Ivan then appears behind them on the street, and states his disappointed they couldn’t even wait 30 seconds the chance he might stop paying attention.
Ivan then waves his hand, and teleports the both of them to the middle of the Sahara desert.
Kane shouts out some insults at Ivan, and a few seconds later a large amount of ooze arrives in the air above them, dropping down and covering the both of them in a thick layer of it.

Meanwhile Ian is running around various neighbourhoods finding all of the kids too young to go out and party.
He points them at adults who haven’t yet been turned, so that they’ve got some help to get by.
On top of this he gives them instructions that tomorrow at 8pm they have to start chanting really hard for the Power Rangers to come and save them.

Ian then heads back to town, and catches the elevator up to join Ben.
Ben has just managed to figure out how to hook up the device Ian had given him to the radio tower.
He gives it to Ian, and Ian starts pressing the buttons to send out the tune to bring in the Dragonzord.
A few seconds later Ivan Ooze appears to find out what’s going on, he expresses his curiosity.
Ian presses the button again, and hears a roar in the distance, he then claims that they’ll defeat Ivan.
Ivan laughs in his face, and turns to Ben making a comment that at least he looks more like the sort of figure that might defeat him.
As Ian and Ben square off against him, Ivan pulls out his flute and plays a tune very similar to what Ian played.
There’s another roar from the Dragon Zord, and Ian realises that Ivan might be able to take control of the Dragon Zord off him.
Ivan thanks him for the gift and teleports away.

While Ian’s trying to prevent a panic attack at realising that Ivan can fight him for control of the Dragon Zord, Alpha 5 calls everyone.
Alpha 5 is shocked to see Kane and Jim in the middle of the Sahara Desert, but he gives them instructions towards the closest human settlement.

Desperate escalating plans

Ian has Ben teleport him atop the Dragon Zord, explaining that he’s going to try and lobotomise the robot so Ivan can’t control it while they pilot it from the inside.
Ben is able to pull it off, and Ian starts working his way into the Zords control systems.
Before he does anything else Ian decides to access the teleport system build into the Zord, and use that to retrieve first Jim and then Kane.

The top of the Zord now being crowded, Ben decides to go back to the tower and start spamming signals to confuse the DragonZord.
It stops in its tracks and seems to be getting irritated.

Kane manages to spot what he thinks are fire trucks driving up to the Zord.
Before they can figure out what they’re going to do about them, the firetrucks start to spray loads of Ooze all over the Zord.

Ian lets Alpha 5 know what’s going on, and Alpha 5 panics that this is very bad.
Ian starts trying to force his way in faster to the Zords brain, but Ivan teleports up with them.
Just as Ivan starts to lift his flute to his lips Kane hits him with a faceful of slime.
Ivan knocks Kane, and almost sends him flying over the side.
Ivan again attempts to play, but this time Ben throws slime at him.
Ivan gets annoyed and just spits out some slime to summon up some Tenga warriors.

The Tenga Warriors have a significant advantage due to being able to fly around up there, and they’re able to knock both Kane and Ben and send them plummeting to their deaths.
This is the first time Ben has died and it’s quite frightening for him.
Ivan finally gets his flute to his lips, and plays a tune to teleport the 4 of them to the Sahara desert again.

Ian calls Alpha 5 and asks him to find the Orb, Alpha lets him know that he can’t find any sign of it.
Ian then calls Ninjor, and convinces Ninjor to send the Falcon Zord to come and collect them.

While waiting Ben and Kane eventually recover.
Ben is still in shock from being killed, and more than a little pissed, so he teleports off to be by himself.
After the Falconzord take them over to him, Jim is eventually able to convince him to calm down and join them.

Once they’re all in Ian starts going through various options they could take.
Ranging from looking for other types of Ranger Coins and their Zords, through to time travel.
Ben is very adamant of vetoing time travel, and eventually the others agree with him.

In the end they decide to see if they can come up to a counter to the Ooze, and remove it from the the Dragon Zord so it’s no longer under Ivan’s control.

Multi-directional attack

They teleport Jim near Angel Grove, and he makes his way to a Fire Station.
He finds the trucks have been returned, but are still clogged up with Ooze, so he gets to work starting to flush one out.

Ian and Ben get themselves teleported to the Moon Palace.
After some searching they eventually find Rita and Lord Zed trapped inside of their Snow Globe.
They bargain to release them, but only if the two of them help with the attack on Ivan Ooze.
Both of them agree, and so Ben smashes the globe to free them.
Once that’s done they get Rita to teleport them down to join Jim, where they assist in helping him flush clean some more Fire Trucks.

Kane spends some more time with Titanus trying to see if they can locate the ORB, but no matter what they try it doesn’t appear on any sensors.
Eventually giving up on this he gets himself teleported close to Angel Grove, and heads towards the cities Traffic Control centre.
Here he goes through lots of traffic cams tracking what he can of Ivan Ooze’s activities during the day.
At one point he catches a minor glimpse of Ivan playing with the ORB before putting it back into his robes.

Kane then contacts the others to let them know, and they arrange to meet up.
They get some Ooze samples and do some chemical tests, finding some strong natural oils, especially involving Citrus, seem to act as a minor repellant of the Ooze.
They decide to load up the Fire Trucks with as much of that as they can find, and then the rest with water.
They also drop by a few high schools to raid their chemistry labs, and load up on powered metals for allomantic use later on.

They quickly scoff down some food and water, before heading out to attack.
Around lunch time Rita and Lord Zed begin their attack as well, sending down 4 monsters to begin with to attack the empowered Dragon Zord.
The Dragon Zord seems to be holding its own quite well, and soon 2 more monsters join the rest to assist attacking it.

The group begins their attack on the Factory, using one of them as bait to draw out Goldar before someone else runs into him with a Fire Truck.
Jim uses the chance to try and kill him for good, but the others stop him stating that he’s taking it too far.
Jim thinks they’re wrong, but eventually relents.
They try to use the oils by pouring it on people where they touched the ooze, but it doesn’t work at all.

By this point another 2 monsters have arrived, and even the empowered Dragon Zord is struggling against the 8 of them.
They see Ivan Ooze merge with the Zord, and it become even larger than normal by a fair degree.
It starts fighting back, and starts to win against even the 8 monsters that it is fighting.

The group rush in to the location he left to see if Ivan left the ORB behind.
They not only find it, but they find Ivan’s flute as well.
Quickly touching the ORB they then down pouches of the metals they were able to find, and using Allomancy start flinging themselves up Ivan Zord’s body.
During their climb the Ivan Zord is able to finish off the 8 monsters it had been fighting.

Once they reach the head they try to do what they can to hurt the Ivan Zord, but find their attacks are barely noticeable to him.
So they all quickly start using Zinc and with the 4 of them flaring it they’re able to dampen Ivan’s emotions enough that he seems to stop cackling and destroying things.
Knowing they can only keep this up for a limited time they decide to see what happens if they snap his flute.

Upon snapping it the flute explodes right in the middle of the four of them.
Jim who snapped it is killed outright, while the other 3 of them are able to roll with the blast.
They still would have died, but their pewter enhanced bodies are just able to hold together long enough for their healing factor to start kicking in.

End of session.


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