So you want to be a Mary-Sue

This game is an experiment in story-telling based around the question ‘Can you make an interesting story about Mary-Sue characters?’
Of course a Mary-Sue isn’t a real Mary-Sue unless the character is based off the person itself, so why not go all the way and make the players play Self Inserts (SI).
Then we’ll take it a step further and have them thrown from fictional universe to fictional universe so they can dive into all of their favourite (or not so favourite) settings.

When the PC’s can’t stay dead, can’t be locked away for good, can’t be mind controlled and turned into slaves, where is the story?
When the PC’s are guaranteed to survive, to always make it to the end, and learn some new powers along the way, then where is the challenge?

The story can be found here in the journey, in the people they meet, and what they do along the way.
They can learn the powers of any setting, but the key word there is learn. They have to find someone there to teach them, forcing them to interact with inhabitants along the way, to win them over and convince them to act in the role of teacher.

They will form friendships, make enemies, get embroiled in all of the epic plots we know and love.
As they grow in power will they try to do the right thing by everyone?
Will they let the power corrupt them, and try to force things to happen their way?
Can they attempt to find comfort away from home, or slowly spend more and more time alone becoming bitter about their situation?
How will they keep their sanity in the face of the relentless years they now have to face as ageless immortals?

So you want to be a Mary-Sue

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